Judge Orders Air Force To Reinstate Lesbian Nurse Witt

Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese released the following jubilant statement, "By reinstating Major Witt, a decorated Air Force nurse discharged under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ another federal court has demonstrated once again that this discriminatory law does not contribute to our nation’s security or defense."

Meanwhile, Servicemembers United Executive Director Alexander Nicholson declared, "Yet another judge has taken yet another righteous, historic, and courageous stand against a discriminatory and unconstitutional law."

There's still no word from the White House or the Department of Justice, which this week issued an objection to the Log Cabin Republicans' injunction asking for a DADT ban.

Small Update: A reader pointed out to me that I neglected to include a statement from the ACLU, which represented Witt. Many apologies. Here is what ACLU executive director Kathleen Taylor had to say: Today we heard the hammer of justice strike for Major Margaret Witt. We look forward to the day when all members of our military can serve our country without invidious discrimination. [Witt's discharge] was entirely unfair to her and unwise for the military, which needs her significant skills."


  1. Seamus says

    This is reassuring :) I hope it opens the doors for all DADT-expelled military personnel to reclaim their careers.

  2. Thanks again, ACLU says

    This is indeed extraordinary news, although I must say that it is a shame to have omitted the ACLU of Washington, who fought and won this case for Major Witt, from the post, while including a comment from the HRC, which has had nothing to do with this at all.

  3. Ninong says

    Another activist Republican judge! I hope someone asks Walnuts! McCain for his reaction. He will probably explode.

  4. Robert says

    Congrats to Major Witt, the ACLU, and GLBT community on another victory for equality. Don’t be surprised however if that LIAR Obama and DOJ don’t object. The judge that made this ruling was appointed by Bush. OH MY…as George Takay would say. Don’t give ANY credit to HRC or the LYING Obama Whitehouse. Who’s helping us? Log Cabin Republicans and Bush appoionted judges……WTF! To think all these years I have wasted my money and votes on the Democrats. Well, those days are so over.

  5. Jack Scribe says

    I love that this case, and the Log Cabin court case demanding repeal of DADT, flies right in the face of Obama’s lack of action.