Majority of Bogotans Support marriage Equality

Could Colombia be the next country in Latin America to make an attempt at bringing marriage equality to their people? According to Colombia Reports, many people in Bogota are open to the idea:

"A government-sponsored poll conducted in Colombia's capital found that 63% of Bogota residents are in favor of same-sex marriage, newspaper El Tiempo reports."

Colombia"The telephone poll, conducted between December 2009 and January 2010 and published Thursday, asked 1,200 Bogotanos between the ages of 18 and 59 if they supported gay civil unions. Of those interviewed, only 36% said they thought it should not be permitted. The poll found that women were more likely to be in favor of same-sex marriage than men, and also reported a positive correlation between socio-economic status and liberal views."

"'In the lower stratas more work needs to be done … There was a greater acceptance of the issue among those with higher education,' said Carolina Giraldo, director of the Bogota Mayor's Office's Sexual Diversity Department."

"Giraldo said the study was undertaken to investigate discrimination, and the vulnerability of the rights of the LGBT community in Bogota. The study suggests that there is more acceptance of homosexuality in Bogota than in other parts of Colombia."

Earlier this week, the lesbian mayor of Chapinero, a municipality in Bogota, recently announced that she will intends to marry her girlfriend in October.


  1. Charles Lemos says

    As a gay Colombian, I can say Colombia has come a long way since my youth. I left Colombia in part being gay and Colombian wasn’t really possible. But in the last decade, there really has been a marked turnaround particularly in the nation’s largest cities.

    The Aussie magazine DNA called Bogotá the “gayest city in South America.” I still think Buenos Aires has that title but no question that Bogotá has come a long way.

  2. apernettt says

    I concur with Max, for now the project of bringing Marriage Equality in my country will be stalled indefinitely in Senate and House for the right wing majority and evangelical senators (specifically the MIRA movement ugh!). Be warned that Bogotá is not the entire country and Colombia is very, very regional, the occident has a slight different psyche from the people of the North Coast and again from the Center and so on. Machismo is rampant in certain areas, specifically the North Coast and Santanderes and maybe even the center of the country. And worst at all the project will be brought by Senator Piedad Cordoba, her popularity is practically ZERO, so there will be no wide support for equality at this very moment where people are huge supporter of the conservatism brought by Alvaro Uribe (The Colomgian Mesiah) and his allies and also afraid that the paramilitary (yes, they still exist, people) will take actions in their hands for this. Only hope is via Supreme Court (in Colombia’s case, the Constitutional Court) where there’s a slight hope because since eight years ago Court and Executive are in permanent clash. Oh! and don’t forget the Catholic Church, they are already fighting the project with a lot of noise. I want to be wrong of course. Fingers crossed. Colombia is a very progressive country against some odds and in a very weird way. But with conservatives in the central power… mmm

  3. says

    Great post Apernettt!!!

    I also doubt that in the next 4 years gay people will have full marriage rights in Colombia… the new president Juan Manuel Santos is a conservative …and so are his people …

    On a sidenote: I had no idea Towleroad had so many Colombians -myself included- among its readers…how cool is that?

  4. JoseRVG says

    Hopefully, Colombia (and all countries) will be able to objectively examine the issue and realize that, for example, society did not collapse in Argentina when the laws were modified to include gay couples.

  5. allnighter says

    This is a heartening development, but ultimately it means little in the struggle for gay marriage in South America. It’s a little like implying that the legalization of gay marriage is imminent in the United States because a majority of New Yorkers support marriage equality.

  6. apernettt says

    Thanks George, didn’t know you were Colombian too. yay! And yes, you’re right. I forgot to mention that Juan Manuel Santos, our new president (less than a month in the Casa de Nariño) is indeed conservative. Funny is that I can’t find any statement coming from his mouth endorsing or rejecting same-sex marriage. Either way The Constitutional Court have until November to rule on this matter and I’m pretty sure if the outcome is positive the MIRA and other members of Congress will counter-sue the ruling or worse yet, they will “accept” the ruling but NEVER will implement it at a law level sigh!

    Let’s no forget the actual State and Justice Minister German Vargas Lleras, he will be for sure the next president of Colombia and he already stated that he is staunchly against same-sex marriage (he is more conservative than Santos himself), that will be another four years added to the possible eight years of Juan Manuel Santos.

    Any takers? I still have my fingers crossed for the High Court ruling. :)

  7. Steve says

    Apernettt – thanks for the post. I found the people in Colombia to be thoughtful and accepting, so I have high hopes for this measure. Even though the Catholic church will (obviously) fight this tooth-and-nail, I’m hoping that reason will win out.