Margaret Hoover Warns GOP Not to Be on the Wrong Side of History with Regard to Gay Marriage

Margaret Hoover, the conservative great-grandaughter of President Herbert Hoover who spoke out in support of marriage equality in January, pens another op-ed for FOX News in the wake of the Prop 8 decision, warning her "fellow conservatives" to let up on the attacks against Judge Walker and rethink their opposition to marriage equality.

HooverWrites Hoover, in part:

Now, with a decision handed down that social conservatives despise, a judge whose sterling reputation as a conservative for twenty years on the federal bench is under attack.

On this page the day of the verdict, an article by a law professor from Notre Dame posited through conjecture that Judge Vaughn Walker’s rumored homosexuality caused him to decide the trial before hearing it.

Other conservatives howl that one judge is unjustly invalidating the will of seven million Californians and that gay rights should come to the populace through the ballot box, not the courts.

We conservatives have a well-founded narrative about judges and the courts. It is true that the federal bench is populated with liberals who view their role not as interpreting the law as it is written, but as policy makers empowered to sculpt social outcomes with which they agree.

The irony of this case is that Judge Walker is not a liberal activist judge but one whose career has proven him to be a tempered judge, true to the Reagan-Bush conservative jurisprudence that he was nominated to represent on the bench.

Conservatives cannot deny that our Founders intended the judiciary as an equal and independent branch of government purposed to ensure the protection of every citizen’s rights.

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that the right to marry is a fundamental constitutional right.

When an unpopular minority is denied the right to marry, it is indeed the role of the courts to protect the rights of that minority, especially when a majority would deny them. This is why Judge Walker’s opinion reads, “That the majority of California voters supported Proposition 8 is irrelevant, as fundamental rights may not be submitted to [a] vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections.”


  1. A Liberal says

    The Republican Party has morphed into something akin to an American Christian Nazi Party.

    The time is ripe for someone to start an American Conservative Party so that true conservatives can have a voice without the embarrassment of the clownish rabble that has overtaken the GOP.

    Colin Powell, maybe Hoover, someone out there on the right, the right-thinking right, should step up.

  2. RONTEX says

    Praise Jeebus and pass the gravy, a Fox blonde that can actually form complete sentences.

  3. Mike says

    I appreciate the support, but basically these republicans are a bunch of whiners who lie and cheat to further their agenda. The statement: “It is true that the federal bench is populated with liberals who view their role not as interpreting the law as it is written, but as policy makers empowered to sculpt social outcomes with which they agree.” is a bunch of bullshit and they know it. There are (as we are painfully aware) also a bunch of conservative judges also who could be viewed to do the same thing. Basically, we have an independent judiciary, and at times, they will definitely make decisions for which I do not agree. Does this mean they are “judicial activists”? No…it means they are fricken’ judges trying to do their job; which is to apply the law as they understand it. I have always voted to reconfirm a judge – why? Because, they need to be able to vote their conscience and not be swayed by the fickleness of political opinion. The difference between a liberal and conservative is liberals understand this fact – conservatives whine and scream “judicial activism” when they get a decision they don’t like. Hypocrites!

  4. princely54 says

    Unfortunately for the Republican party, I can’t believe a thing out of their collective mouths thanks to the influence of the religious right nutbags. While some of what she writes makes perfect sense, and some doesn’t (the part about liberal judges) I just find that everything out of her mouth makes me think she’s got a hidden agenda. What that agenda is, I can’t say yet, but I don’t trust that party to ever to the right thing without it being to their political advantage in the end.

  5. JUJUBEEBEE says

    They don’t give a FUCK about us Gays. They will do nad say ANYTHING to regain POWER!

  6. Bart says

    I don’t believe she has a hidden agenda, I just think she’s utterly and completely out of step with the Republican party as it is today. Yeah, the bit about the liberal judges is total ridiculousness (I know for a fact there are more conservative judges on the bench today than there are judges who would be deemed liberal. Basically, the term “activist judge” is anyone who doesn’t agree with the person using the term.)

    Though it is always warm and fuzzy to hear someone from within the Republican party talk about equality, they are probably less than 5% of the actual party membership today. The rest of them believe that anyone who disagrees with them is anti-American, that they are the only ones who support the troops, have family values, believe in God, and also believe they are paying for everyone else and most of that everyone else doesn’t work but takes welfare. They believe Jesus was white, was born in a manger swaddled in the American flag and that Joseph was packing a gun. Many believe the Bible is science and that science is a liberal plot against the Christian principles this nation was founded on (not).

    So when I hear people like Margret Hoover or even Megan McCain, I know they are talking to people who aren’t listening, whose dogma is so saturated in an isolated, nationalistic, pseudo-Christian (though certainly not Christlike) selfishness that nothing gets through. But they are out there to put a smily face on the Republican party, as if to say, “See, we’re not really that bad.”

    Yes. Yes they are.

  7. Rann says

    I like her and I think she is genuine in her beliefs. She makes sense most times I see her speaking.

  8. Houndentenor says

    Her agenda is rather obvious, isn’t it? She wants the GOP to drop the opposition to gay rights because a decade from now it’s a losing issue. Younger people are far less likely to be anti-gay. Hanging on to these issues as the identifiers of what it means to be a Republican will keep the party in the minority. She’s doing this for the same reason that W reached out to Hispanic voters. It’s good politics to look to the future rather than sacrifice your party to win a few votes in the next election cycle.

  9. Wes says

    Upon first reading this it really sounded like Herbert Hoover came out to support same sex marriage last January. Had to do a double take.

  10. Clay says

    If any of you idiots spouting off about Republicans hating gays or not wanting to help us in any way, stop with the cliches…..and quit fooling yourselves, Democrats don’t give a shit either. Both political parties care about VOTES! Not you or me.

  11. silverkjk says

    Sad to see that Herbert Hoover’s great-granddaughter is to the left of Obama re marriage equality.

  12. Steve says

    A thoughtful Republican – they DO exist. She’s right to say that the train is leaving the station (like it or not) and Republicans need to decide how they’re going to be perceived 50 years from now – when marriage equality will be a non-issue.

  13. anon says

    Clay, Democrats do care. I’m a Democrat and I care about equal rights. I don’t have a personal stake, but I care because I care, and it aligns with my sense of justice. It’s not the only thing I care about, but I do care. Look at how the majority of Democrats actually vote. Look at how the vast majority of Republican’s vote. Look at the common citizen who votes for each party respectively. People align themselves with a political party for a reason.

    Please stop shitting on your friends. Now, your shit storm doesn’t really matter–I will never abandon you, I will never stop fighting for equal rights, I will never change my party affiliation–so shit away. But it would be nice to catch a break from it, and for you to have a dose of reality as to who’s on your side and who’s not.

  14. AG says

    While she doesn’t go far enough stamping down on the whole overused “judicial activism” canard, it’s nice to see a conservative push back on the meme and properly characterize what that branch of government is called upon to do. She did so unapologetically andeven somehow managed to work Reagan in there to boot. Well done, Ms. Hoover, and thanks.

  15. Joe says

    I like her.

    I have plenty of friends (college age) who are conservatives but are embarrassed by the fact that the party has been (in their terms) “hijacked” by social conservatives. Most of them care only about fiscal policies and preserving the real constitution (the one that recognizes there is a separation of church and state), and federalism.

    I hope more like her come out, because I’m tried of these culture wars.