1. Alex says

    HRC back story makes no sense, except if their intent is to keep equality supporters quiet. The NOM tour is a genuine fiasco, they can’t even get 20 people to show up in Indiana. But why is HRC wanting activists to sit quietly and not protest the Hate Bus? Maybe non-corporate queers are just too embarrassing for the DNC oops I mean HRC?

  2. Brian says

    When NOM comes to Des Moines, IA on Sunday no one will be protesting them. One Iowa group is having a seperate ralley a few miles away. To me it looks like they are backing down from NOM.

  3. Alex says

    @Brian: When NOM comes to Iowa you should protest them loud and clear. It is political cowardice to follow HRC’s self-serving advice, they’re just pissed they are no longer relevant to the movement. Contact for real political activism that isn’t a rubber stamp for Fraudbama.

  4. Doug says

    I don’t buy her story. There were enough cameras around to catch this if it did happen.

  5. ravewulf says

    Actually that back story makes a lot of sense. I’m not saying that it is what they are actually doing, but it would fit with what they have done/are doing so far. It isn’t well organized at all and those “harassment stories” have been absolutely pitiful. “They were blocking our view,” seriously? Pathetic.

    And HRC isn’t saying “don’t protest at all,” they’re just saying “don’t pick fights in ways that allow them to non-pathetically vilify us” aka a peaceful protest. For example, the “you’re blocking our view” or “you’re drowning us out with your counter protest” are pathetic, while if an actual physical fight were to break out, that might not be good.