1. Paul R says

    He’s made mistakes and like all politicians (and all people) is imperfect, but I love him. He’s bright, committed, articulate, and honest—a dramatic improvement over SF mayors of the recent past. It’s unfortunate that his efforts to seek office higher than lieutenant governor failed, but if he remains in politics I think he’ll go far.

    No matter how you feel about him, we wouldn’t be where we are on marriage equality—in CA or many other places—without his courageous move in 2004 to allow same-sex marriages in SF.

    OK, I’m done. Let the “He’s so cute!!!” comments begin!

  2. John says

    It looks like Newsom will win in November (mainly because he has a lot more money as his opponent). But I doubt he’ll remain Lt. Governor for long. He’s only running for that job because he doesn’t wanted to be term limited in 2011 with no backup plan.

    If Pelosi loses control of the House of Representatives in November, I don’t think she will hang around for long as a backbencher. She’s going to end up in a villa somewhere along the Amalfi Coast sooner rather than later. And that seat is certainly one that Gavin Newsom can win with relative ease in 2012.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    @ Ricardo

    We have openly gay Mayor Annise Parker in Houston.

    I think going from mayor of San Francisco to the house of representatives would be a demotion. I’d like to see him run for Senate or Governor in the near future. (it was smart of him to pull out of the race this year, this will be an ugly political season)

  4. Paul R says

    @Brian in Texas: his statewide support is very thin. As a practical matter, he’s be better off starting in the House before trying to become senator. Only then can he move away from being a one-issue candidate in the eyes of much of the state.

  5. Rann says

    For those who say he is an egomaniac, since I I have no idea, what makes yoiu say that? Can you give examples? He seems like a great mayor to those of us who don’t know him so I am curious.

  6. nic says

    i’d like to pull down his slacks and his undies and go to town on him. there is something incredibly sexy about an intelligent, handsome man and his sweaty balls.

    @PAUL R, you are right about his qualifications. but, he IS cute. ain’t no denying that.

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