1. TANK says

    Drag has really nuked the fridge. But, it’s for straight people, mostly…sooo not entertaining…even the good shows are tedious bores.

  2. Paul R says

    I hated drag until I moved to San Francisco. Here there are at least a dozen variations, and some are great. I’m looking forward to the Siouxsie tribute night in a couple weeks.

    The name Mildred Fierce has already been taken, though.

  3. bla says

    Jess rocks! So glad to see him in this video haha. He is hilarious & the funny thing is that I’m reading his book right now. Coincidence!!
    Love the face expressions hahaha

  4. bluedogJ says

    Drag is theater. And like all theater there’s good, bad, and just boring. Miss Vera is pretty milquetoast. But, some folks just need to have a little more fun. Good for Jesse for going there. By the way, Tank, you can thank those “nuke the fridge” drag queens at Stonewall for paving the way for a few of your civil rights. The point of a rainbow is that it is more than just one color.

  5. MarkDC says

    Tank is right.

    Drag is the jaundiced shorthand of a tortured generation obsessed with gender peformance and conformity. What has time for that shit anymore?

    “Being” a “woman” or a “man” has nothing to do with what you’re wearing. This is the fallacy of the whole transgender-industrial complex: that pretense is reality.

  6. Mike In Philly says

    I usually post as “Michael” but I see there is another. I do not want anyone to think I agreed with TANK on anything. This was just harmless fun. Nothing more.

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