1. Michael says

    When Mark Twain quipped about moving to Cincinnati at the end of the world so you’d have an extra 10 years (because it’s so far behind), he wasn’t joking. I’m a native Kentuckian who’s lived in the Cincy area (in Covington) for the last 3 years and it truly is one of the most backwards places I’ve ever seen. This is one of the most segregated – racially, economically, and socially – areas I’ve ever seen. That said, I was still shocked at the recent spate of anti-gay events in Covington – especially in Mainstrausse. It’s something I would have expected across the river in Cincinnati proper, but not here.

  2. Dennis says

    Two potential corrections:

    “home to many in the gays and lesbians.” shouldn’t it be “home to many gays and lesbians.”

    and the link has an extra ‘t’.

  3. mad1026 says

    Perhaps the gays and lesbians should take their disposable income and go to a more welcoming place. That would allow the Covingtonians to stay the way they are – marrying their sisters and attacking those who are different.

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