Poll: Support For Marriage Equality Almost To 50%

It may not be news that more and more states are seeing an increasing in acceptance of marriage equality, but The New York Times has published a statistic-laden piece describing the shift in some of those states. One study puts the support in at least 45% and growing.

According to our research, as recently as 2004, same-sex marriage did not have majority support in any state. By 2008, three states had crossed the 50 percent line.

Today, 17 states are over that line (more if you consider the CNN estimate correct that just over 50 percent of the country supports gay marriage).

In 2008, the year Proposition 8 was approved, just under half of Californians supported same-sex marriage,. Today, according to polls, more than half do. A similar shift has occurred in Maine, where same-sex marriage legislation was repealed by ballot measure in 2009.

In both New York and New Jersey, where state legislatures in the past have defeated proposals to allow same-sex marriage, a majority now support it.

And support for same-sex marriage has increased in all states, even in relatively conservative places like Wyoming and Kentucky. Only Utah is still below where national support stood in 1996.

Among the five states that currently allow same-sex marriage, Iowa is the outlier. It is the only one of those states where support falls below half, at 44 percent.

Head over to the Times site for a nifty interactive graph that shows the history of support for marriage equality in the US over the last 15 years.


  1. Anne says

    these polls are difficult to trust and always seem to contradict each other. I believe just a week or two ago a poll for Nevada revealed that a good majority in that state were against gay marriage.

  2. says

    In the next 10-20 years, the map will likely show all 50 states as “deep blue” for widely accepting marriage rights. Conservatives will continue their hate and fear campaigns, but they will be left in the dust.

  3. sww says

    The only legitimate question to ask on this topic is:

    “Do you think the marriage of another couple is any of your business?”

    There’s a correct answer and an incorrect one.

  4. GregV says

    The general trends are clear (the whole country moving in the right direction, young people mostly on board and old people mostly not, the former slave states and Utah the most backward, etc.) All of those general trends will be seen consistently on pretty much any study.
    But the specific numbers don’t necessarily mean that much. We don’t even know what the question was or if it was the same between surveys.
    There is (or should be) a big difference between a question like “Do you personally support same-sex marriage?” and “Do you support the right of married couples to be treated the same by the government whether the spouses are same-sex or mixed-sex?”

    It should be similar to the idea of the difference between asking, “Do you support Mormonism?” and “Do you support the right of Mormons to have equal rights to other Americans?” A lot of people would respond, “Hell, no!” to the former and “Of course!” to the latter.

    One of these days, most of the religious nuts will get it through their head that they don’t have to “root for” us in order to simply respect our right to be treated as equals.

    Right now, too many Mormons and Evangelicals think they have to not only dislike us but actually legislatively attack our basic rights.

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