Eminem Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage


In a recent interview with Deborah Solomon in the NYT, rapper Eminem states his support for gay marriage:

NYT: You’ve been accused of writing gay-bashing lyrics in the past. Would you like to see gay marriage approved in Michigan, where you live? 

EMINEM: I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want. 

NYT: Is this the new, 37-year-old tolerant you? 

EMINEM: It’s the new tolerant me!


  1. says

    Cue the angry backlash in three… two…

    I’ve been a fan of Eminem for years and I never really felt like he was truly homophobic. You can regurgitate his lyrics all you want, but he did perform on stage with Elton John.

  2. dizzy spins says

    first of all, this means nothing. He knows full well his fans dont read the Times.

    Secondly, who cares what a no-talent piece of crap like Eminem thinks about OUR rights? He’s not going to lift a finger to help us!

  3. yonkersconquers says

    Men who look like old lesbians is quite a funny website. I expect you’ll be seeing his portrait there shortly.

  4. Alco says

    I’d rather see people don’t care than actively working to deny you rights to be honest.

  5. Wes says

    David, Rush Limbaugh recently paid Elton John to perform at his wedding. Does that automatically get him a homophobe pass?

    Appreciating Elton John is a very poor barometer of one’s support to the gay community.

  6. says


    Yes, performing on a stage with a homosexual definitely invalidates any and all former homophobic actions and words.

  7. JAS says

    For crying out loud people, most of us may not be Eminem fans, but give him a break. Some of you are acting like he said “I want to see all gays die” or something.

    This may be more of an “I don’t care” statement, but in my book that’s a hell of a lot better than a “Gays shouldn’t have rights” statement like we so often hear. If most of the world didn’t care, then we’d probably be a lot better off than we are now.

    It’s the ones who care about their “sanctity of marriage” that cause us trouble.

  8. Wes says

    Only a few months ago he released a song calling 3 openly gay celebrities faggots (and yes the lyrics say ‘faggots’ in the booklet). On the other hand, he has gone on record saying he intentionally never uses the “N” word out of his deep respect for black people/culture.

    So obviously even his psychopathic alter-ego has limits, it just doesn’t extend to faggots.

  9. Wes says

    Yea of course we prefer someone be indifferent to our struggle than outright oppose it. I’m just saying lets not act like this is something its obviously not. Someone who has repeatedly been deliberately insulting incidentally drops a crumb in our direction and I’m supposed to be giddy or something?

    I don’t care that Eminem is indifferent to our relationships. I’m certainly not going to celebrate his indifference as if I did.

  10. tooboot says

    Is it me or does he look especially gay in that photo? He definitely has mascara on and lip gloss on those oh so pouty lips. He’ll probably come out of the closet soon, or get caught having sex with another guy. Most homophobes do sooner or later.

  11. JusticeontheRocks says

    He’s an entertainer. Who gives a fuck what he thinks? I’m a whole lot more interested in what a particular judge in San Francisco thinks about gay marriage than I ever will be about the views of some rapper. Enough with the star-gazing already.

  12. Allen says


    At the time he performed with Elton M&M famously said when asked about performing with a gay singer… and I paraphrase “I didn’t know he was gay.”

    So there ya go.

  13. Walter says

    The interviewer used the word tolerant first.

    I think it is good he has progressed as a human.

  14. Wes says

    Yea and I can’t bring myself to believe that someone who performs on stage with Elton John in the noughties doesn’t realize he’s gay.

    He was covering his ass in fear of looking too gay friendly, which made the whole half-assed symbolic ‘olive branch’ bullshit come across even worse actually.

  15. DireFates says

    “Men who look like old lesbians is quite a funny website. I expect you’ll be seeing his portrait there shortly.”

    LOL! LOL! Is it just a bad photograph or does he give that same impression from all sides?

  16. JeffNYC says

    Saying “I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want” is not the same thing as supporting marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

    Not the same thing at all.

  17. says

    Damn you, Crispy, you beat me to the Sinead joke (as I somehow knew you would). The photo is fascinating. He looks like an FTM trans person showing off the transition.

    If he’s evolved, great. I don’t personally care what the thinks, but he pays close attention to the zeitgeist and clearly doesn’t think the intolerance card plays anymore.

  18. michael says

    I think he looks like a pretty trans-man showing off his new physique aprés top surgery.

  19. David T says

    Yeah, actually, it is nice he tolerates us. It’s a step forward. You people whine when people are anti-gay, and you want them to get educated about gays. Then when someone actually changes their mind, deciding that they were wrong in demonizing gays, you whine. Amazing.

  20. Marc says

    I don’t want, or need, to be tolerated by anyone!
    Tolerate – to put up with something you hate.

    I tolerate Eminem, but usually change the station when he comes on.

  21. Wes says

    Actually, David T, he didn’t change his mind or decide he was wrong in demonizing gays. You must have just made that up or something.

  22. gayalltheway says

    I agree that perhaps the title of this post is a little strong to suggest that he supports marriage equality but then again, I’ll take anything other than those “marriage should be between a man and a woman because the bible says so” bs answer that you hear ever so often.

    I think it is his way of showing support and tolerance with his ‘bad-boy, hard-core, bad-ass rapper’ image intact. But I do hope that he stops using the the word ‘faggot’ in his lyrics though.

  23. JP says

    he stated he didnt know Elton John was gay in the past NOT when he was performing with him. that was arguably the whole point of the performance

  24. TMNox says

    The article was tagged “Eminem NOW for Gay Marriage?”

    Was he EVER against it? He never once said in an interview earlier in his career as wanting homosexuals denied equal rights in this country. I think the media just loves to paint Eminem, and hip hop artists in general, as these negative archetypes which is disingenuous.

  25. Wes says

    TMNOX, don’t blame the media. Hip hop artists like “hate fags? answers yes” Eminem and 50 “ain’t into faggots” cent do it to themselves. Incredible that people would act surprised such an impression could be drawn on its own.

  26. Rodney says

    Actually, this is a pretty brave- and comparatively progressive- statement for an elder member of the rap community to make.

    One of indifference, of course.

    P.S. I think he’s still hunkalicious at 37.

  27. says

    Wishing gay people to be miserable is “tolerant” now? Great.

    Well then I’ll very VERY tolerant and say “I hope he’s miserable for his whole life…every day… I hope he’s so miserable that he just decides life isn’t worth living.”

    Or… something.

  28. DH says

    @TMNOX–yeah, right, the homophobia in rap is just a figment of our imagination. Whatever. It was using gay slurs from day one, going all the way back to Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” Only now, 30 years later, is the H8 barely starting to thaw.

  29. AzGayEminemFan says

    Sometimes I dint get you “us” fags!!! You act like the whole world should be kissing our ass! Say thank you for not giving a
    shit whAt we are! Stop crying like “oh my gosh he doesn’t really love us”. I don’t love half of us! Drug addict barebacking whores! That’s reality!
    Be glad a “rapper” is ok and doesn’t care what we do! It’s the little things in life that matter. Do u expect him to shake your hand and say he is sorry? Pathetic! I say faggot proudly! So tell this mother fuckers something they don’t know about me!

  30. Wes says

    AzGayEminemFan, you go ahead and say “thank you” for absolutely no reason. But don’t get pissed if others aren’t exactly lining up behind you to flaunt how pathetic and self-loathing we are.

    I don’t love probably more than half of us, as you have conveniently reminded me. But if its righteousness I sense when you suggest “drug addict barebacking whores” is our “reality” (which I actually wouldn’t disagree with for some people), I propose you consider applying the same standard to your trashy gutter heroes and their emotionally retarded culture of drugs sex and violence as well. If for nothing else, consistency at least.

    straight edge condom loving faggots for eminem! lol

  31. Bryan Harrison says

    Better late than never.

    Especially with some bite… LGBTQ people need marriage the way adolescents need abstinence.

  32. sal says

    hmmi wanna be wary of these comments but i have a weird faith that he has changed…u have to admit he has allot of young dudes looking up to him,in a heavy macho music sector its nice to see him stand up for what is fair…..dont frigin disappoint me

  33. Ernest says

    um…. he NEVER said anything about gay marriage or he supports it he says “everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want” … where in that does Marshall Mathers aka Eminem say “I support homosexual marriages” he says everyone should have the chance to be miserable. lol.

  34. says

    Support is support, no matter where it comes from. Save the vitriol for people who oppose us having the right to marry, like Darth Benedict and (insert any Republican senator here)

  35. Jerald says

    I have been a fan of his forever and will continue to be.We all say faggot, queer, and other slang terms when refering to each other.Its like the black community and the N word. I got a ton of black friends str8 and gay and i say whats up niggah.So if this talented musician wants to say fag leave him be and let him make his living.Oh yea in the movie 8 mile his co-worker and friend was a gay man loosen your panties boys and relax.

  36. CPB says

    Completely contrived. This is Eminem’s way of sloughing off criticism leveled at him by people who, rightly, accuse this clown of homophobia/gay bashing. Oh, and performing with Elton John proves nothing other than another attempt to derail criticism: “See, my best friend is gay!”.

    There is also the added benefit of John retaining his pop culture relevance by nonsensically collaborating w/ whoever is ‘hot’ at the time: Axle Rose, Lady Gaga, Eminem etc etc etc. Don’t be so easily fooled, people…..

  37. E.T. gay says

    No, that’s disgusting. She is a man who changed sex into a male. No way! No, thanks. I prefer real guys, real machos gays. Thanks a lot.