1. says

    Is this a protest or an exercise in narcissism?

    People yesterday in the comments here on an earlier TR story compared this activity to Rosa Parks. I don’t see it that way at all. At the time, Rosa Parks was acting alone. The law was nowhere near to changing. No pending court action was moving through the appellate system. By doing what she did, she compelled change. If she didn’t act, nothing would happen.

    The people at the county office, in contrast, knew they could affect no change. This was protest for protest sake. They made sure they had lots of media on hand, too.

    Hence, I have to ask whether this was about them getting attention for themselves, and not about changing anything.

    I’m all for marriage equality. As soon as it is made legal, I will be marrying my boyfriend.

    I also recognize, however, that with change comes understanding and dialog. Constantly pushing your perspective into someone’s face with pointless and strident “protests” like this arguably does more harm than good.

    When Rosa Parks refused to move on thatbus, civil disobedience was rare. It sent a statement. In contrast, the activity at the Sand Diego County office was little more than the media equivalent of white noise.

  2. crispy says

    Will, you may want to brush up on your civil rights history. There were numerous acts of civil disobedience on segregated buses prior to Rosa Parks’, including one of her own, there were court cases pending, and as an employee of the NAACP at the time she most definitely was not acting alone. Not to diminish her heroic acts, but the Montgomery bus boycott was superbly orchestrated by the NAACP.

  3. TommyOC says

    Patience, young Skywalkers. You can’t protest courts. Courts don’t care about your protest.

    If you’re gonna protest, protest lawmakers and their policies. But don’t target a judge’s ruling… because popular opinion should never enter a judge’s mind when they issue one.

  4. Sacgary says

    I believe that protesters today, if nothing else, have one thing in common: it raises awareness to people who may not know of the issue.

    Granted our communication technology isn’t what it was in Rosa’s day, but there are still people that are not aware of what we face.

    Harvey Milk made a call to gays of all walks of life to come out so that society knows how many of us there are. This protest in some small way heeded that call.

  5. Nicki Minaj says

    I think that is alright to be gay, bisexual or heterosexual as long as you are happy with the results and there is no need to protest publicly about your feelings for the same sex, now you can enjoy each other in the privacy of your own home. You son’t have to hide who you are or who you like but it will be kind of hard to explain to my two year old why two boys or two girls are kissing and hunching(performing sexual acts) on each other.

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