News: Gareth Thomas, Oregon, Jerry Pritikin, iPad, John Waters

Road 114,000 iPad owners exposed in AT&T security breach.

Preston RoadReport: Marc Jacobs' ex Jason Preston writing tell-all. “Just think about how I had so many friends when I was with Marc where r they now?”

RoadTom Cruise to torture world.

RoadHuge seas once existed on Mars.

RoadAnglican bishop who fled Uganda points finger at American evangelicals for fomenting anti-gay hate there: "Senyonjo left Uganda because of his alleged sympathies with gays. He discussed the pending bill with Bishop Gene Robinson, an openly gay Episcopal bishop in the New Hampshire diocese.

One of the most publicized examples of anti-gay missionaries was Californian Scott Lively, a Citrus Heights evangelical Christian and head of Abiding Truth Ministries."

RoadRicky Martin says he has been in a relationship for more than a year with a childhood friend. 

RoadFilmmaker John Waters reads from his book, Role Models.

RoadMore than 20 LGBT groups denounce Arizona immigration law: "The groups issued a joint statement, saying, 'Arizona's SB1070 takes the state down a path that will lead to racial profiling, discrimination and anti-immigrant extremism. We stand in solidarity with other individuals, organizations and local governments in rejecting the misrepresentation of immigrants put forth in this unjust and ill-conceived measure.'"

RoadSummer in a sober house.

RoadWho wore it best?

Johnston  RoadGood news for the 0 employees stationed at Johnston Island in the South Pacific: "But why would the president specifically mention this far-flung spot in Pacific in his June 2 order of the extension of certain benefits to gay federal employees? Particularly when the island has not only no gay employees, but is absent any people whatsoever?"

RoadInteresting report on gays in the Israeli military.

RoadWorlds Apart: The SF Weekly tackles gays and immigration.

RoadExhibition on gay love to open in Poland: "The director of Poland's National Museum says it is opening an exhibition on gay and lesbian love designed to provoke discussion on the place of homosexuals in this conservative and overwhelmingly Catholic country.

The head of the National Museum in Warsaw, Piotr Piotrowski, said Wednesday the museum is already getting protests from various groups, even before the exhibition has opened."

RoadDid Sarah Palin get a new set of twins?

Youngquest RoadGay rugby star Gareth Thomas and fellow rugby player Nick Youngquest strike up a flirtation over Twitter.

RoadAmanda Lepore and Courtney Love make kinky photos together (possibly nsfw).

RoadOregon Department of Justice revamps system to improve reporting of hate crimes: "The Q Center calls this statewide initiative the first direct action in response to troubling reports of widespread assaults on members of the LGBTQ community."

RoadExhibition of Jerry Pritikin photographs mounted in Chicago.

RoadReal World cast member Mike Manning says MTV f*cked him for 3.5 months and then dumped him.

RoadMan in Dubai picked up by police for possessing, possibly wearing women's lingerie; offers to submit to 'gay test'.

RoadGay couple threatened, struck on London bus: "Police say he stood up when the bus had reached Snappy Snaps in Lavender Hill and made hand gestures to the victims that implied he had a gun and would shoot them.

The suspect then hit one of the victims on the head with a silver object causing a cut which later required eight stitches. He got off the bus and walked in the direction of Clapham Junction."


  1. patrick nyc says

    Poor Preston, pretty and stupid are a bad mix. They were not your friends to begin with you idiot, you were his boy toy/hustler of the moment.

    Palin with a boob job, her poll numbers may not go up, just the poles of her male fan base.

  2. sparks says


    If you hold your mouse cursor over the photo, a tooltip caption should pop up. Andy routinely uses tooltips on borrowed pics instead of trying to insert a text caption because with JUST the photo, the article text will wrap nicely around the photo according to your own browser width. With a text caption, he’d need to use html tables and not only is that more trouble than it’s worth, it’s also not as universally browser friendly.

    (sorry for the long explanation)

  3. Dave says

    @Mike Manning post – Boo hoo you brat! You are irrelevant and that is why you were not invited to the MTV awards, nobody knows who you are. Of course they invited the Jersey skanks, unfortunately they are still relevant…pukes on keyboard…

  4. Jon says

    The London gay bashing story is disturbing primarily because there seems to be a neighborhood or bus stop called Snappy Snaps. What is wrong with the U.K.?

  5. Kyle says

    Interesting post about the Israeli army. If THEY can institute gays in their army, why can’t WE? Their army is much more macho than ours. Not to mention, Israeli men are HOT!

  6. Paul says

    I agree, Mike Manning and the rest of the cast should have been invited to the MTV awards. I am sorry, you invite uneducated boobs like the Jersey Cast, who do nothing for society, but you snub someone like Mike Manning and the rest of the cast who are educated and working toward a bright future!! seriously!! We need to get a grip in this country of who represents us!! :(

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