Johnny Weir: “I Am Not Going To Change Something I Love Because Someone Tells Me It’s Wrong”


Don't get too excited—he was talking about wearing fur.

Three-time U.S. National Champion and Olympic skater Johnny Weir has recorded a song called "Dirty Love" and is working on an autobiography that's coming in 2011. He opens up (but not all the way) to Out

On his fur-loving ways:

"[Animal rights groups] have their choice to support activism and to speak their minds, and I have the right to speak my mind too. I'm not passionate about learning about the fur farms and how the animals get killed. I'm passionate about fashion, and fur is a big part of that. I'm also a winter athlete. You can't go walk the streets of Moscow when it's minus 30 and wear some type of plastic. You need a natural warm thing. I am not going to change something I love because someone tells me it's wrong."

On his sexuality:

"I've always been comfortable with who I am. When it comes to my sexuality, I just finished the chapter in my book [to be released in January] about my sexuality and my idea of it. I haven't discussed it—not because I'm ashamed of anything you'll read about when my book comes out—I just don't want to put it out there in a way where someone can twist my words. While I don't believe in masculinity and femininity, I don't believe in a purely gay person or a purely straight person. I have a very clear opinion of my own sexuality. I'm not saying anything about my sexuality because I want it to be out there in my own words."

He's not saying anything because he wants to be the one to say it, got it?


  1. David says

    it breaks my heart that animals have to die to support such vanity and shallowness.

  2. peterparker says

    I think DAVID encapsulated the situation perfectly. The only thing I would add is that Weir seems like an arrogant little twat.

  3. Michael @ says

    In other words, he has all the maturity of a four-year old who wants what he wants. Thank Goddess for adult-sized Depends so he doesn’t have to worry about being potty trained either. Maybe they can make some special edition versions for him trimmed in fur.

  4. David in Houston says

    Perhaps someone should skin him alive, and make human booties for some cute little minks.

  5. Lars De says

    I can’t imagine that anyone cares enough about this douche to read an article much less a book about him. Johnny please don’t come completely “out”; we don’t really want you.

  6. skydog says

    He really needs to just shut up. His last argument about wearing fur was that he really couldn’t think about the way the fur industry kills animals because there are “millions” of homeless people in N.Y. Huh? On the plus side, maybe it will discourage other people from wearing fur because they don’t want to emulate such a stupid twat. I can hardly wait for him to announce he’s bi.

  7. Fahd says

    Giving publicity to JW’s inanities may be endangering him. PETA hasn’t always acted ethically when it has come to treating people.

    @MICHAEL@LEONARDMATLOVICH.COM – Just curious, are you at work when commenting?

  8. nic says

    fuck the little queen. no wonder she was not invited to “stars on ice.” at first i defended her, but she is now despicable. she and her fur carcasses can go straight to oblivion.

  9. g_whiz says

    Ugh, I’m inclined not to care but…anyone who wilfully says “I don’t want to know about how what I wear is murdered I’ll spend all day happily in my ignorant bliss” makes me uncomfortable. It reads tone deaf and absolutley selfish.

  10. Mercy says

    Did he ask to be a role model for anyone? No. Does he have the right to his opinions and feelings? Yes. Because you don’t agree with him doesn’t make him wrong. You need to grow up. Skin him alive huh? That shows how full of compassion you aren’t; kill humans, not animals? Irritatingly judgemental idiots.

  11. Fenrox says


    Yes he did ask to be a role model, He is an Olympic athlete, a choice to be someone to look up to.

    Mr. Weir needs to grow up, not the internet. To hold onto a belief with virtually no reason other than hedonism while turning a deaf ear to dissenting facts and opinions speaks more to a child’s reasoning. In the adult world you have to be responsible for your actions, this can be done in SO MANY WAYS. Some examples:

    “I’m Johnny Weir, I wear fur but you should know the fur industry is exceptionally cruel and you shouldn’t buy fur without realizing that.”

    “I’m Johnny Weir, Part of being a celebrity is having your life dissected in front of everyone. My decision to wear fur is my decision, something that I will have to evaluate and reevaluate with time, I don’t want to completely change something about myself without thinking all the facts through.”

    Instead he acts childish, like you did in your reactionary post. Calm rational approaches diffuse the need for attacks.

    We all live with massive hypocrisy that we don’t face because it is overwhelming. Many people eat meat that would NEVER support fur, we shouldn’t yell at them for being stupid we should try to show them the importance of dealing with hypocrisy.

  12. Greenthumb55 says

    Well said Johnny. Don’t cave in to the militant hippies and their useless existence.

    F*ck animal rights. They have a right to be our bitch.

  13. Mercy says

    Fenrox… your way or no way, right? Your main rant seems to be that Johnny didn’t express himself the (over-inflated) way you would have. Giving suggestions on how he “should have” made his point is arrogant beyond belief, as is stating that you would help meat eaters deal with hypocrisy. Brilliant.

    Olympians, as I see it, are there to compete in games that they excel in…period. Where does it say “and to show kids what is right and what is wrong”?

  14. D. R. H. says

    Wow! What a bunch of fickle homos. Wasn’t it only a few months ago that you were all defending him/her/it with shouts of praise and applause for being an individualist and a champion of diversity?
    God people, open your eyes. These people gather attention because their whole purpose in life is just that. They’re self-absorbed narcissists who will spout vile at anyone that tries to knock them off their imagined throne of glory. He should be fed to the animals that keep him “fierce”.

  15. TANK says

    hmmmm…kinda hard to reason with the unreasonable, willfully ignorant and proudly unethical. But, sociopathology has made its way into the mainstream american identity long ago…human rights, animal rights, the environment…none of these things matter to americans…what matters is them. And it’s something that americans are very proud of. Let’s see who long it can last! It is fun to watch a people destroy themselves.

  16. shivadog says

    What a little douche-bag. I hope this evil little twink goes away soon. It’s a shame that animals have to die horribly so he can look like an absolute moron.

  17. Teryn says

    Oh everyone loves an individualist who champions diversity…unless that individualist steps on a cause they themselves champion, that’s when the hater comments come to the forefront. “what do you mean he’s promoting meat eating, I don’t eat meat so he can’t do that. now I hate him.” It’s a selfish, self-promoting world people.

  18. Rann says

    Johnny- I am a “purely gay person”- too bad you don’t believe in me or that we exist. I hate this childish attitude some young people have that there is or should be no gay or straight just everyone floating along until they land on some other person regardless of gender. I do believe there are many people who are bisexual and I respect that but not this attitude of whatever and no labels or boxes please! I like the box and label I have just fine!

  19. says

    Weir is a jerk and a second rate skater. He is a nobody reaching for attention. He will never be a somebody because he is too much of a jerk. Can’t stand him and wish Towleroad would cease promoting him by reporting on him. He’s nobody and a disgrace to the gay community.

  20. Chris says

    Well, at least Johnny inspires. Everything he does or says, right or wrong, inspires conversation, debate, argument, dialogue, chat, talk, rant, rave, discussion, exchange of ideas.

  21. Nick says

    Any of you that have eaten meat or worn leather shoes/belts/whatever in the last year are as misguided as you are cruel. You cannot claim the moral high ground on animal rights and only include certain animals. Unless this is a forum full of vegetarians, I suggest you all cool your jets a bit.

  22. TANK says

    Johnny Weir isn’t really inspiring anything…this isn’t a debate. Anyone who is against animal rights is for needless suffering, and is unethical. There’s no justification.

    Exactly, nick. but not just meat…anyone who has ever done something wrong in their life is in no position to have an ethical outlook on anything, or condemn or praise anything. Everywhere, everyone needs to be neutral about EVERYTHING (all practices) because being a hypocrite of any magnitude is the worst thing that can possibly be…worse than the holocaust…worse than the slaughter of billions of animals for our amusement….worse than the extinction of the human race. 😉

  23. skydog says

    Weir is the Richard Simmons of the 21st Century. He’s a lightweight little asshat who doesn’t even have the balls to actually come out.

    His only two areas of expertise: giving fey little winks from inside the closet and coming up with excuses for losing skating competitions.

  24. TANK says

    Well, that’d take a book…LOL! At least a phd thesis. I think, however, a good rule (and, by the way, ethical laws are as real as laws of physics; and in the same way–another book) is that wrong/bad/evil would be anything that promotes,contributes, or causes “needless suffering” (I haven’t defined that, either…but I think most people who speak english have a rough idea as to what that means…suffering that could be avoided without causing greater or equal suffering), as you can’t be a good person and do that. Universally, it seems that needless suffering is considered bad (all ethical systems and ideas and theories seek to minimize suffering and maximize goodness if you press it far enough)…what the particulars amount to differ from place to place, time and person…and that’s just an empirical claim. So anyone who endorses needless suffering (indirectly or directly)…and calls it ‘good’ isn’t having an ethical discussion in the same way as if one were to say that 1 + 1=4…they just don’t understand the meanings of the terms they’re using or they’re using different concepts with the same terms (use/mention mistakes).

  25. Chris says

    Sure sounds like Johnny is inspiring to me. Everyone is so passionate about what he isn’t doing right. From coming out to stating his preferences to his skating, these posters are serious. And BTW Skydog, it doesn’t take “balls” to come out. That is definitely an individual choice.

  26. Nick says

    @tank, I wasn’t suggesting that you are to have no ethical outlook, but that you speak rationally and without needless, counterproductive ad hominem arguments. Flying off the handle and calling someone names or referring to a man as ‘she’ because he disagrees with you accomplishes nothing and ends up diminishing the power of an argument.

  27. Chris says

    @tank, so many people love to say what someone else is doing “wrong.” But hey, certain groups think being gay is WRONG; certain groups think wearing fur is WRONG; certain groups think eating meat is WRONG; certain groups think not going to church is WRONG; certain groups think…, well you get the idea – wrong is subjective, not cut and dried. Ease up.

  28. TANK says

    “wrong is subjective”

    Is that subjective, too, then? It’s certainly about being wrong…so what you’re saying is that you can’t disprove the objectivity of right and wrong–and have nothing to say about it at all…

    Yes, and many people don’t have any conception of atoms, subatomic particles, germ theory, organic chemistry or biological evolution…guess that means that those things are subjective, too (i.e., don’t exist independently of conception). Great argument.

    Of course what people think is wrong varies (moral codes)…that’s not interesting…it’s a fact, but disagreement (and if you’re arguing for ethical relativism, legitimate moral disagreement doesn’t exist for them…they have no way of making sense of it…which is why it’s incoherent) doesn’t entail the subjectivity of ethics/morality. People can and do disagree about everything; it doesn’t entail that nothing exists.

  29. Wes says

    What an ugly fucking hat. People, don’t whine about being “judgmental”. There’s a time for judgment, like just after an animal has been skinned alive for some spoiled wealthy narcissistic asshole’s latest fashion impulse. To all the Cruella Devilles who can’t see the sheer horror before their eyes, or sickly delight in it, you bring shame to your species. The more I see the more I am convinced not of our inherent superiority over our fellow creatures, which is so often flatly asserted by fools resembling apes, but of the contrary. We are smart enough to know right from wrong, but not good enough to even care. Fucking sad. Don’t even pretend you actually care about humans too, because vapid leeching wastes of matter that defend torture for fashion never really do, they only use suffering humans as a diversion to continue their sick self-serving ways unchallenged.

  30. sal says

    hmm i wonder how many of these folks were the same ones who basically said “I Am Not Going To Change Something I Love Because Someone Tells Me It’s Wrong” over smoking pot hmm what happen to FREE SOCIETY hahahaha well well well

  31. Wes says

    Chris, so you can’t draw a line anywhere? Because people disagree? Well what do YOU think? Is it time to speak up when we kill an animal? When we torture an animal? When we kill a person? When we refuse a same sex couple a marriage license? WHERE IS YOUR LINE? We all have one, draw and defend.

  32. Wes says

    SAL, smoking pot is smoking pot, not torturing animals. Yea the topic at hand matters not, as long as someone can string the same words together to imply some sort of hypocrisy. “Oh you said live and let live about pot, well then you can’t say shit when the Nazis come marching into town.” Be gone with this nonsense.

  33. jamal49 says

    Johnny Weir, Perez Hilton; Perez, Johnny. I’m sure you two will really, like, um, TOTALLY hit it off.

  34. Chris says

    @tank, when you go off on atoms and subatomic particles, you lose the thread completely. Are you practicing your debate team rhetoric? Stay focused. LMAO.

  35. TANK says

    Sorry, didn’t mean to get all “abstract”…and lose ya…Do you know what a counterexample is? Or a reductio ad absurdumdeedumdumdum? Have you ever used an example to illustrate a point? Thought experiment? ….thinking? it’s an acquired taste.

  36. Chris says

    @Wes, okay, here goes: Do not agree with torturing animals; killing animals is dependant on the reason for the animal being killed (euthanizing a pitbull for mauling a child, yes; electro-shocking a mink for a hat, no). I eat meat and wear leather; do not agree with wearing fur but do not agree with terrorist thugs like PETA. Support same sex marriage, funding for AIDS research and freedom of speech, expression and religion. Telling someone “do not do what I don’t do” is so not cool as we all “do” different things.

  37. Wes says

    “Telling someone “do not do what I don’t do” is so not cool as we all “do” different things.”

    Whoa, but certainly when we speak of torturing animals, we should take a stand? When children are molested? When genocides occur? I mean, there’s a difference between a ‘live and let live’ philosophy and burying your head in the sand when a grave injustice takes place. Who speaks for these powerless creatures if not us? I hate PETA too but I won’t let that me sway me from speaking up while their inconceivable pain goes largely ignored.

  38. Chris says

    @Wes, I actually agree with you. I forgot how specific you have to be when posting. When saying something like “live and let live” in a general way, of course no one intends that to seem as if they support “grave injustices happening to powerless creatures” like children and animals.

  39. BobNYC says

    I have never been a strong supporter of PETA, but after reading this anti-intelligent, self-centered attention-seeker who doesn’t want to learn, just wants what he wants when he wants it…I’m Googling PETA and sending them a check. I too tried to like him, but I’m finished. All of the comments are encouraging, more interesting and more important than him. I’m done with him.

  40. Wes says

    BobNYC, you could send your money to the Humane Society. Go to to get the most bang for your buck, they tell you exactly how much of your money goes where. PETA focuses mostly on publicity stunts and whatnot to raise awareness, but I often find it counterproductive.

  41. Jason says

    Just don’t buy the Johnny’s book. Or his album. Or pay for tickets to whatever show he wants to put on.

    It’s America, and Weir can do what he wants. Just don’t expect me to subsidize it with my dollars.

  42. JT says

    The quality of life sinks again. Animal activist Cleveland Amory is gone, and your only gay heros are of the Andrew Towle, Johnny Weir, Andrew Humm, wiggling-giggling Andrew Cohen crowd who think animal torture is amusing.

  43. qjersey says

    I wish all the Peta freaks, philosophers and bitches would get as riled up over issues that really effect our community…that we can do something about directly, not DADT or GENDA, you know, alcoholism, drug abuse (meth and steroid…and cocaine is having a nice rebound), ambivalence about unsafe with strangers, funds running out to give HIV meds to the poor without insurance. You know, stuff that kills people.

  44. daws says

    What an idiot. I lived in Alaska and it got as cold as -60 degrees. I never wore dead animals to keep warm lol.

  45. nic says

    @NICK, i am so tired of that flaccid argument. when we slaughter cattle, we use every part from the nose to the hooves. it provides sustenance and protection to millions. when a poof like johnny weir wears fur, he is doing it for vanity and attention. fuck him. he is as inconsequential as his opinions.

  46. Ari says

    I’m so embarrassed that he is representing us in this way. He treats his sexuality like a dirty secret when it should be no more secret than the color of our skin. It just “is”. As for the fur… I can sort of reconcile using something like leather shoes, belts or a jacket but who really “needs” a Silver Fox coat? Some of these creatures are also endangered. A sensitive issue which he handles with absolutely no feeling. He makes my skin crawl!

  47. C_in_Chicago says

    I said some stuff in my 20s that I regard as more than a little embarrassing twenty years later.

    He’ll live, learn and grow up at his own pace, like everybody else. Until then, rather than castigating him, I’ll be over here hoping the process is smooth and quick and not -too- painful to remember later on.

  48. Ian says

    It is a damn animal – who the f cares.
    Fur, meat, leather – all the same.
    Next, people will worry about picking a flower and causing it pain.

  49. Rick says

    Give little Johnny Wier a video of the animals screaming while being skinned alive and then see if he still brags about wearing real fur. Too bad he has had zero success on the ice and resorts to fur wearing and dumb reality shows to keep himself in the public eye.

  50. Rick says

    Very sad that some people think that animals are here to be abused. I am scared to think at how these same morons treat their fellow humans. Sick world we live in.

  51. petersburgva says

    Fur is a thing of beauty and it’s nice to see someone going against assinine political correctness. I love animals ,they’re delicious !

  52. says

    Outside of the rink, I don’t really take him seriously. Inside the rink, though… he’s so very pretty to watch. Really, I will never forget the fact that he got *robbed* of the bronze. Stupid homophobic Olympic judges.

    As for the fur issue…. he’s being stupid…. but he’s never exactly pretended to be smart, either. I wish he’d come out in favor of only using fur in which the whole animal is used. I don’t mind fur or leather or anything like that, but really it should only be used *if* the meat is, too. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

  53. sal says

    wes i llloove thee,i hope you dont have ANY leather products in ya house and you are a eternal protester at all kfc ,burger king etc.cause after all you care deeply about “torturing animals”,blatant disregard for fellow humans what makes one think one would give a shit about animals?

  54. blc says

    Can I club this cunt and skin him alive while his mother watches? No? I can dream can’t I?

  55. says

    I miss why this is such a big deal. He wants to wear fur, let him wear fur. Their are MUCH bigger problems right now than this.

  56. Mister Polo says

    I love JW.

    Honestly, who says that he’s supposed to be a good role model for gay youth? who are you to put expectations on anyone but yourselves?

    I love that he stands by what he says, and clearly doesn’t give a … about what any of you bitter queens have to say.

  57. Bear says

    Once again everyone is complaining because someone does not fit into a little labeled box. Why is it that people insist we label everything? The world is not flat out black and white, its not an extreme yes or no. Life has many gray areas and how one chooses to describe oneself along those gray lines is more real than attempting to label and squeeze everyone into little labeled boxes. It does not work. That is not reality.
    Like many people I have never called myself Bi, gay or straight. The reason why is simple, I do not fit into the labeled categories. How each of us acts or reacts to each other sexually constantly changes according to whomever we are with. Those who perform sexually exactly the same every time they are with another person are not bonding with their partner they are merely going through programmed motions. Intimacy and sexually bonding with a partner changes as you change partners. Thus you perform slightly different with each partner, meaning you are different each and every time you are with a different person. Therefore when you change partners you change.
    Johnny Weir is aware of this truth and does not follow the labeling, nor should any of us. Once we drop these stupid labels and stop pigeonholing everything and everyone we soon discover our minor differences do not matter as underneath we are all human. Nothing more nothing less.
    As for Mr. Weir’s choices to wear fur or another persons choice to wear leather, what difference does it really make? Do you worry about how the chickens were treated that you just consumed in your hot buffalo wings? I doubt it very seriously.
    As for Mr. weir and his actions all he is doing is being himself honestly. He is not folding over to fit some stereotype, he is acting the way he feels good for himself. He is being an individual. I’d be interested in reading his book simply because he has the courage to stand up to those who want to pigeonhole him into some idealistic character that is not him. Why do people insist on making everyone fit a label? Labels limit character, labels limit changes, development and growth as a society. “Gays” keep screaming they want equality yet they place labels as badly as do the “Anti-gays”. Stop and look at yourselves before challenging others. Drop the labels and you might suddenly discover equality.

  58. says

    I used to like him, and it feels bad to turn my back on a fellow Gay man, as I like to support my people wherever we pop up- but as a Zoologist, there’s just no way I can support someone who so callously disregards the suffering of animals to satisfy his own bloodthirsty standards of beauty. Animals experience terrible pain and die horribly to produce fur products, end of story.

  59. EJ says

    Johny Weir is the new Paris Hilton, with less attractive legs and certainly no brains . . no maybe the same amount of brains ! . . .matbe !