1. arch says

    my boyfriend is nagging me to have a trip to NY for his 30th, he must never see these photos! on the other hand i am now tempted myself – he can go shopping whilst i go building spotting – by the way can anyone recommend a good portable guide to the historic buildings of NY ?

  2. voet says


    I used to live in New York and my favorite guide is Michelin’s Guide to New York City. I noticed that they have a 2010 edition available. My old edition has great great maps, floorplans of museums etc. I assume they still offer those wonderful features.

  3. arch says

    Thanks very much for the tip about the guide, I will look out the Michelin guide before I leave London or pick one up in NY when we arrive, afterwards I will drop off the boyfriend for shopping and head off to do some serious skyscrapper spotting…

  4. Will says

    Arch- the AIA used to (and possibly still does) publish a guide to the buildings of NYC. Maybe you can find one on Amazon or ebay if they’re not in print anymore-

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