1. Rick says

    Not hating on Elton, but Bruce & Sting look great. Hope another clearer version gets released. Thx for sharing.

  2. says

    I’m make the comment so Jason doesn’t have to. Why on earth didn’t Elton John and Sting make-out on stage!? It just goes to show, once again, Gaga is using us! She’s a phony!

  3. qjersey201 says

    Gaga, Debbie Harry and Shirley Bassey? Like 3 generations of gay heaven.

    And thanks to GLEE this song is now part of the cultural lexicon. Well it’s better than kumbaya.

  4. Pete says

    @QJersey201 I think The Sopranos finale helped that happen first, certainly bringing the song back to prominence (see the number of downloads of the song after the episode aired)…Glee probably wouldn’t have covered it otherwise. But you’re right-Glee certainly helped spawn this performance.

  5. booka says

    @ Tonsoft: And what have you done to better the world? Bitchy, irrelivent comments do not count BTW.

  6. Derek Pearce says

    Booka’s obv not familiar with the unintentionally funny anti-Gaga ravings of Jason. I’m with ya Tonsoft!

    NoSleep: the dancing boys are from Elton’s earlier Madonna number.

    Trivia btw: there is no “South Detroit,” as that’s actually Canada’s motor city of Windsor, ON.

  7. canye says

    Does anyone know the blonde haired dancer in purple speedos that danced in front of elton?…Wow…

  8. Paul R says

    I’m sure Springsteen was thinking, Well, this is definitely the first time in my 30+ years onstage where I’ve been backed by a bunch of gay guys in speedos.

    Debbie Harry looked great, but something tells me she hates Gaga. Shirley Bassey didn’t seem to know most of the song.