1. Mike says

    I’ve worked at colleges and universities with carillons for the better part of thirty years, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone applaud one.


  2. says

    As an Iowa State alumnus this makes me very happy.

    Tagent: Is there a name for syndrome that compels people to post gratuitously bitchy comments? ‘Cause it’s reeched pandemic status on this site.

  3. Steve says

    hehe, this is cool. I remember back when I was a student at University of Florida, we had whimsical things on our carillon all the time. The most common was cartoon themes like the Jetsons, Simpsons, etc. My favorite was one time when the school was set to shut down at 3 pm because of an incoming hurricane, at 3 pm the carillon chimed the time as normal, then proceeded to play the Funeral March. It was hilarious. Especially since the next 3 days were some of the BEST weather I can remember having down there. The hurricane completely missed us and we enjoyed the days off by lying around on the quads in the amazing 70 degree September heat.

  4. Christopher says

    Wow, thank you. I’ve been sitting here all weekend just hitting the refresh button on my Lady Gaga Google news search. You know, like you do. And it has been 11 hours and 34 minutes since the last new news popped up. I think that’s a record. It was for me. I was beginning to get hives. You know, like you get. And then this.

    Wow. Just sitting. Just listening over and over. Sending out waves of gratitude and love.

    Just sitting here.

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