1. ColinATL says

    The “grand love affair between the queer left and Islam” (1) doesn’t exist, and (2) if it did, can probably only help to de-bigot-ify Islam. Chunks, why aren’t you directing your anger at militant Christians? They’re just as bad…

  2. Dan says

    Sorry, if militant Christians are “just as bad” then why should I ignore Islamists? Target both of them for their vicious hate. And you are never going to “de-bigot-ify” Islam. Holy shit, are you forgiving or what? Have you seen what Muslims do to us abroad? Death, torture, you name it. Gays are NOT compatible with Islam.

    PS I love how people hate on the GOP and then ask us to be kind to Islam. Both are ideologies of hate.

  3. Chunks says

    Militant Christians are just as bad? Oh they’re putrid alright, but where did I defend them? However you’re kidding yourself if you think they’re “just as bad”. But hey, if Muslims hate the West, they must be on “our” side, right? So while you’d cheer on the destruction of a Bible, the Qur’an is a sacred icon. Heads. Up. Own. Asses.

  4. kw91713 says

    This guy is being celebrated for stealing someone’s personal property? He should be brought up on charges of petty theft. I don’t agree with burning of any book, let alone one which means so much to so many people, but I will defend the right of anyone to do so.

  5. Mark says

    OK, without debating the merits of Islam (or Christianity, or the skateboarder’s unfortunate choice of glasses and hairstyle), the fact that this occurred in AMARILLO TEXAS, is well, incredible. I lived about 2 hours away from Amarillo and I could not wait to get the hell out of the region. The majority of people in that area would support burning the Koran.

  6. reality bites says


    anyway; chunks the love affair of gays with any religion has been, is , and will be the death of us

    no need to single out islam. ALL religions r crap fairytales with gay blood on their hands


  7. Andalusian Dog says

    It is incredible how ignorant some of the commentators on here can be. Talk about heads up your own asses.

    Be reasonable for a second: just as there are Unitarian Universalists and other very tolerant Christian sects out there who denounce bigotry of any form, as well as nutbag fundamentalist types who are stoking the flames of holy war and homophobia, so too are there many kinds of Muslims who span the range of beliefs on any number of issues.

    To speak of “Muslims [hating] the West” is to paint with too broad a brush. That’s just racism. To speak of one Islam, or one Christianity (or one Judaism, or one Buddhism, etc etc) is contrary to perceived and perceptible reality. It’s a matter of keeping one’s eyes and ears open, instead of having loud-mouthed, racist knee-jerk reactions, in order for the perception to occur.

    We cannot denounce entire groups, especially if we know very little about them. Why don’t the ignoramuses in the room read a book sometime, gain some knowledge, and keep their mouths shut until they know of which they speak.

    Being able to make critical analyses within the framework of subtle reasoning is really the mark of intelligence, not huffing and puffing.

    P.S. Jacob Isom is awesome.

  8. Chunks says

    You misunderstood me Andalusian Dog. I didn’t mean that all or even most Muslims hate the West. But the passion that the Left around the Western world feels for Islam is a direct result of its belief that they share a common enemy. It’s the same stupid self-loathing that allows Hillary Clinton to run around wearing a hijab in Arab countries when she is not even a Muslim. Why? Because Muslims are so backward that they faint at the sight of a woman’s hair? Stupid stupid stupid.

  9. Chunks says

    I explained that above… because the queer left and Islamists have mutual enemies. You can bet your life this would never have been posted if it had been about a Mormon holy book, other than with a cheer if it was actually burnt.

  10. hoydenista says

    “It’s the same stupid self-loathing that allows Hillary Clinton to run around wearing a hijab in Arab countries when she is not even a Muslim”
    I don’t even have words for how stupid this makes you sound. First there’s the factual inacuracy (I doubt Hilary Clinton has ever worn a hajib in her life), a headscarf is not a hajib.
    Secondly, you seem to mistake respecting other people with self loathing.
    If I was a practicing nudist at home who wore clothes when out in public to respect the culture, laws and general moral standards of the rest of the community would I be acting out of self loathing? Do you wear shoes when you go into a Japanese person’s house?

  11. hoydenista says

    @Gast Shoved down your throat? Not interested in the story, then don’t read it. Exercise your personal right to 1. not click on the link, 2. not read the story and then 3. not feel the need to comment on the story that you’re just not interested in to begin with.

  12. TANK says

    Why not just ignore the moonbat strawman that, “not all muslims are antigay bigots! There’s one or two muslims who are gay identified in the world..,i.e. not all nazis were antisemitic bigots! Some of them did not believe that the nazis were justified in exterminating them and other minorities! How dare you criticize nazism when these people doubtless existed!” “How dare you critize the klan!…” Oh wait, like religion, it’s pick and choose.

    Just ignore these idiots and their derailing efforts. They. Have. Nothing. Islam is an enemy of lgbt equality…and no slim minority of non-bigoted muslims will change that.

  13. TANK says

    No, angry moonbat. I only post under TANK, even though some angry, deranged folks like to do that, too…but they’re quickly exposed…because no one writes like me.

    Your defense of islam is pathetic and no better than christian gays defending christianity with what, less than 1% of the faith? They aren’t equivalent, either. Christianity isn’t the threat to geopolitical stability and gay rights that islam is, and the world isn’t flat, either. OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

  14. TANK says

    And when you appease islam and defend it, you make yourself like them, too…only it’s them doing it with christianity.

    BROTHAS AND SISTAS…lol! This is about defending useless hate filled superstition from the merest critique. And propaganda exists for this very reason…instead of one “ideologically driven attitude,” you can trade it for another. And in that one, you’re actually complicit in stoning women to death.

  15. Big Tent or GOP Tent says

    I’m sure it’s to the advantage of the LGBT community in America to align with the merchants of hate who seek to divide this country along crude nativist lines in the fine tradition of Know Nothings and Birchers. Keep it up, handul of commenters. As you make Al Qaeda and Pat Robertson smile simultaneously, you’re doing a wonderful job of making 21st century Americanized Islamic youth — descendents more often than not of political dissidents — feel welcome. Our rights are clearly enhanced by this broadbrushing exercise in coaliton exclusion.

  16. TANK says

    Right, because if we criticize islam, big tent…we’re going to breed more terrorists. So we should never exercise our free speech to do that, or else people gonna die, right? That your thought process…that we shouldn’t criticize the most barbaric faith on the planet now in terms of its treatment of women and lgbt’ers (and let’s be honest, the largest number of victims of muslim extremism are muslims themselves–who are, after all, people first, and muslim second…or third or fourth), because the same people who inflict such barbarity will act out to preserve their evil traditions?

    Funny, the same thing applies to christianity…and all belief systems…more moonbattery.


  17. Big Tent or GOP Tent says

    I’m as much of a secularized atheist as you’ll find and a proud card carrying member of the ACLU. Bigots have every right to burn the books they want to burn.

    It’s up to the rest of us to present a different America, one that recognizes that Islam, like every other faith, comes in multiple stripes and is pliable to time, geography, surrounding culture and circumstance, and the emotions and actions of those inside and outside the movement. Acts of unadulterated hate shamefully embraced by politicians who should know better polarize impressionable disproportionately young and non-violent American populations against the interests of our community or our country.

  18. Big Tent or GOP Tent says

    By all means highlight human rights abuses wherever they
    may occur. That has nothing to do with book burnings or scapegoating more than a billion people for the actions of a minority. And it has even less to do with American Muslims, people who one way or another tended to get to America by fleeing oppressive countries or being descended by people who did.

  19. ratbastard says

    23? Really? Whenever I see ’23’ year old dudes skateboarding around town like 15 year old boys I think about the many men their age or younger in a warzone half a world away. I could go on but won’t.

    Plus, even though I do not approve of burning the Koran (or bible…I’m not religious but recognize this is the behavior of a punk) if he swiped something from me I’d kick his ass.

  20. says

    Hey idiots, there’s a difference between defending Islam and defending someone else’s right to believe in Islam.

    I think religion is crap, for the most part. Yet I defend people’s right to believe in that crap. I will, when given the opportunity, encourage them to act respectfully toward those around them who don’t believe the same crap.

    I wouldn’t burn a Christian Bible, nor would I burn a copy of the Qu’ran, nor would I burn a torah. But I think they’re all fairy tales with lots of crap in them.

    TANK, CHUNKS, et al., grow up and get some brains so you can learn to understand some nuance.

  21. Trev says

    I am always amazed at the leftards in the gay community that prostitute themselves to Muslims. How many more gays around the world need to be murdered, tortured, hung and beheaded by these vermin before you realize that Islam hates gays and will kill you! It won’t be long before the corrupt HRC filth starts defending these murderers too. Truly disgusting!

  22. nic says

    @TREV, how is the gay “leftards'” decrying or protesting the burning of anyone’s holy book(s) prostituting themselves? wtf?

    does the constitution apply only to the elites?

  23. Big Tent or GOP Tent says

    Hey Trev, how many gays have been killed by American Muslims because they were gay? If you can create a list larger than the fingers I have in one hand, I’d be impressed.

    What does that tell you? Perhaps it tells you the Muslims seeking refuge in America tend to be among the most moderate, most secular, most tolerant in their societies. Now tell me, if given a choice between cultivating an inclusive American Islam through coalition building, dialogue, and simply not spewing hateful bullshit or demonstrating to Islamic youth that they are not welcome in their own country, making them embittered outsiders who have felt the taste of bigotry in America, what is in our best interests?

    But by all means, pretend there is no nuance in a population of a billion. I’m sure a holy war against Islam will work out really well.

  24. TANK says

    NIC, as usual, you’re a degenerate old pervert. Hey, guess what, the “constitution” protects the choice to burn other people’s superstitious books just as much as it protects people who condemn it. Get a fucking clue, douchenozzle.

    It’s all about nuance, huh? Sorry, fuckface, nuance and tolerance don’t matter when people are murdered and torutred as a direct result of such radical extremist religious beliefs, and get a pass by permissive attitudes by moonbats.

    And though not every muslim is a radical extremist, every muslim is responsible for the outcomes of their shared faith with the extremists.

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