1. walter says

    how can you end bullying when the authorities don’t do anything. this person should not be a teacher. maybe a right wing evangelical preacher but not a teacher, should be fired for many reasons. kids have to be made safe in school.

  2. DairyQueen says

    If this is true, then this teacher needs be fired! If this woman has a problem with same-sex relationship then she need to go teach at a Xtian school that follows her prejudices, not at a STATE ALL TAXPAYER funded school.

  3. Wes says

    What ‘evidence’ exactly were they looking for? Seems like a pretty straightforward he said/she said situation. Its not like anyone was recording the phone conversation.

    Maybe talk to the school nurse and ask if the child came in after the incident, and if not then ask the teacher why? The teacher should have not only let her go to the clinic, but made her go.

  4. says

    Unsubstantiated claim. If they have been having problems with their daughter’s teacher, after this incident, they should have recorded the conversation. Whether legal or not in their state, they would have had enough proof for any self-respecting lawyer to take the case.

    Unless there is some smoking gun not being reported here, I would bet this will be thrown out, as it is a she said, she said situation. Back it up with facts folks, not accusations.

  5. Mark says

    I used to live in New Mexico and I have no doubt this happened as the parents claim it did. Rio Rancho is a very stupidly conservative area in a state that tries to paint itself as liberal, but in reality is just as backwards on civil rights issues as Mississippi.

  6. SpunkyBunks says

    Why didn’t the teacher just take the student to the nurse? That’s the biggest question on my mind.

    Also, if I had problems with an ignorant teacher, I would have requested that my kid be transferred to another class before it got out of hand.

    If this incident had ocurred in Albuquerque, that teacher would have received justice Tonya Harding style.
    –Rio Rancho resident

  7. Steve says

    It’s time to start gathering evidence Mrs. (that’s an interesting question, how do you write the plural of Mrs. or Mr.? Guess I need to get a new AP manual) Bissell-Peterson. Good luck on getting rid of this teacher.

  8. Dakotahgeo says

    Fortunately and unfortunately, in some cases, they said/they said cases create a lot of big money for the student and against the schools. This incident would be grounds for immediate dismissal of the teacher in any other state. Allowing the student to be in danger and remain in danger is tantamount to being an accessory to the fact and could bring legal charges against the teacher. Personally, I hope the family sues the school for every penny they have (some schools have literally gone broke and closed) if this is what it takes to push the point across that this is totally unacceptable behavior.
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  9. MB says

    This story is totally unsubstantiated:

    “Rio Rancho Public Schools said there are no facts that back up these allegations.

    “We take it very seriously and we take issues of this sort very seriously and we look into them thoroughly. But in this case the allegations have not been substantiated,” Rio Rancho Public Schools Communications Officer Kimberley Vesely said.

    The family filed a tort claim against the school district.

    Rio Rancho Public Schools is insured by the New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority. NMPSIA hired a third-party investigator to look into the claims.

    An April 22 letter to the Bissell-Peterson attorney from the independent investigator read, “After meeting with our member district, I was unable to find any evidence to support the claims you have made against the district on behalf of your clients.”

    “The allegations could not be substantiated and were not substantiated. There was no evidence to support the claim,” Vesely said.”…Single96883725

  10. Jerry6 says

    What nonsense! How could they substantchiate the conversation? Record IT? And then be charged with a crime because they recorded the conversation? What arrogant bigotry!

    There will NEVER be personal freedom to live our lives as we wish unless, and until, ALL religions are abolished. They are ALL founded on the premess of bigotry and holding beliefs that violate the laws of physics (you know, burning bushes that talk to profits; people who are dead for 2 or 3 days and rotting suddenly coming back to life; waving hands over crocks of water and turning it into wine) come on; do these preachers really expect us to believe that nonsense?

  11. Terri says

    Regardless of what this students home live it two mothers, two fathers, a grandparent, and older sibling, a foster parent, an aunt or uncle, or whatever – this child had injuries caused by another child. The injured student should go directly to the clinic, a discussion should be had w/ both students individually to try and determine what happened. If disciplinary actions then need to be taken – so be it… either w/in the classroom, or w/ the building principal. There’s no excuse for anything different.
    Having been a school employee, the idea that ANY teacher would leave a child to suffer because they do not agree w/ a students home life (something no child is able to choose) is disturbing, cold-hearted, and unforgivable. How can this woman teach tolerance when she has none? Fire her.

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