Brazilian Archbishop Says Homosexuality Not ‘Human’, Links it to Acceptance of Pedophilia

Brazilian Archbishop Dadeus Grings made excuses for the church's sexual clergy scandal on Wednesday, the AP reports, appearing to blame it on society at large:

Said Grings: "Society today is pedophile, that is the problem. So, people easily fall into it. And the fact it is denounced is a good sign."

Grings  But then of course, Grings had to bring gays into it:

"The archbishop also said it was important to help children avoid homosexuality.
'We know that the adolescent is spontaneously homosexual. Boys play with boys, girls play with girls,' he said. 'If there is no proper guidance, this sticks. The question is — how are we going to educate our children to use a sexuality that is human and suitable?'" 

(Sorry dude. I tried to make the heterosexuality stick with plenty of proper guidance, and it didn't work. That isn't how it works.)

And then, he goes on to link the two:

"Grings also said the acceptance of homosexuality in society could pave the way for the acceptance of pedophilia.
'When sexuality is trivialized, it's clear that this is going to affect all cases. Homosexuality is such a case. Before, the homosexual wasn't spoken of. He was discriminated against. When we begin to say they have rights, rights to demonstrate publicly, pretty soon, we'll find the rights of pedophiles,' he said."

According to AP, "Grings is the archbishop of the Porto Alegre diocese, one of the largest in Brazil, which has more Catholics than any other nation. He also serves as the chancellor of the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Grings denounced the abuse within the church, but he said internal punishment of priests guilty of abuse was sufficient and that police should not be involved. 'For the church to go and accuse its own sons would be a little strange,' he said."

In March, the sexual abuse scandal eclipsed Brazil as three priests were accused of sexual abusing altar boys after a video showing one of them in action was shown on Brazilian TV.


  1. Strepsi says

    Not to put too fine a point on it, what an a**hole. He says tolerance of homosexuality leads to pedophilia — completely contradicted by EVIDENCE that the Catholic Church has no tolerance for homosexuality, yet tons of pedophilic abuse!

    But the most telling comment is, “‘For the church to go and accuse its own sons would be a little strange” — NO, Archbishop, NO it wouldn’t be. Families are expected to turn in family members who are CRIMINALS, and businesses are expected to turn in employees who are CRIMINALS. To just expect that the Church is outside the law is so disgusting, so entitled, so hypocritical… yet so typical of the Catholic Elite.

    ARE THERE ANY TOWLEROAD READERS FROM BRAZIL? I’d love to know the reaction there… are Brazilian Catholics buying the garbage this man is selling? Or are they still ‘good Catholics’ and going along with this nonsense?

  2. TampaZeke says

    When are people going to stop taking these closet cases, in gilded dresses, fancy Easter bonnets and carrying smoking purses, seriously?

    Especially when it comes to issues of marriage, family life, sexuality and normal, healthy, romantic relationships.

    Could there POSSIBLY be anyone LESS qualified to speak to, or give counsel on, these issues than a grown man who isn’t married, doesn’t have a family of his own, has no sex (at least not that he admits to), and has no romantic relationships (certainly not normal, healthy ones)?

    These, by the way, are also the people that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people turn to for their information on what it’s like to be a woman; especially a pregnant woman. PREGNANT women go to these closet case, anti-gay, anti-women, men in dresses for advice about what to do with their bodies.

    We truly live in a fucked up world, and more than anything else RELIGION is to blame. It’s taken me a while to come around to admitting that, but at some point it just becomes undeniable.


    The fool is mad their cover is blown. No longer will teenage boys hurriedly subscribe to their foolery of a religion. Every tap on any shoulder will be carefully examined & suspicious…………..Yes, the inventory of wounded children to abuse grows thinner by the second. The freedom of the Vatican dangles from their belts.

  4. stephen says

    Brazil has different laws regarding free-speech; I’ll be curious if there’s push-back from gov’t/gay peeps there.

    Maybe Gene Robinson can put this clown on speed-dial… he clearly still doesn’t get it & basically sounds like the cancer w/in the hierarchy that has allowed the debacle to continue.

    Jezus, please call this bad-boy home.

  5. dizzy spins says

    Grings has pretty much just admitted that he interferes with criminal investigations into pedophelia in the Church and should be arrested for obstruction of justice.

  6. Rob says

    This is nothing more than pure Papist-branded idiocy from a high-ranking know-nothing “celebate” in a fancy frock. How in the world free-thinking people believe this dribble is beyond me. OMG, what would Jesus think if these branded-religions weren’t trying to impose their unfortunate interpretations of His teachings in order to control the lives of billions of people?

  7. walter says

    another drag queen in a bad outfit. he is probably the archbishop who covered for the 3 priests. they find it all so easy to blame gays, but the blame really belongs on
    abusive controlling hippocrits. it is time to put these clowns on trial and their superiors for obstruction of justice.but the one good thing about this is the more they talk the more fucked up they look

  8. jomicur says

    When will the Catholic church ever stop trafficking in these old wives’ tales? Oh wait–peddling myths as facts is how they make their living. Forget I said anything.

  9. John says

    Listening to the homophobic,hateful and scientifically ignorant rhetoric coming from so many religious sources, I can’t help but wonder if religion just makes people stupid!

  10. shane says

    this is interesting. he more or less admits that homosexual is essentially a naturally-occurring, spontaneous phenomenon. is this the vatican’s position?

  11. RJ says

    “We know that the adolescent is spontaneously homosexual.”

    Is he talking from personal experience?

    NEWSFLASH! Archbishop Dadeus Grings believes homosexuality is a natural part of adolescence.

  12. woodroad34 says

    Oh, the irony! A heterosexual becoming a priest and giving up women doesn’t sound very human, wearing elaborate gowns and Prada shoes and then, of course, the rampant pedophilia–of both boys AND girls–in the Catholic church….sounds to me catholicism makes you gay. I wouldn’t know of course, it just seems everything points to it.

  13. jamal49 says

    I am sure that the Archbishop is an AUTHORITY on pedophilia. What an asshole. Like someone previously said, I tried with “proper guidance” to avoid “homosexuality”, but I must have been guided incorrectly because I’m still a homo. BTW a happy, proud, well-adjusted, self-respecting, spiritual, family-loving, economically-productive tax-paying, morally-upright homo! Look, ArchieB, anybody who shows up in public with a hat like THAT really needs to STFU.

  14. williep says

    really now… i have been gay all my life and im not ashamed… i was never influenced, abused or sexually abused i grew up in a old time Italian catholic up bringing… why cant ppl just accept that it is how some ppl are born… its really getting old that ppl cant evolve and move forward and all they have time to do is stick in the past and ruin other ppls lives. homosexuality has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, its just becoming open more now because it is time for evolution an moving forward. it is a different time then it was talked about and now it is and ppl are scared of what they don’t understand.. my mother used to tell me that if ne of us were to b gay she would disown us. i told my mom that i was and she told me that she loved me no matter what i chose as long as i am happy… would u want your kids to be happy or u disown them and make them regret telling u and not being able to see ur child. really its time for progress to happen and time for ppl to move forward…

  15. Bill Perdue says

    “The ages of consent for sexual activity vary by jurisdiction across Europe. Most countries have an age of consent ranging from 14 to 17, the exceptions being the Vatican State, where the age of consent is twelve years old…”wiki

    Helmut Graupner: Sexualität, Jugendschutz und Menschenrechte – Band 2, Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt – Berlin – Bern – New York – Paris – Wien 1997, ISBN 3-631-31790-5, Vatican State: pages 700ff

  16. TANK says

    If it weren’t for the number of fellow travellers, getting mad at a person who demonstrates the reasoning capacity of an illiterate child would be pointless. Religion preserves ignorance (doesn’t tell us ANYTHING about the way the world is) and has elevated it to virtue. The proud and stupid. And please, don’t give this uneducated slobs the credit of “knowing the truth” and manipulating it from behind the scenes…they’re not that intelligent.

  17. Orlando Abrantes says

    “More and more I believe less in the church. For me, they serve for nothing but to contradict themselves. Compare homossexuality to a pedophilia is an outageous comment that deserves no answer. The church has more pedophiles than we have open gays in the streets – We’re just more honest in showing ourselves as they are coward to hide behind their religion.
    As far as I am concerned, I believe that God is bigger than that – He made us gay for a reason and He loves us as much as anyone else.
    I’m ashamed to be brazilian right now after reading this.
    May God have mercy of his lost and dirty soul.”
    Orlando Abrantes. (ashamed brazilian – proud gay man.)

  18. johnny says

    Someone has their pedophilia and their homosexuality a little mixed up. OR perhaps they enjoy both. Oh, wait… it’s a priest. OF COURSE they enjoy both.

    I can’t figure out how homosexuality and pedophilia became similar issues of guilt and shame for these guys. Oh wait… now I get it.

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