1. Ken says

    I don’t know what to make of this. Fox news all round has suddenly become, not gay friendly, but gay neutral. What is going on? It makes me paranoid.

  2. RobJ says

    They may be evil incarnate, but they are savvy enough to know when an issue no longer has legs. The whole ‘oh, gay marriage – the horror!’ weapon has started sputtering, so they will move on to someting else.

  3. Greg says

    Just like ROBJ said, the Republican Party/Fox News (is there a difference?) is no longer going to be able to use the gays as their scape goat any longer. It does make me a little paranoid to see who they are going to pick on next though.

  4. Fenrox says

    Ken, I will be happy to explain. Glen Beck, FOx News and Bill O’Reilly don’t really exist. They are the physical manifestations of an agenda. What is their agenda? Who knows, it could be the easy answer of money, it could be to destroy america, it could even be to destroy the planet. All three are true because the agenda is doing all three things.

    But in reality its money, these guys want to make money at all costs, without reason. So they create a “news” organization and constantly report contrary stories to whomever they disagree with.

    They have no ideals, no morals, no scruples. They believe in nothing, not god, hate, love just hedonism. They things they say and lie about mean nothing to them. Bill O’reilly himself has no views on anything, because he is paid to push views.

    Its a really simple trick, anyone can do it. The only way to get rid of them is to regulate the news, but nobody wants to think of how to do that, its making way too much money.

  5. Matt26 says

    Must be confusing – I just don’t buy this right now. Fox News hasn’t change. Also Glenn Beck is going around – I don’t buy him as pro gay marriage this easily. Sorry.

  6. DLC says

    I think they have realized that marriage equality is inevitable. They know they will lose the fight; they are trying to quietly back out now, so they can claim later that it’s not that big of a deal when they lose.

  7. cmh says

    I cant wait to read the exploding head reactions from freerepublic. I have to admit for several years now I’ve gotten a kick out of their cultural war agonies. I know I get my jollies in odd ways.

  8. Greg says

    He is so freakin’ hot. I don’t care what anyone here says – the man is a hunk. Give me an hour with him, and I will change his mind about a whole lot more than gay marriage.

  9. Bart says

    I believe DLC has it right. They know when the tide has turned and rather than be people of conviction, they now have to soft-peddle their stance as if it didn’t matter in the first place. And like Fenrox, this is all about the Benjamin. Does anyone really believe that Rupert Murdoch hands these assclowns the money he does because he’s benevolent? No, it’s because these certain talking heads – as asnine as they are – bring in ratings and ratings mean money for Rupert. If he thought that liberals would bring him more money, Al Franken would have a show on FOX and not be in the Senate.

    All that being said, I find Glenn Beck so odd, so diddlingly ridiculous that I would imagine he’s been diagnosed with something neurological. (Couple that with that face…put a big red nose on him and he’s the clown that scared you in your dreams as a child.) Now he gets paid handsomely for being the clown at the circus.

  10. says

    They’ve just switched from gay people to Muslims to bash this political season, because we’ve become too popular. /sigh.

    I’ve been feeling very badly for American Muslims and the constant bashing they’ve been getting on the airwaves and cable for these past few weeks/months, especially knowing how it feels to realize so many people in your own country don’t recognize you as a full human, with full rights.

  11. cynic1 says

    Beck is a constitutional libertarian…and his stated position on gay rights/ marriage fits neatly into that party’s operating philosophy. I have also heard him take that position on his radio show … not a surprise at all ….

  12. chris says

    fuck Beck and all the Regressives and Log Cabin regressives who have accepted them as we accept a looney uncle….they see the writing on the wall…Judge Walkers decision in California is the beginning of the end game..their entire case was built on bigotry not facts..they have to now retreat and try to degrade people in another way. They won’t be able to do it through the courts much longer. Unconstitutional indeed!!!!!!!!

  13. says

    he makes a good point, but read between the lines! he’s also covering his tracks by saying that marriage is a strictly religious matter (which in this country it isn’t), thereby still suggesting that gays shouldn’t have this right. it’s a civil right, not a religious privilege!

  14. Wes says

    By the way, anyone notice his downplaying of abortion as an issue of importance? Thats actually somewhat surprising, considering the pro-life advocates have actually gained some steam over the years (unlike the anti-SSM folks)

  15. BC says

    I have been telling you all for months that Beck is NOT ANTI-GAY. His religious beliefs tell him it’s wrong but he does not impose his stuff on others, they are his beliefs and he is entitled to them. I have heard him SEVERAL times make this EXACT same comment. I’ve encouraged you all to look at the REAL clips, not the soundbytes.

    It is attitudes like Beck’s that are going to get us what we want. We need more conservatives to say, “Gay marriage doesn’t matter to me.” We’re not going to convince all conservatives to become activists for our side, but if we get them to stop being ANTI-gay and gay-neutral, we’re golden!!!

  16. romeo says

    Could be a problem for Democrats if Repubs get off our case. Many gays I know, especially older ones that are more likely to vote, tend to be conservative on most issues other than gay rights. But a lot of us of all political stripes are being hit hard by the second Depression here being more vulnerable than straights, so who knows?

    In any case, I think Dems need to get off the dime about us. November looks like a close election.

  17. tonyx says

    They have just realized there are LOTS of slimey gay ELITISTS who will sell out all other progressive groups if the GOP gives them equal rights —

    Nothing worse than a Conservative Gay Man.
    NOTHING — well except anti gay civil rights Blacks.

  18. anon says

    Well, the idea is that this election is all about govt. spending and taxes and regulations. Social issues are to be downplayed. Ironically, lefty activists are pushing a social agenda this year, allowing fears about taxes and unemployment to go to the GOP/Tea Party as an issue.

  19. Henry Holland says

    “Many gays I know, especially older ones that are more likely to vote, tend to be conservative on most issues other than gay rights”

    This is true, I think. I’d never ever vote for a Republican for even local dogcatcher –I started voting during the Nixon years and that left a scar– but I’ve met a lot of gay men throughout the years who are a bit racist, bitch and moan about a $50 a year (= $1 a week) property tax increase because “it might go to some loser who doesn’t want to get a job”, who want to nuke Russia > China > the Middle East > whoever the chosen bad guys are this week etc.

    The Republicans (and Blue Dog Democrats) have been very successful with their professional gay bashing as a cover while they loot the treasury, but they probably realize that it’s a generational thing, that in another 20 years professional gay bashing will be a loser issue.

    Frankly, the Democrats digust me more. The Republicans are just being the same party they were 35 years ago –pandering to racists, nativists and the easily frightened for their corporate lords– while the Democrats have shown the spine of jellyfish, they cave at the slightest bit of blowback. They’ll take The Gays money but they sure do find us an embarrassment too many times for comfort. As David Frum noted recently “The Republicans fear their base, the Democrats hate theirs” (ie gays, women and labor).

  20. ZaZu says

    Gay marriage will bring money into this very poor economy. That is why the talking points have shifted. It also could be that every 5 seconds a new Tea Bagger is found to be a true Tea Bagger. Glenn Beck, welcome to your life. He certainly doesn’t have positive relationships with women, based on my reading. That doesn’t mean that makes him gay, but please, just connect the dots. I am fascinated that someone here finds him attractive. I don’t get it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  21. TANK says

    No mercy! Besides, he’s a mormon…and that’s creepy weird. Much like the mormon church is trying to reinvent its image through a series of propagandist commercials where so-called “real” mormons tell stories about their interests and lives in a desperate attempt to impart that mormonism can “make you a chess grandmaster, too!” (imagine NAMBLA doing that? I mean…just following a person around as he talks about his interests and his family and how he’s really into mountain climbing and skydiving…and at the very end saying that he’s a pedophile?)…FOX news and the professional right are trying to rebrand itself as the face of tolerance…in the case of the mormons, it’s all for Mit Romney and their secret plan of taking over the u.s. government…with fox it’s about money.

  22. says

    One enduring quality of the GOP is to look you in the eye & lie.
    They realize elections often come down to razor-thin majorities. If they can peel off a few naive gay votes and win, they’ll do it.
    Once they’re in power, their other enduring quality…HOMOPHOBIA…will once again take precedent.

  23. Sam says

    Sorry but anything Beck says is for his own motives and hardly a support for the LGBT community. He is evil and nothing he says should be considered in our corner. He is the McCarthy of today and no one should forget that.

  24. SearchCz says

    What’s the problem with Canada … Beck says “as long as we dont end up like Canada” ? I live in Canada & am unaware of any problems imposed upon “the church” up here.

  25. Beef and Fur says

    He still has it wrong. Marriage IS NOT a religous right. It is a civil right administered by the government. Plain and simple. The church has no right to marry anyone other than in a non binding ceremony. They still need the government to give them the power to marry and to issue a license to make the union lawful and binding.

  26. cd says

    Actually marriage is not a religious institution. It has been adopted as one. Ministers and other religious leaders are not the only people authorized to marry people. It was originally a political institution, and still is in some countries, and even in some instances in this country. Marriage is almost completely a governmental institution, not a religious right. Where do you go to get a marriage license? A local governmental office. How do you get a divorce? You go through the court system.

  27. Joe says

    Hats off to Beck for sticking to the republican message of taxes and spending this election season. Can’t wait to see him walk this back in a year or two when culture wars is what the republican party (and Fox) are pushing.

    In truth, I think we’ll get to a point when a lot of the right just starts struggling their shoulders and saying “eh, I don’t really care. That may not be the best attitude, but it is just one more step in the road to full equality.

  28. Miss JuJu BeBe says

    Don’t be fooled by any of this. They onLy want you to think they’re on our side. But you just wait until the Presidential election season begins and He we go again!

    Glen, Thanks but NO THANKS!

  29. Derek says

    I agree with Gregoire: I think the new orders are “lay off the gays and hit the Dems on jobs.” The Republicans wrecked the economy and now they are going to get control of Congress by blaming our misery on Obama.

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