1. woodroad34d says

    She makes comments that she can’t even confirm. Geez! Hawaii’s own Sarah Palin….what is it about Republican women? Were they dropped on their collective heads as babies?

  2. Matt26 says

    Will this woman be re-elected? I mean, has she lots of followers who think she is logical and well aware of issues?
    I feel sorry for Joe. Love your man, time will change.

  3. New Jersey Girl says

    This is the EXACT REASON why Mormons sould NOT be in politics.

    She invalidates a law, using her opinion…which turns out to be a wrong opinion.

    And instead of INVALIDATING her action, she just says ‘she has to check and get back to you on that…’

    Don’t you think she should be 100% about something before exercising power?

    The aswer, if you’re struggling Moromons, is YES.

    Mormons are not fit for Governing. They are hypocritical homophobic bigomist-loving thieves.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    No wonder she’s twice divorced. I can’t read even a paragraph of this woman’s mindless gibberish without feeling like I need to run out of the room, jump out of a window, anything, anything at all, to get away from her mind-numbing stupidity.

    Can you imagine what it was like for her poor, poor husbands? I bet they wish Hawaii had passed a DOMA-MSFI-A (Defense Of Marriage Against Marrying Stupid F*cking Idiots Amendment).

  5. John says


    I need to position myself for a U.S. Senate run some time in the not-so-distant future. And if I play my cards right, I might even get on the Republican ticket as the Vice Presidential nominee someday.

  6. Jamesstone says

    She is sooo on the wrong side of history! I feel so sorry for the Hawaiian gay families that she has kept as second class citizens. .
    I hope this horrible woman ends up in the dust pan of hateful politicians!

  7. mike/ says

    “So there are restrictions, not to put it in the exact same category.” – Gov. Lingle

    someone want to push a tube up her whatever and remind her of Loving v. Virginia that finally did away with the legal ‘restriction’ on whites and African-Americans marrying;

    Hawaii has term limits, so she cannot run for governor again; but when is the next Hawaiian congressional race scheduled?

    oh, and she’s Jewish!

  8. Paul R says

    @John, you’re absolutely right. She’s clearly not a bright person, so she likely has a great future in the GOP.

    For the record, first cousins can get married in about half of US states.

  9. Brian says

    The thing I find most frustrating about this is the blistering ignorance she shows in terms of how the law works. It’s like she doesn’t have a clue what a civil right is or how American society administers them.

    Regardless of whether or not she thinks that gay marriage or civil unions are appropriate, or whether she thinks that states could have compelling reasons for restricting same-sex marriage, she should understand that American civil rights law is built on allowing restrictions of rights when an appropriate reason can be found for doing so. This is why we have different levels of judicial scrutiny for different groups of people and in regard to different kinds of rights. Something can be a fundamental right, but if the state has a good enough reason to restrict it, the state can in fact do that. That doesn’t mean it’s not a “right.” This is high school civics, lady.

    For Lingle to say that marriage can’t be a civil right if it’s restricted to other people is sheer insanity and flies in the face of Supreme Court pronouncements that marriage is, in fact, a fundamental right.

    Her position suggests that she’s entirely uninformed about the legal system in which she is, frighteningly, a relatively major player. That, or, also entirely possible, she’s truly devious and calculating and someone we really need to make sure doesn’t get any farther than she already is.

  10. Bart says

    From her comments the other day, I considered Lingle a coward for shirking the responsibility to why she was elected by stating that she didn’t want to make this decision, she wanted to leave it to the people of Hawaii to decide (because the majority always votes in favor of the minority…) So I found her disingenuous, lying, and a coward.

    Now after this speech, I find that she’s also so stunning ill-informed and frankly argumentatively stupid one would wish she would apologize and say admit she’s stupid.

    She continues to embarrass Hawaii.

  11. Kriss says

    You know, if it were up to the majority, we may’ve been like Nazi Germany. If everything were up to the majority, only blonde women with large breasts would be able to do anything in this country.

  12. pete says

    is she fucking a fucking idiot? siblings? cousins? there are REASONS that a person can’t marry his sister or his mother. and those REASONS are REASONABLE. they have to do with biology and psychology. If she wants to prevent 2 gay brothers,who have pre-exisiting close family relationship, from marrying, I’m behind her. But she clearly hasn’t engaged in even this basic level of consideration. asshole enjoying a paycheck at the expense of the taxpayers.

  13. gayalltheway says

    Just wait until the SCOTUS rule that DOMA is unconstitutional and I will personally fax to your office a big middle finger along with a huge “FUCK YOU!”!!

  14. Paul in Honolulu says

    Everyone take a deep breath! First, our Senate by way more than a 2/3 majority approved civil unions. Second, we fell only three votes short of a veto-proof majority favoring the bill in the House. What was weak-kneed was our Speaker of the House, Calvin Say (who, incidentally voted FOR the measure) declining to call for an override session, which more than likely would have quashed the veto because there were more than three reps who were pissed at Lingle for disrespecting the majority will of the legislators.

    Rather than a boycott, I urge everyone to support Neil Abercrombie, one of our two Congressional reps, who is running for governor. He has said unequivocally that he would sign a civil unions bill when (not if) it’s presented to him. And given the fact that in the next session, after the election, at least a bare majority of the legislators in both houses will approve a bill that is identical to the one that Lingle vetoed, we need to chill out and wait until Abercrombie is elected.

    It’s always the same in the struggle for equal rights: two steps forward, one step back. Take a deep breath and remember the unchanging lesson of history: Progress can be slowed, but it CANNOT be stopped.

  15. Mike B. says

    Wow, I thought she was just a calculating, amoral whore. Now it’s clear she’s an IGNORANT amoral whore. I hope she she’s subject to discrimination, prejudice and rejection for the rest of her life.

  16. Tom in Long Beach says

    Just like the lawyers for yes on 8 in the Ca. prop 8 trial she cannot come up with any REAL reasons for denial of our rights. When she says some will try to make this a civil rights issue, it just makes me so mad. It really infuriates me that “the haters” always say we should not be so selfish as to want marriage equality because of some phantom boogie man impact that treating GLBT people the same as everyone else will cause. Like perhaps gay men that were guilt ed by their families to marry a woman will not cruise the parks at night to find sex ??? Or perhaps Lesbian women will not need messy divorces from their husbands when they just cannot pretend to be strait anymore ?
    Maybe the divorce rate will go down ?

  17. Tom in Long Beach says

    Oh wait I forgot. People that are “gay married” cannot produce spirit children that will rule the galaxy for the Mormon Church. How could I have been so greedy as to have gotten married in CA in 2008?

  18. Houndentenor says

    I’ve heard this argument from conservatives before. “Individuals only have rights if they benefit society at large.” Does that sound like Marxism to anyone else?

  19. Ed says

    She represents what is wrong with this country, and what is really scary is that we are going to have more stupid right wing idiots like her elected in the next elections, American voters keep voting against their own interest , why?, I ask that question everyday…

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