1. ChicagoBill says

    Those antigay extremists pictured here look like street hustlers in my neighborhood. Maybe because there’s so many middle European ethnics in Chicago.

  2. Stan James says

    Eastern Europe, so long tortured by the communist absolutist regimes, is changing. I feel good that the probable nation of my Dads father (it was Romania or Moldavia) is moving forward. And this was not 50 or a hundred, but many thousands of people.

    BTW, Chech Republic, Austria (kind of a yugoslavia middle country during the sov empire time) and Hungary all have civil unions for gays.

    And slovenia decriminlized gay sex, and has some form of registered partnerships. And there is a move for full equality there, although the usual f#@king bastards of the church of hate- catholic have promised to drive that bill to a referendu.

    But the writing is on the wall. The more the church of hate opposes gays, the more people will look at it with disdain, and in time it will be seen as the evil it is.

    And the remaining priests, when not satisfying their celibacy driven desires with little boys and girls, will be looking for employment.

    HOpefully digging out latrines filled with the sh!t they concocted, and now expelled from the body politic

  3. anon says

    Teen skinheads sure like to talk about the evils of gay sex a lot! Over and over, to each other! Why not talk about sex with women/girls? Ah???? Not interested?

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