Towleroad Guide to the Tube #719

F*CK YOU: Cee-Lo's new track.

ABEL MALDONADO: California's lieutenant governor ripped SF Mayor and lieutenant governor candidate Gavin Newsom in a video presented at GOP Conventionland last weekend.

MEDIA MATTERS: Takes on FOX News and its donations to the Republican Governors Association.

READ ALL OVER: The New York Post vs the New York Times 'weekender' ads. (warning: language)

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  1. sparks says

    CeeLo’s new song – love it! Lyrics are clever and catchy, and should she ever stumble upon this song/video, it would make my mother gasp in (what I’ve learned to be feigned)horror.

  2. JeffRob says

    He’s bad, he’s bad, he’s Cee-Lo Green. But you can just call him the soul machine.

  3. RONTEX says

    Hey Yo, Cee-Lo…Best Fucking Song EVER!!!! I can’t stop singing it in my head and great lyrics too.