1. One of the CA 36,000 says

    I have walked around consumed with anger and hatred toward fundamentalist Christianists and right-wingers ever since Election Day 2008 when it was made clear that a large portion of the California electorate was willing to take away the basic human rights of their fellow Californians.

    I know that the decision will be immediately repealed. But I don’t care. I want tomorrow’s decision to be a sound REJECTION of Proposition H8. I want tomorrow’s decision to affirm that LGBTQ Californians ARE fully human in legal terms.

    And frankly, I will accept nothing less. If the court finds against us, there will be an uprising of a fury not seen since Stonewall.

    And if a few Mormon churches burn down, well, that’s JAY-sus! passing His judgment against those evil cultists, don’t you know?

  2. Keith says

    Dear “One of the CA 36,000″:

    I too am one of the CA 36,000. . .and we’re very happily married. I abhor your threat of violence to the Mormon Church, even though they were instrumental in the passage of Prop H8. While we must continue the good fight, even if the decision restores equality to our state constitution, there is no need to fuel or stoke the fires of hatred, violence or dirision. You’re better than that, I’m better than that, and our entire community is better than that. Peace and love be with us all tomorrow.

  3. pharmerandy says

    I literally got shivers when I read the headline. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Lets celebrate equality or get ready to fight even harder!

  4. Mike says

    My prediction is that Judge Walker will go for the history books on this one. His decision will be a detailed and complete repudiation of Prop 8 based upon the FACTS. He will leave no room for conjecture or half-truths; and I believe his decision will be upheld on appeal, to the 9th Circuit and on to SCOTUS. Once and for all, the bigotry will be exposed for all to see. It will be a proud day for justice, California and the United States. Maybe it was a good thing that Prop 8 passed – because it will end up being the catalyst to expose hate and bigotry.

  5. Dan says

    We have every right to be outraged at the discrimination inflicted upon us, but that’s no excuse for threats of violence. This is a nation of LAWS, and you, “36,000”, are an embarrassment to your species.

  6. TANK says

    Oh yes, well, if arson and violence aren’t the way (as bashers clearly think it is…bashers like mormon hate groups who incite violence against lgbt’ers…whose end result of bankrolling hate campaigns is violence)…what is? Discussion? More caucausing? Go away, you silly stupid faggots…and elderly…because I bet you are… To those elderly who are against any outrage…you have failed (completely), and your strategy doesn’t work. We are basically no better off than we were in the early seventies.

    …you sad supine useless jellyfish queens will achieve and have achieved nothing with your strategy of “talk it out!” and impotent outreach. Hawaiibill in particular is a useless to the gay rights struggle…hawaii bill is a eunuch with a keyboard, essentially. About the only thing gay about him is that he’s attracted to men…and I don’t even know about that…he could be a bigoted troll.

  7. TANK says

    Oh, and the interest of full disclosure, I’m advocating neither arson nor violence. With one caveat: no civil rights movement in history as been successful without the implicit threat of violence…and good use of fear.

  8. Mike V. says

    With the recent release of the documentary about Stonewall and the accompanying press, I realized that we are winning this fight regardless of the judge’s decision tomorrow. For those of us alive during Stonewall, I doubt many of us ever expected gay marriage to be at the front & center of national debate in our lifetimes. I’m so fucking proud of us, our communities, our activists and our unmitigated resolve to never be forced back into the closet. Our freedoms might not come tomorrow, but they’ll come, by damn, and nothing is going to stop us.

  9. says

    The decision is expected to be appealed and the followed by a long,expensive legal battle. To contribute to the legal defense and help AFER take this trial to the Supreme Court click here (

  10. MackMichael says

    Tank, what “elderly” are you referring to? Are you referring to the elderly who fought, suffered broken bones, lost teeth and shed blood for the right to leave their homes so that they could gather and share a drink at a bar? Or are you perhaps alluding to the elderly who took to the streets, screamed loudly, spilled paint on the steps of churches, set up hospices, delivered meals into the wee hours of the nights to the ill, and demanded acknowledgment from their government that a scourge was killing their friends, family and loved ones?

    We are all one. Those who fought before us fought battles we will never know. They fought for the very right to exist, and we are fighting for the right to marry only because THEY paved the way for us to do so. We are a community, let’s show respect for one another.

  11. stephen says

    I too, live in CA & can empathize with “One of the CA 36k” I was despondent for wks after the election debacle.

    The bluster is understandable but cannot ever become action- it’s the wrong way to go- but more impt, it would be instantly seized upon by those that want to distract from the fact that Prop H8 runs opposite to American’s core values…

    please, forgo the violence in favor of the important message of equality under the law.

  12. says

    Tank, sometimes you’re a hilarious, sad, nasty little creature, aren’t you? Listen, my main accomplishment in the 70s was pretending to like girls and learning to drink beer and yours, if you’d popped from Mama’s womb yet, was filling diapers, so get over yourself. As someone who quivered in his lonely pubescent closet throughout the 70s, I can tell you how much has changed, and it ain’t on account of either of us. It’s on account of those elderly faggots, living and dead.

    Some of the fiercest, most effective activists I know have been grand old farts, and some were born after Bill Clinton was President. It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with passion, and knowing how and where to spend it. However the decision goes tomorrow–and I certainly hope reason will prevail, so we can move to the next step with this victory–all us faggots and dykes and queers and LGBT sympathizers (and there are sure a lot more of them now than there were circa 1975) need to spend our passion articulately, wisely, and forcefully.

  13. Scott says

    Does anyone know if there will be a sort of “window of marriage opportunity” following the ruling and before the defense can file their appeal? Although I just read that Prop 8 supporters have already filed a stay of judgment….

  14. Paul R says

    @Tank: For someone with hints of intelligence, the way you bash entire groups of people—in this case the elderly, which in previous posts you’ve had the immaturity to define as anyone over 35—is embarrassing. Maybe you fear aging, maybe you hate older members of your family (or are concerned you’ll end up resembling them), or maybe you’re just incapable of accepting that everyone ages. But being younger isn’t inherently better than being older. Everyone is different. Do you plan to kill yourself at 35 or just shut up?

    Also, could you explain the logic of your extensive attack on HawaiiBill, who simply said “arson and violence are not the way,” yet one of your follow-up comments said “I’m advocating neither violence nor arson”? For all your talk of reasoned debate, you lose yourself there.

    The only group I’m willing to dismiss with a broad brush are religious fanatics of any stripe, include the cult of Mormonism. I don’t wish for their deaths, but I do wish for them to wield far less influence, have their influence exposed, and have their sheep followers wake up and get a clue on the damage their hateful “religion” espouses. The same goes for zealots of any other stripe, but Mormons were the most influential in the Prop 8 battle, so I’ll reserve my wrath for them here.

  15. Tom in Long Beach says

    Our anniversary is 08/08/08. Ironic. We are still happily married. We dated for 14 years before we could make it legal. I am hoping for an early anniversary present. I am bummed I have to work tomorrow because if it is good I would love to celebrate. I am one of the 36,000.

  16. HawaiiBill says

    @Paul R: The Mormons weild considerable power out here also. The Honolulu Mayor just resigned to run for Governor in the Democratic primary. He is a member of LDS and an avowed opponent of Civil Unions. He is running against former Rep. Neil Abercrombie who is one of those Democrats that does actually stand with us (yup, there are some of those, contrary to what might be posted on here). Neil could have taken the easy route in the primary, but instead is loudly fighting for not only Civil Unions, but has stated unequivocally that he would sign a marriage bill if one were deliverred to him as Governor. He’s getting a lot of heat, but doesn’t back down. The choice here is clear and we’re working to get him elected. He leads in the polls, but is behind in money. Our money is better spent with him than the national party. The likely Republican nominee has publicly stated he wants Hawaii to be the tip of the spear in a new Christian nation. You can see how important this election is in Hawaii.

    And regarding the whole age issue? Thanks, but it, and the punk, are irrelevant. I’m just the target of the week.

  17. Mike says

    While I understand the anger, Tank and the like are wrong. Womens rights were won w/out the threat of violence. And without our “elderly” brothers and sisters who stood up for love and equality long before some of you were born – they deserve our gratitude not some pissy ageism crap from the feeble-minded. They lived in a culture of fear and hate that you would not understand.

    An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
    Mohandas Gandhi

  18. Mike says

    The outcome of this case will have a huge impact on this country as a whole as well as the GLBT community directly. Prop 8 should never been allowed. Should we put all civil rights issues of the past 50 years up for a popular vote? ie: Women’s right to vote and work as equals alongside men, or equal rights for African Americans? Remem…ber riding in the back of the bus, separate water fountains, no interracial marriage, etc… There is a very strong chance women and African Americans would not have the freedoms they enjoy today, if it were put to a public vote during their fight for equal rights. Equal rights for Gays should not be held up for popular vote either. Let us also not forget that one of this country’s founding principles is Separation of Church and State. To me, this also means that the amount of money a church can donate to a political campaign should not be able to influence a candidate’s policy when running for a government office. Now, let’s see what our elected officials…

  19. shanesoho says

    the exercise of commenting on a thread can occasionallly be one of sheer narcissism, albeit subconscious sometimes. some of us recognize that when we have posted a comment, we check back later to see if others have “responded” to our comments, to see if we have furthered the dialogue or sparked interest in our own idea. it’s understandable.
    for a few commentors, however, this activity (again, possibly deeply subconscious) is pathological.

  20. Zlick says

    When the Rodney King verdict came down in L.A., let’s just say I was not surprised or shocked when the city burned and the national guard had to be called in.

    I don’t want any buildings torched or anyone hurt … but I can’t help feeling that, at whichever point in the process this goes against us (likely at the SCOTUS end), there should righteously be a lot more anger, clearly demonstrated to the world.

    I’m not sure what form that could take without damage to life, limb or property … and I’m not at all confident intensely angry humans could choose any safe alternative in those moments.

    But that’s all for a later date, I assume. I’m pretty confident today’s ruling will express justice. If not, I think I’ll be dumbfounded rather than angry.

  21. TANK says

    While I understand the anger, Tank and the like are wrong. Womens rights were won w/out the threat of violence.”

    That’s not over by a long shot…in case you haven’t noticed, sexism is still alive and well, and the ERA failed. The women’s rights movement wasn’t just about the right to vote, and not all women were as “pacifist” during that movement, either.

  22. Older and wiser than Tank. says

    Notice Tank latched on to the one thing that he could argue about. He couldn’t refute the accurate rebuttals to his first post and isn’t decent enough to apologize and admit he was wrong. His opinion means nothing.

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