Hawaii Radio Host: Gov. Lingle Shut Out Pro-Equality Activists

On his radio show, human rights advocate Carroll Cox alleges that Hawaii governor Linda Lingle gave special treatment to supporters of her civil union veto while making it difficult for pro-equality activists to stage a rally and participate in the democratic process.

Lingle "So, we ask you, why is it that the people who came to the Capitol building in support of the gay community and HB444 were required to obtain a Special Use Permit and proof of liability insurance in order to participate in a rally, but the pastors, church members, and those rallying against the civil rights legislation were not similarly required to obtain the necessary permits? And, why is it that certain people were invited to a special prayer meeting inside the Governor’s office, but others were excluded? This is why we find the Governor’s statements regarding her veto to be completely disingenuous. How can Lingle say that the public should be afforded an opportunity 'to participate in the process', when she denied certain people the same opportunities, including attending a prayer meeting at her office prior to her announcement regarding the veto of HB444, and being included on a special invitee’s list?"

More at Cox's website.