1. Wrecks says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody asks her if she prefers to wear boxers or briefs.

  2. AERES says

    Maybe Im just a square – but that seems to be wildly out of decorum. What’s next? Asking Petraeus whether he believes Cobra or G.I. Joe’s weapons systems are better suited for battling an insurgency? Morons…

  3. Louis says

    Love Amy! Smart, witty, and a good ally to the GLBT community. She’ll never get a big head…she knows even Senators and Supreme Court Justices are just people after all…

  4. Fred says

    Actually, Amy Klobuchar is a fierce advocate for GLBTQ and an amazing attorney, former prosecutor. I suspect this was just her way of easing the tension a bit.

  5. says

    Yeah Aeres, I’m kinda with you. A little of this kind of lighthearted banter does humanize and relax the proceedings, but a small amount of that goes a long way.

  6. Dodge_Man says

    It’s nice to see a human side to this hearing process, after all a good chunk of it seems to have been more about grand standing one what the parties view on the roll of the court and how the court is currently shaped and needs to be shaped is then really trying to figure out if they are going to confirm her or not.

  7. stick says

    It’s nice to get some levity into the otherwise pompous and officious proceedings. I felt it subtly pointed out the absurdity of the situation.

  8. says

    I love Sen. Klobuchar, but she does kind of seem like the crazy cat lady living in mom’s basement portion of that vampire fuckery’s demographic.

  9. TANK says

    the most humorous response she’s given was to lindsey graham when he asked, “where were you at on christmas day” in his covert attempt to discredit her by making her reveal that she’s jewish (political capital for them in being an antisemite)…but she’s quick, I’ll give her that…”like all jews, I was probably at a chinese restaurant.” LOL!

  10. hank says

    OK I’m going to go heavy political queer theory here, ya’ll can throw eggs if you want , but my immediate reaction to this clip is that the Senator is trying to soften , or distract from, Kagan’s various apparent queernesses by conjuring an un-, or anti-intellectual, hetero- and ‘family’ inflected, stereotypically female sexuality of Mom bonding with pin-up boy-crazy teen girls. A sexuality that is unthreatening , easily marketed and controlled, and also mindlessly flattering to men. And she is inviting Kagan to act charmed by this little family scene , evoked a propos of nothing in the substance of the hearing. For me this doesn’t ‘humanize’ the proceeding so much as lobotmize, (and , of course, explicitly heterosexualize) it.