1. Matt26 says

    Yeah, looking sth from sci fi movies. It’s been heavy storms in Nothern Europe durin this hot summer (hottest since 1914) and huge fires in even hotter Russia (in Moscow 50 day in a row temperature has risen over 30’C). Thanks for posting the video.

  2. critifur says

    It looks like the Day After Tomorrow is real… This is from Finland? I can hear all kinds of English being spoken.

  3. jamal49 says

    Makes one want to ask the question of all the conservatwits out there: “Just what parts of global warming and climate change don’t you understand?”

  4. Erik says

    I live just one mile away from this beach. When the storm reached the city, within three minutes it became literally as dark as night. I´ve never seen such a thing, not even when I lived in Texas and Italy which have both pretty extreme weather.

  5. PG says

    Whatever. This storm is too fat. And why is it so flamboyant? It makes all of us look bad. Please, it’s cool only if you like old, tweaked out queens. Is that a lightning bolt tattoo? Ugh – why do these gays get trashy tattoos? It is only interested in sex and partying instead of working towards full equality. Homostorm FAIL.