UK Could Allow Religious Unions That Closely Resemble Marriage

British MP Lynne Featherstone claims that the country's government might soon allow gay and lesbian couples to incorporate religious traditions when they "marry."

 The Daily Telegraph reports:

Lf"Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, said the Coalition was considering allowing same-sex couples to include key religious elements in civil partnership ceremonies.

"In a parliamentary answer, she disclosed that homosexual couples could be permitted to use 'religious readings, music and symbols.'"

"This would make civil partnerships practically indistinguishable from traditional weddings as Parliament recently removed the bar on same-sex unions in churches and other places of worship through an amendment to Labour’s Equality Act."

"The proposals will delight equality campaigners who believe civil partnership is a 'second-class' status, but they prompted fierce opposition from mainstream Christian leaders who believe marriage can only take place between a man and a woman."

"Church of England sources warned that the Government could not make such dramatic changes merely by issuing regulations or guidance, as the current Civil Partnership Act prohibits the use of religious services during the registrations."