UK Actor Who Portrays Gay Character On TV Attacked

Actor Danny Miller, who plays a gay character on the UK television soap opera Emmerdale was attacked while out in Manchester by a group of men in who shouted gay slurs at the 19-year-old. Unreality Primetime reports on the moments that let up to the assault:

Danny “As they mounted the homophobic attack, one of the crowd shouted, ‘There’s that gay lad off the telly – let’s f***ing get him.’”

“An onlooker told The People: “It was terrifying. A group of lads shouted, ‘Oi gay boy, you out with your boyfriend tonight?’ “Another screamed, ‘Oi faggot, is that your boyfriend?’ Then the yobs started running and screaming, ‘Get him, get him.’”

Apparently, Miller was punched by at least one person in the mob.

He tweeted: about the incident later and reassured everyone that he was unharmed.

“Don’t listen to what has been put on here tonight. I was attacked by a couple of lads tonight but managed to escape unharmed. Don’t worry.”

“Afraid to say it was Emmerdale related. Not sure why though. Hadn’t seen them before ever. Don’t worry though.”

The homophobes couldn’t even separate television from reality. Miller himself is not gay.


  1. Xtabentun says

    Goes to show that gay bashing is not just something that happens to gays, but that it happens to straight people too.

    It’s time we reframe the issue of gay rights in a more universal manner. We need to say that the emancipation of gay men from homophobia should be part of (or a reflection of) a broader struggle against the same terrorism aimed at straight men.

    What do I mean by terrorism? It’s that if you’re straight, you must act in a certain manner defined by the most cruel and stupid of homophobes and heterosexists, or be ostracized and beaten.

    We won’t find emancipation as gays until we redefine what it means to be men across the board.

  2. Troy says

    Oh, it will happen, David. I have a couple of young gay neighbors in their 20s who are card carrying, gun-toting NRA members. They pack and while not looking for trouble, if it finds them, it will be an interesting news cycle.

  3. Scot says

    There is, of course, NO good excuse for this type of violence. However it is interesting that the character Danny Miller plays on Emmerdale is a very violent and volatile young man. His comming out episode was more (physically) painful for those he came-out to than it was for him. He’s always bashing others on that show. Bad karma?

  4. RJ says

    @SCOT … Bad karma on what basis? The guy is an actor while “Danny Miller”, violent or not, is a FICTIONAL character. Do actors who play bad guys all deserve this bad karma?

  5. Urmensch says

    That bad karma thought from SCOT has to be one of the most moronic comments I’ve seen yet.
    Almost as stupid as the girl I know who hoped there was no reincarnation as she feared coming back as a chair or a bicycle.

  6. Rafael says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew he was straight before the attack. Hate crimes are about intimidation of a group not an individual. I hope Danny recovers and continues his excellent role as Aaron.

  7. RJ says

    From one RJ to another: The actor’s name is Danny Miller. The name of the character he plays is Aaron.

    All gay bashing attacks are senseless, but this is ridiculous. Stupid thugs couldn’t separate reality from television fiction? No, they just didn’t give a damn. Anyone/anything remotely gay was their target. I’m just glad Danny Miller wasn’t seriously injured.

  8. KC says

    It’s estimated that 10% to 15% of all homophobic attacks are against non-gay victims. However, it’s hard to be certain of these numbers because of the problems of reporting and collecting data. For many reasons, victims often don’t report attacks.

  9. KMC says

    Does anybody see the irony in this? Thugs that watch soap opera tv shows? It’s almost laughable, not the attack itself, but these thugs can’t separate reality from tv. I agree with Brian in this ” cretinism is alive and well in the 21st Century.”

  10. JJJJS says

    “Oi, it’s that faggot off that TV soap that I watch every day!”

    It’s a small wonder that the mob didn’t turn on the first lad who recognized Miller. I mean, if you’re out to beat the crap out of men who do effeminate things (the horror, the horror), then the big pikey thug who watches soap operas might be a good place to start.

  11. EM says

    Probably why he’s just had to beard up wit his female co-star and start ‘tweeting’ about it.

    Mind you, this is Manchester. It’s as rough as houses and a lot of people get attacked for just being there, never mind being gay or thought of as gay.

    In a way, at least he gets to experience first hand what it’s like. No greater learning curve than going through it yourself. Hope he’s okay and yeah, it does prove the yobs are watching the gay plotlines. Wonder why.

  12. ratbastard says

    Lads (U.S. speak: guys, boys, dudes?)? How about punks? Assholes (sorry, arseholes)? I like ass/arsehools myself.

    Lads LOL….just harmless ‘lads’ out having a little fun.

    Jesus Christ….my mom is English born and raised, and it’s always amused me how the Brits never fail to use euphemisms and benign slang instead of speaking clearly and calling a spade a spade. They aren’t ‘lads’, ‘chavs’, yobs’, etc., they’re arseholes.

  13. Scot says

    @RJ#1, It is unfortunate that these idiots can’t seperate an actor from the role he plays but lets face it, the character he plays promotes violence as a norm. That kind of shit comes back to haunt actors. How many times did Bruce Dern say he got hit because he was the first actor to kill John Wayne on film? I’m not saying Danny Miller deserved being bashed, but it happens. He is seen as a person who promotes violence. Character portrayals are often projected on to the actor. AND YES, when you send that kind of negativity out into the world, sometimes it comes back.

    @Urmensch, why don’t you take some time to think things through before you criticize? Maybe you don’t have a full understanding of what karma really is or how it works. Negative much?

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