Lesbian Dean Forced Out of High School After Marrying Partner

Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts forced out the school's athletic director after she married her female partner in August, The Republican reports:

Judd "Christine M. Judd, who served as athletic director and dean of students, said she is no longer an employee of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield school system after a meeting Wednesday with administrators of the Catholic high school. The diocese listed her departure as a resignation, but Judd said she is still exploring her legal options. 'I was given a choice of termination or resignation,' Judd said. 'I’m hurt, but I wish nothing but the best for Cathedral, its students, the parents, the athletic teams, administration and faculty. I bleed purple (the school’s color).' Judd, a Springfield resident, worked for the Catholic school for 12 years, beginning as a science teacher in 1998. She became dean of students six years ago and was given the added duties of athletic director three years ago."

Judd pointed out the hypocrisy she believes exists at the diocese: "Judd said she questions if there are lay persons who work for the Catholic diocese who divorce and remarry without an annulment, or employees who use birth control, or men who have had vasectomies, or individuals who are pro-choice on abortion. "

Said Judd: "I was hoping that my loyalty, my professionalism the last 12 years would supersede the current hypocrisy that has already been shown with the Diocese of Springfield."


  1. ColinATL says

    Travesty. This looks so bad for the Catholic church. Their brand is seriously in decline, which is ashame, because there are a lot of good things the Catholic church does.

  2. Frederick says

    I feel for this woman;what this school did to her was inexcusable.However, I’m also a school teacher, and I’m married to my same-sex partner. With that said, I would never have gone to work for a Catholic School in the first place, knowing their hypocritical church doctrine regarding homosexuality.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    Bigotry, yes, but I’ve also worked with a Catholic organization before and there is usually some sort of policy on the books pertaining to activities on and off the job that are against Catholic teaching leaves you subject to termination.

    So that’s the interesting aspect of her challenge here that you can not be, for example, vocally pro-choice on the abortion issue and work for and organization affiliated with the Catholic Church, technically…

    Although there were a lot of queens where I worked at…and the Administratiors never gave us a problem.

  4. Mike the Cop says

    I happen to be a Police Officer in Springfield and for the past 10 years I have been asked to teach a Hate Crimes Class at the School by a lay teacher. At the end of the class I come out and it is well received by the students some who have come out to me years later.

    Sadly, I have investigated a hate crime at this very school some years back, where several students taunted a man who they believed to be gay, calling him faggot and other derogatory words while they jumped him and broke his arm. The school never contacted the police to report this crime, because I am an out police officer the parents called me and I investigated this crime. The school sent the victim home (they said for his personal protection) for the rest of the school year and allowed the student who broke his arm and committed this hate crime to stay and graduate. It wasn’t till I made a stink about it they suspended the kids for a day.

    Having said that I very disturbed but not surprised by the Diocese actions. I’m left to wonder if I should go back and teach hate crimes there this semester. Or maybe I use this as another example of bias like I do the earlier case stated above.

  5. Wes says

    Gays, the Catholic church is your enemy. Not all Catholics, but certainly “the church”. Bear this in mind when considering employment.

  6. Dave from Chicago says

    Why any self-respecting gay man or lesbian would work for an organization in the first place that insists on LGBT second-class status is beyond me.

  7. Chitown Kev says

    @Dave From Chicago

    Honey, some of us don’t have that type of liberty at given moments in our life as far as jobs are concerned

  8. Dave says

    The Catholic Church is a sick institution that was founded to subjugate people to enrich themselves. It should be rejected and relegated to the dust-bin of history.

  9. Dean says

    How dare the Catholic Church change their views, rules, policies on homosexuality after this woman started teaching in one of their schools and became a willing pawn in the supporting of their regime.

    Oh, wait a minute, they didn’t change their views or policies in the last few years. They had those views and policies when Miss Judd chose to go to work for them and had had them for a couple thousand years prior.

    Perhaps she was the only gay person in the world that didn’t realize that the Catholic church had such views/policies or perhaps or, more likely, she knew, didn’t care and was a willing participant in the regime right up until it bit HER personally in the ass.

  10. Wren says

    While I love this website, I wish it would stop reporting such non-stories. Private clubs (Catholic Church) can discriminate. Period. Don’t like it? Don’t work for the Cult of Christianity. I would analogize this to an African American working for the KKK or a Jew working for the Nazi party.

  11. Dean says

    Maybe Miss Judd can apply for a job with the Boy Scouts, Focus on the Family, NARTH, Brigham Young University or Liberty University.

    Why wouldn’t she? None of them are any more anti-gay than the church she was will to work for and promote.

  12. TampaZeke says

    I think the saddest thing about this story, and others like it, is how many gay people willing serve, promote and sustain their oppressors and rather than having the dignity to stand up for themselves and telling their Masters to fuck off they suffer the insult added to injury of hanging on as faithful servants until the day that their Masters tell THEM to fuck off.

    THEN as if THAT isn’t enough, they further degrade themselves by letting the world know what pathetic lap dogs they were to their oppressors and how much they wish they could have continued, and still would if allowed.

    Really pathetic.

    I agree with DEAN. What’s the difference between working for the Catholic Church and working for any other anti-gay organization like Focus on the Family, NARTH, NOM or Liberty University?

  13. yonkersconquers says

    You can be divorced, use birth control, have vasectomies, and be quietly pro-choice on abortion. They’ll all find a way to overlook your sins.

    But to be gay? That’s an instant dismissal.

    Those who say she got what was coming to her are also willing to overlook everyone else’s sins (as long as they’re heterosexual). The Church is highly selective over which sins it puts up with, after all.

  14. Hawthorne says

    In the end, this really is sad. A dedicated teacher and school employee is terminated because of what she is. I would be interested to know if the school powers-that-be already knew she was a lesbian. If they knew she was, if she was in a committed same-sex relationship which she didn’t hide or deny, why didn’t the school fire her then? Firing her for marrying her same-sex partner is not a surprise, alas, but if the school had knowledge of her prior to the wedding, it might indicate they were willing to tolerate her … just as long as she didn’t get too militant about things by getting married. Inconsistent on the church’s part? Surely.

  15. Preston says

    I have the same amount of sympathy for gays and lesbians who choose to join the military and then complain after being treated like second-class citizens and getting discharged……… NONE.

  16. reality bites says

    yeah, i just cant get worked up with the sympathy brigade for her

    she was either completely retarded to not know what the charlatans-r-us cult stood for or considered it completely a-ok to hate on other gays (probably a log cabinite) till it bit her in the butt

    ont top of that, what the hell were the catholic cultists thinking when they hired an obvious looking lesbian? shed love the cock?

  17. christopher says

    “Judd pointed out the hypocrisy she believes exists at the diocese…” Hellooooooooo! Welcome to the Catholic church 2010 Christine.

  18. arch says

    hello catholic school – churches especially the catholic one and schools especially the church ones have huge numbers of gay and lesbian teachers, often amongst the most inspiring and colourful (also often the real bastards for some reason I have never worked out…)

    all parents love having a few queers scatered around the class rooms and usually remember the queer teachers who taught them at school thirty years before, it is never a big deal for the parents so these schools are only shooting themselves in the foot

    oh and by the way as one of your foreign readers I could not but chuckle at SPRINGFIELD…

  19. bobbyjoe says

    She makes a great point about how there’s a double-standard when it comes to divorce, birth control, etc., but she seems to have forgotten that hierarchy of the Catholic church is absolutely OBSESSED with homosexuality to the point of mania.

    It seems a peek inside the thought process of a good many Catholics in power would read something like this: “gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, do laundry, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gosh I’m hungry I wonder what’s in the refrigerator, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, god, look at the abs on that… oh wait, I’m not gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, no, really, I’m not, gay, gay, gay, gay, praise Jesus, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay,” etc., etc., etc. Amen.

  20. Dairyqueen says

    It sucks that she lost her job, but what did she expect what was going to happen after she married her wife working for the catholic cult that bans same-sex marriages? I still don’t understand why any self respecting GLBT would work for a organization that thinks we are scum and pigs.I hope she finds another job and take this fucked-up thing as a lesson. There is nothing she can do legally when the church is exempt from following the law.

  21. Justin says

    I went to this high school and graduated in the late 90s. I was tormented by a few guys in my class my senior year. At that point I was not out of the closet, so when I knew they all thought I was gay, it pushed me further back into the closet, etc. Fortunately, I came out a couple years after I graduated and all is well.

    This woman’s story proves there is a separation of church and state (as there should be). That being said, the church should keep their noses out of the governments ability to issue marriage licenses (or granting us the right to marry). I strongly feel the moment they give an opinion or push their parishoners to vote based on gay marriage (or any issue for that matter), they should be taxed.

    OK, I’m off of my soap box now.

  22. Continuum says

    The same people on this blog, who believe that the Catholic school has every right to disciminate would likewise believe that the Church had every right to persecute Galileo.
    After all, at that time, the Bible conclusively proved that the Earth was the center of the Universe. So, Galileo had to keep his mouth shut, and Pope Leo refused to look through a telescope since it contradicted Church teachings, and was clearly the handiwork of the devil.

    All you folks who give the Church a pass since it is part of their faith, should be very comfortable with the Sun revolving around the Earth.

    Oh, wait, . . . nevermind, the Church did change its position because brave individuals were willing to confront the Catholic church’s ignorance and hypocrisy.

    You folks who will forgive the Catholic church’s bigotry, should STFU and go back into your own personal closets.

  23. JimSur says

    What was she doing working for f’n Catholics?!!! In the gay world, that’s almost like being a Nazi sympathizer. I always felt the gay Catholics at the Gay Pride parade were the true masochists, not the leather clad guys on the S&M float. Christine, you are better off with them out of your life.

  24. Mark in ATL says

    Continuum, Federal law allows for privately owned business to hire/fire whomever they want.

    That’s not “forgiving” anything, that’s the way things are.

  25. Pitbull says

    Too bad the Roman Catholic establishment can’t move this quickly and decisively in defrocking clergy who sexually abuse others and the bishops who enable them, plus turning them over to the police! No, with that, Vatican agents are slow-footed and willing to dawdle. Oh, the hypocrisy reeks worse than an ocean of dead fish!

  26. Continuum says

    @ Mark in Atl — If we merely accepted that “That’s the way things are.” then schools would still be segregated, women wouldn’t have the right to vote, and all gays would still be in the closet. Change only happens when you confront the wrongs. Change doesn’t happen when you meekly accept the way things are.