California Senate Passes ‘Gay Cure’ Bill, Resolution to Repeal DOMA

A measure to remove an archaic California law that required state health officials to seek a cure for homosexuality, which was passed by the California Assembly in April, passed the full Senate yesterday on a 36-0 vote with no debate:

California "The bill updating a 60-year-old law was sent back to the Assembly Monday for final action. The law passed in 1950 classifies gays as sexual deviants. It requires the Department of Mental Health to research the causes and potential cures for homosexuality. The bill, AB2199, was carried by Sen. Roy Ashburn, a Republican from Bakersfield. Ashburn revealed he was gay earlier this year after he was cited for driving drunk while leaving a gay bar."

The California Senate also passed a resolution calling on President Obama to repeal DOMA:

"The state Senate voted 22-12 Monday for a resolution urging that the 1996 law be overturned. It defines marriage as being between a man and a woman and allows states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. The Assembly approved AJR19 last August."


  1. Dave says

    I can’t seem to find anything on line one way or the other on how Ashburn voted on DOMA, but I suspect that he has turned over a new lief.

  2. MarkDC says

    From TED:

    “Hours before New York lawmakers rejected a key marriage equality bill (38-24), State Senator Diane J. Savino made the passionate case for a government that recognizes and administers same-sex marriages. Here’s her fresh, thought-provoking perspective on one of the most contentious issues in US culture, religion and government.”

    Best part? 4:02-7:01…”

    “We in government DON’T determine the quality or validity of people’s relationships. If we did we would NOT issue three quarters of the marriage licenses we do.”

  3. John says

    Ashburn voted “aye” on the DOMA resolution. Four Democratic senators – all from the Los Angeles area – refused to vote for it (abstained). This suggests that overturning Prop. 8 is still a hard sell in Southern California.

    As for California lecturing the federal government on the evils of marriage inequality in general:

    Physician, heal thy self.