Is Elena Kagan an ‘Ex-Gay’?

Greg Quinlan, President of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), thinks she might be. Quinlan writes:

Elena_kagan President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, has steadfastly refused to divulge her sexual orientation, despite a CBS News blog item claiming that Kagan is known in Harvard circles as a lesbian. In response, the White House blasted CBS News for its "lies" and CBS pulled the item off its website.

But if Kagan is a lesbian, why would the White House insist that she is not when Obama made gay rights part of his platform for change? In issuing this month's gay pride presidential proclamation, Obama stated he is "proud to be the first President to appoint openly LGBT candidates to Senate-confirmed positions in the first 100 days of an Administration."

So Kagan and her alleged lesbianism should not be an issue for the White House or the Democrats, who control the Senate vote for Kagan's judicial nomination.

Some of Kagan's friends have told Politico that she is frustrated by the persistence of the gay rumors, but "worried that denying them could imply some anti-gay prejudice." But this makes no sense either-isn't the whole point of the gay rights movement to allow people to be free to declare who they really are, without stigma? If the only way for a middle-aged woman to declare that she is straight is to marry a man, wouldn't that be a step backward, and not forward, in liberal gender politics?

There is, however, another possibility. Could it be that Kagan is ex-gay? That would explain the White House insistence on Kagan's heterosexuality and Kagan's silence about her past sexual preference.

As an ex-gay myself, I sympathize with Kagan and the Obama administration. I have had to face taunts, threats, and phone calls to my employer demanding that I be fired. There is no hate like that directed against the ex-gay community. And the President knows it.

Quinlan calls on Kagan to come out of the closet: "Regardless of our political differences, ex-gays like me, and maybe you, should be able to live openly just like when we were homosexuals."

Please, Mary.


  1. tooboot says

    There is no such thing as “ex gay” only “repressed gay.” Is it that important for you to be approved of by your religion that you forsake your natural orientation? Fine, but realize that you are choosing a life of castigation.

  2. BJ Murphy says

    Elena, despised by men, turned to woman for solace. Several undergrads reciprocated but resented her success and mental prowess. After a sucession of doomed love affairs, she made work her one love and became asexual.

  3. Windy says

    “I have had to face taunts, threats, and phone calls to my employer demanding that I be fired. There is no hate like that directed against the ex-gay community.” – Drama Queen

  4. Wes says

    omg I just stumbled across this P4CM thing (passion for christ movement I think). its filled with “ex-gays” and “ex-fornicators” and whatnot. all their vids had these sheeplike “praise him!” comments everywhere so i tried to post and needless to say it probably won’t be approved. if you watch their vids on youtube its sad how deeply brainwashed they are. its a straight up cult

  5. NoSleep4Sam says

    Jesus, can you just lay off this woman who is merely suffering from being successful and ugly? Newsflash: Straight guys aren’t into that!

  6. David T says

    what a stupid article. if she is gay, the simple answer might be that she just doesn’t want to admit it.

    “ex-gays” are loathed because they are liars, not because they are no longer gay.

  7. StevieLee says

    I can truly understand Mr. Quinlan’s sentiments here. As an Ex-Caucasian, I personally can relate to Ms. Kagan’s “tortured” past as a “rumored Lesbian”, and why she might choose to cast-off her past pervy shackles to finally and fully embrace the dominate sexually fascistic practice and lifestyle choice of mother Heterosexuality.

    I’m currently working on becoming an Ex-HOMOsapien with a patient and supportive group of like minded simians twice a week.

  8. Bart says

    This is nothing more than some ridiculous guy trying to get press for himself on the back of a Supreme Court nominee.

    And look, it worked. Nice job, Greg. You did exactly as you set out to do.

  9. DireFates says

    The state of gay rights has advanced too quickly. It’s like we’ve been fast forwarded to the future. Gay marriage wasn’t supposed to be in national consciousness until around 2050 according to the legal eagles at Lambda and the ACLU back in the 1990s. If she were an ex-gay, maybe she could set us back in time, bring us to where we should be.

  10. says

    Quite frankly I could care less if she’s gay or not. I believe after she is confirmed she’ll make a statement one way or the other and then we can finally put this whole thing to rest.

  11. jaragon says

    What is this ex-gay movement nonsense- you either like sucking dick or you don’t- you might stop for a while until you need some hot rent boy to help you with the luggage.

  12. hank says

    This just seems like the author’s fantasy that there is any such thing as “ex-gay’ outside the fundametalist christian parallel universe. I don’t believe many liberal(ish) Jewish intellectual Upper West Side native Harvard professors identify that way…

  13. hank again says

    Actually I’m not sure why you’re running this headline so prominently. There is no evidence whatsoever here to support the idea that Elena Kagan is ‘ex-gay.’ It appears to be purely Quinlan’s fantasy and/or a pretext to get on his own ‘ex-gay’ soap-box.

  14. Randy says

    “… live openly just like when we were homosexuals”.

    Right. No marriage. No military service. No blood donation. No partner immigration. No adoption. No job protection. Exactly the same, isn’t it?

    I actually do believe there are ex-gays, but I think the proper term should probably be something like “serial unisexual”.

    Some people who considered themselves straight and later claim to be gay do agree that they were never straight … just afraid of what being gay meant. But some claimed to have genuinely been straight. Maybe that’s guilt talking. Or maybe it’s true. I think at some point we have to take at least some of them at their word. And if it works in one direction, it must work in the other.

    That said, it’s certainly more rewarding to be ex-gay than to be ex-straight, and everyone knows it. Straight privilege far outweighs the scorn of the gay minority.

  15. KIRK says

    RANDY: You wrote: “And if it works in one direction, it must work in the other.”

    But what you’re overlooking is the reality that the ex-gay movement is made up of people who decided they were ex-gay because of things like religion, guilt, family conflict, & social pressure.

    Something tells me there are few (if any) people who call themselves ex-gay because they truly fell in love with a member of the opposite sex & no longer have any feelings or sexual attraction for those of the same sex. Why would you need a support group if you’re happily involved & have no uncertainties about who you are?

    So, no, I think you’re wrong–it isn’t a 2-way street.

  16. says

    I find it quite incredible that gay people call themselves so “inclusive” however when some one who is sick and tired of the craziness of the gay lifestyle wants to leave it that we as ex-gays are attacked! What hypocrites you people are. I left the gay lifestyle over 20 years ago because I became a born-again Christian and began to read the bible where it talks about ex-gays (see 1Corintians;6;9-11) and also saw over 40 friends die of AIDS. The ex-gay movement is growing and noone will be able to STOP a WORK OF GOD…Thanks, Anthony Falzarano

  17. Mouse says

    Well that just goes to prove the point that being ‘ex-gay’ is about indoctrination and not about finding love in an opposite-sex partner, now doesn’t it Anthony?

    Oh my craaaaazy gay lifestyle, a house, a husband, and two cute dogs to fawn over.

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