News: Ansel Adams, Battleship, Neil Abercrombie, Tel Aviv

Road Report: Barney Frank wanted his senior discount at the Fire Island Pines ferry.

Na RoadWhat if the Earth stopped spinning?

RoadWill Rihanna sink Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch's battleship?

RoadGay man found dead in D.C. apartment: "Mark Gower, a native of Portland, Ore. who lived in D.C. for several years, was found after failing to show up for work at his day job at a cosmetics store and his night job as a dancer at the gay nightclub Secrets, friends and co-workers said.

A spokesperson for D.C. police said there were no outward signs of foul play or trauma on Gower’s body when police forced open his apartment door."

RoadEveryone should have this much fun on their 21st birthday.

RoadMicrobicide HIV-fighting gel holds hope for gay men.

RoadNew Democratic Party tells British Columbia it must improve its gay-bashing problem: "At a press conference Monday, Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert said the NDP is 'concerned with the latest string of hate attacks' in Vancouver, and pointed to “a recent Statistics Canada study [that] found that in Vancouver, there were 34 hate crimes committed in 2008 based on a victim’s sexual orientation."

Pratt RoadReality bit.

RoadNOM denies report that it endorsed openly gay Republican House candidate Eric Sturn. Sturn: "Perhaps they should endorse my opponent. In his first year as Speaker, Gordon Fox has blocked legislation aimed at legalizing both same-sex marriage and civil unions. Despite his assurances that he would allow an equal marriage bill to come before the next session, actions speak louder than words. He didn’t think it was important enough of an issue to debate and vote on in his first session as speaker. He should tell that to the thousands of Rhode Islanders being denied equal rights under the law. Gordon may be gay, but he really hasn’t been there for the LGBT community. When I’m elected, I will fight to get an equal marriage bill passed as soon as possible."

RoadMore Armani Exchange images of Brazilian beauty Arthur Sales

RoadTel Aviv Police Commissioner still believes LGBT youth center murder will be solved.

RoadDaniel Craig to play lead in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Adams RoadBoxes of photos bought at garage sale for $45 are thought to be Ansel Adams works worth $200 million.

RoadOMG does a Q&A with Robyn: "I think gay culture has always had to deal with being an outsider culture, being on the outside and having to fight for yourself and who you are and being accepted for what you are."

RoadGwyneth Paltrow now a country singer?

RoadBad days are just figments of your imagination.

RoadHawaii gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie stresses his support for civil unions: "It's quite clear that the other two candidates have no intention of moving forward on civil unions legislation."

RoadPOLL: California Catholics support gay unions. "Only 22% of white Catholics and 23% of Latino Catholics oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions. 37% of white Catholics and 44% of Latino Catholics support same-sex marriage, while an additional 41% of white Catholics and 28% of Latino Catholics support homosexual civil unions. In contrast, 53% of Latino Protestants oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions."