1. Dairyqueen says

    Give me a break Michael, how more out do you want him? He is in a Castro resturant with another gay man. He has never been in the closet in SF. The Chronicle has outed him, you have done it. If he decides for Prop 8 then go ahead with your outing. Before then leave him alone.

  2. HawaiiBill says

    Come on guys…you know it doesn’t really happen unless he comes out to Petrelis personally…with cameras around…and microphones…and Michael getting star billing…under his terms…and banners… and billboards…and all wearing pink tutus…

    Because Michael is our conscience and arbiter of our rules. Otherwise it doesn’t actually count. How dare you…

  3. gr8guyca says

    Making a big deal about Judge Walker’s personal life – whatever it might be – is counter-productive to gay rights. This gives the opposition an opportunity to accuse him of personal bias. It will help them diminish the significance of his ruling – if he rules for gay rights. Leave this subject alone!

  4. Fred says

    WTF, leave Judge Walker alone! This is beyond ridiculous. This is not news, unless you consider one declaring himself to be a frecking idiot news.

  5. Chris says

    The stupidity of provoking/cornering a judge who is currently considering such an important gay rights case is incredible. Petrelis did us a great disservice.

  6. MrRoboto says

    There are times (actually, MOST times) when I admire Michael Petrelis’ activism. But this is flat-out rude and completely unnecessary. What exactly is the purpose of snapping pictures of the Judge, like he’s an animal in a zoo, and posting them on his web page? Let alone the behavior he exhibited in approaching the judge and challenging Judge Walker to out himself with a monumental case pending? I honestly wish you’d take this down, Andy. It’s nothing but an aggressive and unnecessary invasion of someone’s privacy.

  7. Christopher says

    What an absolute idiot! What do you think you will gain or even gain for anyone in our community by asking if the judge is going to come out. You remind me of the stupid douche bags who used to ask me when I was going to come out in High School. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re just as bad as some of the jerks on the right. I am a long time gay rights activist and again, I am horrified by your duuuummmmbbb behavior. Go have another f*****g kiss in, and give this legitimate lawsuit a chance in Federal court. I don’t for the life of me understand what you hoped to accomplish. Grow up! And please understand that I am not one of those bullshit conformist gays who hides in the closet (just so you don’t hide behind that). Again, I just don’t get how this stupid story and incident will accomplish anything positive. Please explain if there is shred of relevance the gay movement.

  8. MarioFL says

    What person in their right mind would be dumb enough to corner and harass the judge that could be responsible of over-turning Prop 8. This guy has mental issues if he though he would get a good reaction out of this!!

  9. esg says

    Are you shitting me? You find the judge who’s about to decide on a monumental gay rights case and you imply that he’s less-than-impersonal about the decision, that he’s got money in the race? Are you fucking SHITTING me? How much of a dumb twit do you have to be?

  10. Patric says

    I cannot begin to express how irresponsible, self-involved and reckless this behavior was. Aside from the fact that it should be the judge’s own business whether he wants to speak about his sexual orientation (so long as he is not crusading against other gay people), what good could this incident possibly have accomplished for the fight for marriage equality? I’m sure that the anti-gay websites have already pioked up on this report and are using it as ammunition in their campaign against the judge, even though, if he is gay, that makes him no more biased on the question of whether the Constitution permits reservation of marriage rights to a favored class than would be a member of the favored class.

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