1. ravewulf says

    I know it’s a club and all, but if people would stop screaming so loudly (at least near the camera’s mic) we might actually be able to hear and enjoy the songs.

    If only the official “All the Lovers” video had more LGBT representation like the club video :/ Oh well, it’s still a great video :)

  2. mylesD says

    Sure she’s had a top 3 single in the UK and the album has gone straight to no 1 but the song is rubbish and the album is so-so.

  3. Paul R says

    She puts on a good show and seems like a sweetheart, but for the life of me I cannot get into her music.

    As for how gay I am, I didn’t even notice the female dancers had also removed a lot of clothing until pretty much the end of All the Lovers.

  4. twostepcub says

    The whistle is the vuvuzela of the gay nightclub. However she is flawless. Get Out Of My Way shoul be the smash from the CD.

  5. Spamouflage says

    Her best album in 22 years. Honestly. It’s easy breezy summery pop at its best. Go Kylie Go!

  6. John says

    Count me down as one gay guy unable to get into her music. I’m told she’s a huge gay icon, but I don’t think her allure reaches North American audiences. I think its due to her lack of history here… her music surfaces sporadically but doesn’t really make a cultural dent.

  7. YUM! says

    Just got the new cd &, although “X” was GENIUS & didn’t do as well as expected, this one is growing on me every listen. She’s got a great live vocal, tight & spot-on, so rare with the best entertainers today. Check out her recent Jonathan Ross appearance on youtube for a much clearer performance. Thanks for posting!

  8. Jimbo says

    All The Lovers is certainly her best song in a long time. However the album has taken the producer’s idea of cohesiveness a step too far. Given her voice is thin at the best of times, and needs to be triple tracked to sound half way decent, the lack of variation in melodies and tempo has produced what sounds like one prolonged cat screech. Of course it’ll sell bucketloads to the gay tweenies.