Mexican High Court: Mexico City Gay Marriage Law Constitutional

A challenge to Mexico City's marriage equality law by federal prosecutors who said it endangered the family has been rejected by a vote of 8-2 in Mexico's Supreme Court, the AP reports:

Mexicocity "The court must also still rule on the constitutionality of a provision of the Mexico City law that lets same-sex couples adopt children. It is expected to address that issue Monday.
'We are very happy,' said Mexico City lawyer Leticia Bonifaz, who argued the capital's case. 'It fell to us to carry to a conclusion a struggle that has taken a long time.'
Justices who voted on the majority side stressed that while Mexico's constitution enshrines protection for families, it does not define what a 'family' is.
Hundreds of couples have been married so far under the six-month-old law, the first of its kind to be enacted in Latin America when it took effect March 4."

Justices disagreed on whether "procreation" was an essential element of a family. Another justice called family an "open concept".

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  1. gomez says

    yesterday, cali. today, mexico city. we live in revolutionary times, they are a-changin. buck up, little campers

  2. Paul R says

    Let’s hope our Supreme Court has the brains and honesty to reach the same conclusion.

  3. says

    And the hits they keep on comin’! Change is in the air, people! Can you feel it? It feels NICE!!! Congratulations, Mexico City!

  4. Smokey says

    HURRAY! So does this mean that all of Mexico is able to grant marriage licenses to s.s. couples, or did the Court only rule that Mexico City was doing nothing illegal by awarding marriage licenses to s.s. couples?

  5. Paul R says

    Sounds like it only applies to Mexico City. But does that mean that married couples are no longer marries outside the capital?

  6. says

    This means that you(as a same sex couple) can get a marriage certificate ONLY with Mexico City’s civil authorities, YET, since Mexico (the country) is a Federal Republic, your marriage is valid in the WHOLE COUNTRY :)

  7. says

    I’ve found that many foreigners had chosen Mexico City for their same sex wedding, but many think that it’s very ‘Vegas style’, the process can take up to 40 days, and there’s a few paperwork to consider. Still it’s smooth if you know your ways around in the city and you come down prepared. Doesn’t matter if your not mexican or both of you are not mexican.
    If anyone reading this article thinks I can be of any help down here, please feel free to contact me.