News: Oklahoma City, Reed Cowan, Smithsonian, Eminem, HIV

Road Why is the Smithsonian Museum hiding gay rights deep in the vault?

Harry_nacho  RoadPrince Harry's ass meets the grass.

RoadGoogle Me: Google planning "Facebook killer".

RoadGay men attacked in Londonderry, Northern Ireland: "They suffered cuts and bruising to their faces. Police are treating it as a homophobic attack.

One of the men, who did not want to be identified, said it had affected both of them badly.

'I'm terrified of going to bed, I'm terrified walking down the street,' he said.

'I've got to walk my fella to his work because he's terrified. It's just absolutely soul destroying and it's not on.'

Police said initial enquiries had suggested it was a homophobic attack."

RoadKrugman: Prepare for the Third Depression.

RoadMinnesota's Twin Cities Pride will continue to fight against "ignored" evangelical Brian Johnson.

RoadReed Cowan, the director of 8: The Mormon Proposition, wants to kill gay pride until we have full equality: "I would like to propose to the entire worldwide gay community that they cancel gay pride events until we have marriage equality. All those thousands of people who go to gay pride, those are bodies that could put on a shirt and go into the neighborhood and tell their story. We should wait until we have equality to have our party. In the meantime we volunteer the same passion and air miles and participation and really channel that same participation into our fight for equality."

RoadJersey Shore cast to pose for every magazine cover.

Glove RoadMichael Jackson glove sells for $190,000.

RoadEminem's 'Top Ten Pieces of Advice for the Kids'.

RoadOuting of anti-gay pastor who attended 12-step program inspires anger: "Many Lavender Web site commentators applauded the story. But among the critics was an unidentified advertiser who wrote she would pull her ads, because '12 step programs, regardless of what is at issue or who attends, are sacred.' National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association board member Michael R. Triplett blogged that the ethics of the reporting were 'suspect.'"

RoadWatch: Robyn's unplugged version of "Dancing on My Own".

RoadAwful: Six-month-old girl killed, mother injured while posing for photo as tree limb falls in Central Park. "The accident, which occurred in one of the park’s most popular locales, could be viewed as a freak occurrence. But it is also the latest in a string of deadly episodes that have plagued the park in the past year, all involving tree branches that abruptly plummeted to earth, killing or seriously injuring passers-by."

Ruben RoadMale model fix: Ruben Cortada.

RoadStudy: Risk of HIV-transmission during anal sex may be 18 times higher than during vaginal intercourse.

RoadIf you were Jason Bateman, would you have cut the Apple iPhone 4 line?

RoadChicago LGBT activist Marc Loveless arrested for battery: "On the afternoon of June 25, Hickman stated he served Loveless with a document removing him as executive director of Coalition for Justice & Respect (CJR). The document was signed by Hickman and fellow CJR board member Billy Davis. Shortly thereafter, Hickman alleged, Loveless proceeded to grab and push him in order to remove him from the organization's office. At the time, Hickman said, more than 30 people who were in the office witnessed the altercation."

RoadChris Brown makes his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards all about Chris Brown.

RoadOklahoma City gay rights group's banners targeted by "repent" flyers: "local gay rights group is upset about some flyers that were posted next to their street banners. The Cimarron Alliance, which promotes gay and lesbian issues, says someone taped signs with the word "repent" directly under their banners. The typed up signs were placed along street posts near Classen and 38th street. The Alliance plans on contacting Oklahoma City Hall officials this morning about having them taken down."


  1. clint says

    Prince Harry’s very regal semi-wood is quite stunning beneath those white pants. And I live 5 blocks from said officiously amended banners in OKC, I’ll have to check it out, see if the extra signage is removed.

  2. TANK says

    jesus…is that a sock in his speedo? LOL!

    I stand by what I said, jack. Large groups of gays aren’t as violent, on average, as large groups of straights, especially when alcohol’s involved. There are glaring exceptions that would put most straights to shame…;)

  3. TANK says

    and I’ve seen some violence in my day. It’s always bad, but I’ve seen…bad. And I’m not talking grabbing and pushing…which is violence, but, ummmmm….nah.

  4. Paul R says

    Twin Cities Pride needs to make better use of its resources and do what everyone else did to this guy: ignore him. SF Pride had some antigay protesters, and everyone ignored them too. That lunatic fringe is meaningless when outnumbered so dramatically.

    And the director of 8 can keep dreaming. As though the few hours a year that some GLBT spend at Pride is really what’s crippling our civil rights, or that many of those people would be inclined to be activists for anything besides taking off their shirts.

  5. gayalltheway says

    About the study, I think when studies like this are presented, people (especially heterosexuals) should take note that this means that those who engage in unprotected anal sex are at higher risks of contracting HIV than those who engage in unprotected vaginal sex. This is due to the fact that the lining in the anus is much thinner than those is the vagina and penetration will more likely to tear the skin and draw blood in the anus. So, this is to say that anyone who engages in unprotected anal sex, regardless of sexual orientation, is at higher risk of contracting HIV.

  6. ravewulf says

    Sounds like all the trees in Central Park should be inspected for how sturdy they are.

    Ruben Cortada is HOT.

    If I were Jason Bateman I would have gotten a Droid.

  7. sparks says

    I wouldn’t kick Ruben outta bed, but admit I was a little disappointed while browsing through his pictures noticing him lighting up a cigarette in one of the shots. Sigh. :

  8. Zach says

    “I wouldn’t kick Ruben outta bed, but admit I was a little disappointed while browsing through his pictures noticing him lighting up a cigarette in one of the shots. Sigh. :”

    I don’t smoke, but this shrill and incessant whining over anybody who does almost makes me want to start, just to piss the anti-smoking fascists off.

    It’s a fucking cigarette. Yes, second-smoke is evil and all that. So’s stuffing unhealthy processed food down your gullet in between taking it bareback at the local bathhouse (as you take another hit on poppers), and buying the latest plastic crap or clothing that’s killing enslaved workers overseas through injury and poisoning.

    But no, being responsible for the collective misery of foreigners and destroying the health care system through other bad living choices is not nearly as bad as smoking. Heaven forbid.

  9. nic says

    prince harry and nacho? this is where essential oils should mix — ginger and cinnamon. together with ruben (la verga no) cortada and benny fielhaber, they would be well on their way to allspice land. and three out of four intact? cool. that fairly represents world male population.

    of course, just like any defensive queers on this and any other gay site who feel inadequate because their parents robbed them of dominion (consent) over their most prized possession, they will complain about “head-cheese” as if intact men don’t practice personal hygiene. further, the idea that a man’s dick might smell like a man’s dick is somehow distasteful is, well, weird. that is not unlike a straight man being turned-off by the fishy and, hence, suspect smell of a woman’s vagina. it is not the woman’s snatch or the man’s uncut dick that is off-putting; it is the delicate psyche of some fragile men who think that they have been figuratively yet psychically decapitated by forces beyond their control. hence, they will rant and rave, rend their garments, and gnash their teeth. they will blur the lines between ideas and ideologies, they will make no distinction between gay rights and civil rights or anti-zionism and antisemitism.

  10. lookyloo says

    *Jason Bateman and, therefor, those near him were being hounded by paparazzi while waiting in line for the iPhone. The crowd was booing the paparazzi. Jason was taken inside so the photags would stop annoying everyone. *From what I understand.

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