John Waters on Stephen Colbert and Fruitcake…


Longtime Provincetown resident John Waters gives an interview to The Paris Review and discusses his writing habits, and his recent appearance on The Colbert Report:

"You have to give the totally straight face with him because he is such a good straight man. It was so funny, right before we went on, backstage, it was me and the kid who wrote the article about General McChrystal that toppled the government [Michael Hastings], and I loved the journalist, and we were talking because I used to write for Rolling Stone. So I was showing him my Rolling Stone press card, and right before we go on, Colbert looks at us, because he’s always in character, right, even before, and he says, 'I like one of you.' Which is really funny and I knew it was funny; but I think the young author was horrified. I knew it was part of the act, but what a terrible thing to say!"

Waters adds that his latest project, Fruitcake, about a boy who steals meat from the grocery store, is still looking for a distributor.