Mary Cheney Donates to Senate Candidate Who Wants to Protect Marriage from Gays

Mary Cheney, who has two children with her partner Heather Poe, is fighting against the rights of gay people and their families with her campaign contributions, Raw Story reports:

Cheney "Cheney gave $500 on April 1 to Kelly Ayotte, a Republican 2010 Senate candidate from New Hampshire, according to the election records database Newsmeat. Ayotte is seeking to fill the seat of retiring GOP Sen. Judd Gregg.

Ayotte told the Concord Monitor last August that she is 'against same-sex marriage and believes marriage is between a man and a woman,'Donates to Senate  the paper reported.

The New Hampshire news station WMUR 9 also notes Ayotte opposes same-sex marriage. 'Support traditional marriage,' reads her stance on the issue, as defined by 'one man, one woman.' Three of the other four Republican hopefuls have expressed similar views."


  1. says

    That narcissistic twat makes me wanna throw up… but to be fair, the candidate she supported has the same view of marriage as the President, and I worked and voted for him. I can’t feel too superior, at least not in this particular case. Both candidates should be ashamed.

  2. woodroad34d says

    Oh, that money’s a small investment for the money she’ll get back from the stealing that the Republicans will do. Their fiscal policies have always led to recessions ever since Reagan (probably before then, but I don’t know).

  3. Rob says

    This entire Cheney family — gay and straight — is just plain nutzo! And, in the spirit of non-support where non-support is due, I, a former Obama supporter during his 2008 presidential campaign, will NOT be supporting him (along with many Dems up for re-election) until he and his administration get on the correct side of supporting GLBT civil rights measures through their words and, more importantly, through their deeds. The White House has let the Departments of Defense and Justice run amok long enough over these issues and it needs to STOP NOW. It seems only Hillary Clinton at the Department of State is trying to make a difference for her GLBT employees and their families.

  4. Piper says

    This is not surprising. Dick Cheney when on the record in early 2009 in support of gay marriage BUT is against any federal mandate. He believes it’s a state issue. We all know that Mary and her partner will never have to deal with the complex social ramifications of any of this due to the incredibly large “bubble” in which they exist. She’s a gay “Uncle Tom.”

  5. Rad says

    I wonder what the tune will be once either of them have to be admitted to a back-woods hospital and they are barred from seeing one and other because they are in no way related? Or if the state they live in does not recognize the rights of the non-biological survivor of the children?

    Ignorance and arrogance; bliss for them.

  6. Gianpiero says

    Here’s a US Senate candidate trying to make political hay from a state-level issue that has already been settled in New Hampshire, one that her presence in Washington would do nothing to change. Ayotte and Cheney are both pathetic.

  7. Rob says

    EMG, I didn’t mean to imply anything about Secretary Clinton’s position on marriage equality. My point was that UNLIKE the Departments of Justice and Defense — which the former has no shame when it comes to defending anti-GLBT federal laws and/or policies and the latter has no shame in its blatant continuation of DADT discharges (short of a not forthcoming Presidential stop-loss order) — that Secretary Clinton has tried to implement expanded civil rights for State Department employees and dependants beyond those of previous cabinet members. At least she doesn’t appear to be attacking our community for what we are and who we love. I suppose I’m looking for any visible leadership on GLBT issues at the top federal level since it doesn’t seem to be coming from The White House, the rest of the President’s cabinet, and most Democratic members of Congress.

    As bad as it has been under Democratic control (and it really has been very bad), if the GOP gains control of Congress via the midterm elections, I feel any hope of even incremental progress on our issues are D-E-A-D. We sure can’t look to Mary Cheney to come to our (and her own) defense on these civil rights matters!

    And yet, I find it very difficult to support the Democratic Party this upcoming election due to their “do nothing, say nothing supportive” efforts since they gained control of the Congress and, since 2009, of The White House. It’s a really sad and difficult conundrum for me and, I’m sure, many other GLBT voters.

    How do you give money and votes to politicians who say they support you and your causes but then don’t do a damn for you once in office? I’m really bummed out since Obama’s 2008 election that such a professed “fierce advocate” and his fellow Dems have done so little promised us during the election. I may just sit this one out and take my chances on the outcome. I’m just sick of the lies and false promises.

    Am I wrong???

  8. Jason says

    So?? Every GLBT person who donated to President Obama was donating to someone who believes “marriage is between one man and one woman.” I don’t get why this story is an outrage or even highlighted, other than to point out the double-standard the community holds GLBT Republicans vs GLBT Democrats.

  9. Zach says

    “It seems only Hillary Clinton at the Department of State is trying to make a difference for her GLBT employees and their families.”

    What, is it assumed that Clinton was allowed to announce anything without the White House’s approval? Christ.

    I’m going to say this as a pretty ardent Clinton supporter: You can’t blame every negative decision that happens under the Obama administration on Obama, and then credit any positive thing to everybody but him. Either the buck stops with the President or it doesn’t. But if you’re arguing that he had no direct role in Clinton’s decision, then you can’t scream at him about the Justice Department until you know what he actually told them to do.

    “Bill Binnie is slightly more inclusive than Kelly Ayotte. Its ok to donate to Republicans, just do it to the right ones.”

    No, it’s not. You don’t donate or support a party that wants to criminalize gays. However slow/pathetic progress has been these past eighteen months, you don’t throw in with the Republicans.

  10. Name: says

    I still don’t understand when a politician says they don’t believe in something. Aren’t they suppose to voting for what their constituents believe.

  11. sal says

    spoiled rich……..while she is at it why not give money to that guy who wants gays dead too,i say she should sacrifice herself/life for the pure republican cause

  12. BobN says

    Dick Cheney DOES NOT support any legal recognition of gay couples and absolutely not same-sex marriage. All he ever said was that we should be allowed to “form relationships”.

    You’re hearing what you want to hear.

  13. MarkDC says

    What a stupid fucking cunt.

    Proof the entire Cheney family is one gigantic waste of sperm.

    Where are all the lesbians? Why are none of them speaking out about his? Huh, Rachel Maddow? Ellen? Anyone?

  14. Miss JuJu BeBe says

    CORRECTION Clinton/Obama may not call it Gay Marriage…instead they call it CIVIL UNIONS. They really don’t support the term. But if they support us getting everything as marriage couples do. Then in all honestly they do support “marriage” on the DL

    But this BITCH doesn’t want us to have any of it!

    So they do NOT support the same thing!

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