1. bla says

    Go Kylie!! Awesome performance. I don’t think they tried to take the camera away from the male-male sensuality that surrounds this song & performance. The focus was just, rightfully so, on her. But the pileup is awesome haha.

  2. Richard says

    Do we have to hear you bottOms scream about Kylie every third post. Not a day goes by with out this site whining about this has-been “singer”.

  3. John says

    LOL! Richard.I agree. I swear I’ve read a half dozen articles on this site about this singer and this song alone. Is there some financial arrangement going on between Minogue and Towleroad?

    It’s the same brain-dead song… with Minogue doing her best not to make any facial expressions.

  4. says

    Oh Richard, if she was a ‘has been’ would people bother posting about her and commenting on her?

    Sadly, Chanel 4 have blocked users in ‘my country’, the UK, from viewing this video, which is weird considering it is a UK show. Rude!

  5. Stepter says

    As much as I like Kylie, I have to say she has no stage presence whatsoever. She doesn’t sing great, doesn’t dance, barely moves, and uses no facial expressions.

    Get Outta My Way is my favorite song from this album and yet, in my opinions, she just butchered it. The performance (the choreo and her singing) took all the fun out of the song.

  6. C_in_Chicago says

    I have to admit that I’m a bit fascinated by the idea that you can correlate someone’s sexual tastes with their musical tastes.

    If bottoms are into Kylie, what do tops listen to? Maybe they have Metallica’s greatest hits CDs?

    And what about switches? Do they have to decide to boogie or head bang or try to meet in the middle and end up sad and confused Indie types?

    And what about show queens?

    There’s a whole new world of homo-taxonomy waiting to explored here!

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