1. TC says

    Ok, on the one hand, they have asked the media to respect their privacy, and then on the other hand, they TWEETED the news. I am not sure i get the message.

  2. tay says

    They tweeted after E News revealed the news of twins. The news about boy/girl, again, first revealed by Enews. So what is some of yalls problem with them? Nothing like gay internet soldiers always raising eyebrows at a lovely gay couple on tv. Smh.

  3. GregV says

    That’s great! Ten years, ago, it was a lot easier for bigots to convince their kids to think of an image of a monster when they thought of gay parents. Now, those kids, are likely the parents too, know that gay parents are, if not the family next door, people like NPH, BD Wong, Rosie, Melissa Etheridge…
    It’s a lof harder to hate (and vote to hurt) people you recognize than it is to vote to hurt an anonynous family of monsters.
    Hence…. results like we see in Mexico City’s supreme court today.

    I hope the twins will be household names.

  4. GregV says

    One pet peeve I have with Towleroad (and I know other readers have this problem, too):

    Pop-up ads which refuse to disappear frequently come up in the comment box so that I can’t see anything I’m typing… then if I manage to press “SEND,” another pop-up ad (which, again, won’t go away) appears over the box with the code letters that require confirmation for a post.

    I end up with a lot of extra steps and then with posts riddled with typos.

  5. TANK says

    Well (overdue, I’d say), good for neil patrick harris. I hope he realizes that his life does not matter as much as the life of his children…because there are two, and not one ;). They will, hopefully, lead very privileged lives compared to most children on this planet, and I hope they make the most of it by eliminating needless suffering, or as much as they can. Life is a gift, and it’s a gift because of what you can do for others. What you can do for other lives.

  6. Sancho says

    I do wish them the best, but I can tell even now it’s going to be a VERY long pregnancy (and infancy, and childhood, and adolescence …) for us gay news site readers.

  7. says

    What the right-wingers, who don’t want gays to have children, because it might corrupt them, should know…99.9% of gays came from straight parents!

    Again, congrats to Neil and David!! :)

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