NOM Bus Rolls Into California, Rallies Latinos For Fiorina

"Carly Fiorina believes in the right to life from the moment of conception until natural death, and opposes same-sex marriage," the "Vote Your Values" site explains. "Barbara Boxer is an outspoken advocate of both abortion and gay marriage. Latinos want to see Congress fix our dysfunctional immigration system. We are tired of promises. The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles has proposed a common-sense, five-point plan to reform our immigration laws. Barbara Boxer says she is for immigration reform, but in all her years in office she hasn’t done anything to make it happen."

The organization goes on to tout Fiorina's business and free market expertise, writing, "She will use her free market expertise and know-how in Washington to advocate for policies that lead to the creation of quality, good-paying jobs for all Americans." Funny, why don't they mention the positive impact gay marriage can have on the economy?

Fiorina's likely sweating a bit at the moment: polls put Boxer ahead by 8 points among likely voters.


  1. says

    yeah as if latinos dont watch tv or listen to the radio and realized that repubs are anti-latino

    2008 saw latinos overwhelmingly go dem and the hopes of gw bush and karl rove trying to secure them as repub voting block fell apart

    and the DREAM act (with 100% repub NO vote) for sure helped cement the latino vote for dems this cycle

  2. John says

    She’s in desperation mode because Boxer is pulling away. Despite putting millions and millions of her own money into the race, billionaire Fiorina trails Boxer by seven percentage points. Seven points in a small state is not a problem. But in populous California, it means Fiorina’s behind by over a million votes.

    The Republicans always underestimate Boxer though.

    They’ve been calling the junior senator from California “un-electable” since 1992. California would never allow two Democratic women from San Francisco to serve in the Senate at the same time. And besides, Boxer is much more liberal than Feinstein. That was 18 years ago and the GOP hasn’t come up with a new line of attack since.

  3. StillmarriedinCA says

    The LA Time had a front page article just this morning about how Latinos are NOT embracing the GOP. Among Latino likely voters, Boxer is favored by 60% to Fiorina’s 22%.
    So good luck with that bus tour, NOM!! Keep spending your money on your losing cause.

  4. william says

    The proper translation for her campaign slogan `Vote your values`is ‘Vota por tus valores’. What’s written on the bus in Spanish means ‘Throw away your values’. Can’t believe they are so stupid. Proof that they don’t have ONE Spanish speaking person on their staff.

  5. Arnaldo says


    This actually reads; “Vote away your values”, it doesn’t make sense in Spanish as it does in English. It should had been ” Vota por tus valores”. She should have hired someone..Oh right they don’t hire latinos, not even to make her look good. In any case, what values is she even talking about. She is going down.

  6. V versus B says

    Yes, the translation is incorrect as noted above, but keep in mind that votar = to vote, whereas botar = to throw away. Spelling is as important as the translation.

  7. Fahd says

    Barbara Boxer is my favorite senator. Fiorina is only out for herself — she’s basically a sociopath (many top managers fit the label). I haven’t bought an HP (Hewlett-Packard, not Higher Power) product since she was at the helm, and I don’t have any personal bone to pick with her. She just ruined the company.

    How pathetic that the best the Republican party in California could come up with in this election are the likes of Whitman for governor and Fiorina for Senator. It would be extremely funny if it weren’t so pathetic and frightening.

  8. TANK says

    What was also lost in translation was the fact that NOM’s a big old bag of dicks, so a lot of people are going to be really pissed when they show up and the wienermobile isn’t there. “Fuck’s this?! I brought my kids here on a saturday for this chazzerai?” ha ha ha…

  9. james Brown says

    I see the hypocrisy of the Republicans as they use their slogans in Spanish! I thought they only believed that ENGLISH should be the ONLY language used in America! Imagine using Spanish to GET Latino votes, and then if they get them, telling the people who voted for them, in Spanish, that they can’t speak that language anymore!

  10. Ed says

    Fiorina is lying big time in her Spanish “propaganda” campaign ,there is oneI saw in an Spanish web site where they say that if the Democrats win, they will force teenagers to have abortions, Republicans really like to play dirty !!
    Yo votare por Brown y por Boxer !!
    Jamas por los Republicanos

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