250 Million Now Living in Places That Recognize Gay Marriage


Nate Silver crunches some numbers, as he does so well. He writes:

"The big spike you see in 2008 is California recognizing gay marriage through the courts, and then un-recognizing it through the passage of Proposition 8. Right now, it's possible to marry your same-sex partner in Buenos Aires, in Mexico City, in Ames, Iowa, and in Pretoria, South Africa, but not in San Francisco. With countries like Argentina and Portugal now recognizing same-sex marriages, however, the global trajectory has returned to its slow-but-steady upward pace."


  1. ravewulf says

    I bet we can get gay marriage for the whole of the US within the next 10 years. Perhaps even within 5 with the recent federal court cases.

    Ahhh, progress. It makes me feel good :)

  2. Hue-Man says

    Although it seems like ancient history, much of Canuckistan is 7 years into this scary new world and the big news – yawn. The couples – mostly from other countries – getting married on the float during Toronto Pride is the only recent news.

    How about a new expression to replace same-sex marriage (too clinical) or gay marriage (too happy)? Equal Marriage? Marriage Equality? [Canadian tax forms have only one box to tick for married.]

  3. Strepsi says

    @HUE-MAN: I totally agree, and if I can help it I NEVER use “same sex marriage”, I only use the term “marriage equality”.

    Believe it or not, semantics make a huge difference. It is easy for someone to tell you they are against “same sex marriage” or “against gay marriage” as if it is some new thing, or as they say, some ‘special right’. It is much harder for someone to tell you they are against equality.

  4. Gianpiero says

    @Strepsi: Exactly. Although even when people say they are “against same sex marriage” or “I don’t believe in same sex marriage” or “marriage is only between one man and one woman” they look increasingly silly, because it exists whether they believe in it or not and the last statement is just false. Many of our opponents talk as if the question of the very existence of same-gender marriages anywhere is still an open one, when in definitely is not.

  5. StillMarriedinCA says

    It drives me crazy when California gets no credit in these articles. The fact is that 18,000 same sex couples are LEGALLY married and recognized by the state of California. (And California also recognizes the marriages of couples who were married elsewhere). That is almost as many married couples as there are in all the other states that have equal marriage laws COMBINED. So when you write an article about how many people live in places where same-sex marriage is RECOGNIZED, California should most definitely be included. That is the silver lining in the dark cloud of the Prop 8 fiasco: The haters actually have to live with the fact that 36000 of us here are still married and they didn’t really win much of anything after all. They certainly didn’t protect their children, or protect “opposite marriage” from the evils of two men or two women being legitimately married here and living amongst them. We exist.

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