1. 2cents says

    Kylie is the consummate entertainer, even stripped down like this. Her vocals are always spot on & strong (check out her performance of “Get Out of My Way” on American’s Got Talent”). Not a fan of Rufus’ albums, but he always sounds gorgeous live. He didn’t seem well prepared for this. Thanks for posting the clips!

  2. Dave says

    I was lucky to hear Rufus and his sister Martha in Chicago a few weeks ago and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hear another artist without thinking how far they fall in approaching his talent and grace. There was no band. Just their voices and his piano. I have seen literally thousands of concerts before and no performer even comes close to Rufus Wainwright. Do yourselves a favor boys and girls, catch up on Rufus. He never “came out” as he has said, he was born in the living room… He’s ours and I am so happy that I’m living and witnessing him reveal his brilliant body of work.