1. Mike says

    I just don’t get how any self respecting gay could align themselves with the GOP. What a bunch of hypocrites… and this is yet another example.

  2. True Words says

    yeah I hear you…but I remember one of the founders of Manhunt gave money to the Republican party and has there been a boycott; nope because the gay men want their hookups and sex! Talk about hypocrites!

  3. jexer says

    I live in downtown San Diego, and I boycott Doug Manchester’s Hyatt.

    Before the Prop 8 stink… I regularly visited the lounge at the top of the Hyatt for a drink and to enjoy the view (both of San Diego and the great historic city photos that ?were? up there.) I reguluarly brought friends, I brought out-of-towners, despite the parking fees and absurdly priced drinks. The view was, quite simply, worth the price of admission.

    And then that odious man had to go and support prop 8.

    I know $125,000 is probably a drop in a bucket to Doug Manchester… But to me it was like a drop of skunk essence in a barrel of good wine.

    It’s not even just a ‘gay’ thing for me. Supporting discrimination is, to me, contrary to freedom, liberty, and justice. It’s anti-American.

    I won’t return to his establishment and will continue to steer my friends and associates away from it. His half-assed apology is insulting.

    He won’t get business from me or my friends again unless he contributes in some substantive and timely way to the successful repeal of prop 8.

    There’s plenty of other fine establishments where I am as welcome as the money I bring with me.

  4. Ted B. says

    Robin Tyler is a union front-person. The dispute is between the union and the Hyatt management…not with the G/L community and Manchester. This is all union agitation…

    Does anyone even know if Ms. Tyler even has a cred as a G/L activist in San Diego? Who is she? And who’s paying her expenses?

  5. says

    This demonstration against GOProud by gay and lesbians is a bit strange considering that the owner of the hotel has since apologized for his financial contribution in support of Proposition 8. The owner has also made an offer of financial support to the gay and lesbian community and has setup a website where he publicly apologizes. So why the ongoing witch hunt? I noticed your big union buddies also sponsored this protest…now we know what it’s really all about.

  6. williemays says

    Back in the 1960’s when she was in Miami
    with her old partner Patty she scared
    the shit out of Pattys young daughter
    Patty basically disowned the girl because of Robin