News: Bristol Palin, Tea Party, Rand Paul, Colombia, Reggie Bush

 road Rand Paul staffer caught posing as progressive at DailyKos.

 roadThe New Yorker whitewashes The Family's involvement in Uganda's "kill the gays" bill. "When Jeff Sharlet learned that the New Yorker was preparing to publish a piece on The Family, he offered five predictions pointing to a whitewash. He was right on all five counts. The Family’s PR campaign is in full swing."

Bush  roadReport: Reggie Bush stripped of Heisman?

 roadLady Gaga dons bloody meat bikini.

 roadIndependent Australian MP Bob Katter refuses to apologize for derogatory remarks about gay people.

 roadYouTube launches interactive 'Day in the Life' gallery.

 roadGavin Henson looking, er, husky?

 roadMany details about MI6 spy Gareth Williams death remain a mystery: "The revelation that his body was naked will fuel speculation that he could have been involved in a sex game which went wrong. Another theory for the absence of clothes is that his killer was forensically aware and wanted to destroy any potentially incriminating contact with Mr Williams."

 roadListen: First single off Rihanna's new album.

 roadRyan Gosling and Dead Man's Bones play the FYF Festival.

Pearl  roadIntergalactic pearl necklace discovered.

 roadDanny Miller wins two awards for portrayal of gay teen on UK's Emmerdale.

 roadBarney Frank faces Town Hall questioner and LaRouche supporter in September 14 primary.

 roadResearch: Young gay men fueling HIV epidemic in Europe. "By investigating the genetic profile of the virus in more than 500 newly screened patients over nine years, scientists in Belgium have identified clusters of people with type B virus – not the one that is most prevalent in Africa. Those infected are almost all white, male, gay and young, they say. These men also tend to have other sexual diseases, such as syphillis, which suggests that they are involved in unsafe sexual behaviour and are not using condoms."

 roadLittle Monster gets mid-call show from Lady Gaga, talks to her about gay rights.

Palin  roadBristol Palin's "modest" outfit for Dancing with the Stars.

 roadNAACP, Think Progress, Media Matters, and New Left Media launch Tea Party Tracker. "The site is set up to be utilized as a tool to track activities as they come up. It is in some ways consistent with the kind of tracking that has been done of other extremist entities. I do not want to suggest that the tea party is a hate group, but there are some disturbing elements within."

 roadMale model fix: Patrick Kafka.

 roadKanye West is still exploiting his Taylor Swift VMAs moment to sell his album. Swift is not happy.

 roadThree gay men among four killed in "social cleansing" campaign in Colombia? "According to the Caldas government secretary, Rodrigo Montoya, authorities are checking out versions of what happened, but it appears that the four men were abducted from the stable and killed elsewhere. Meanwhile, in Cucuta, the capital of Norte de Santander province, police reported the murders of three male homosexuals, two of them younger than 16. Col. Jorge Ivan Florez, the police commander in Cucuta, said that the three gay men were killed on a downtown street. He said that 'this could be a case of an evil known as ‘a social cleansing campaign’' given that in recent days pamphlets have been circulated around the city “in which unknown people are threatening thieves, drug sellers and sexual workers.'"


  1. bobbyjoe says

    The New Yorker magazine is getting quite a reputation for whitewashing anti-gay sentiment. Last year it was the notorious profile of radio hate-host Michael Savage by the New Yorker’s Kelefa Sanneh. In that article, Sanneh deliberately downplayed Savage’s anti-gay rhetoric to write essentially a puff piece making Savage seem like simply some kind of harmless, lovable kook. I canceled my subscription soon after, when it became apparent that the magazine had no plans to publish any kind of serious rebuttal or response, even though there’s quite a few writers associated with the New Yorker who would be more than up to the task and likely willing.

    Now, apparently, the New Yorker is extending the same white-washing courtesy to the rabidly anti-gay “The Family” and their influence on Uganda. Click on the link, it’s pretty shocking:

    “Nowhere does [The New Yorker’s Peter Boyle] mention that it was MP David Bahati, a key “Family” man in Uganda — a guy who organizes Uganda’s version of the National Prayer Breakfast that the Family is best known for in the U.S. — who proposed the bill, stands by it, and still insists that the bill must be passed in it entirety so that they can begin “to kill every last gay person.””

    Contact the New Yorker at:

    or better yet, if you subscribe, join me in canceling your subscription, and let them know why you did so.

  2. TANK says

    If recollection serves me (and it usually does), I thought that the new yorker piece portrayed savage as a pathologically narcissistic, race baiting demagogue with limited intelligence and an inability for introspection. Further, that the only principles he clings to are his self promotion. That is, essentially, what he is. But yes, it didn’t do justice to his antigay hate speech…and it got very tiresome when it indulged his waxing nostalgic for the good old days of american hatred, framing his incoherent screeds as almost curmudgeonly– days when even a halfwit like him could become wealthy.

    As for the three teens under sixteen murdered in colombia…the parents or relatives, or people who cared about ’em…well, to paraphrase genesis: you’ve got a name and you’ve got a number, and you’ve got a job to do. Punch those tickets hard.

  3. MarkDC says

    Re: Bristol Palin

    Oink, snort. Where’s the buffet?

    The Biggest Loser or “Celebrity” Fit Club would be more appropriate “reality” shows for this cow.

    Oh, and fuck your mother you worthless, talent-free piece of shit whore.

  4. peterparker says

    I totally like lean guys, but that male model should be force fed about a dozen peanut butter sandwiches.

  5. Kyle says

    That male model is only 19. Who ISN’T that thin at that age? Anyway, he’s not too thin. He’s perfect. Hot!

  6. Eric26 says

    That Shakesville post about Kanye west being a douche makes some interesting points. I’d like that blog more if they didn’t hate people with dissenting opinions though. I once expressed my opinion that everyone ISN’T beautiful, like people who are sedentary and eat unhealthy food, but they decided I was a fat-hater and deleted my post. Fat, lazy slobs, you’re beautiful too!

  7. says

    “If Ayn Rand were alive today, would she be a member of the Tea Party? The controversial writer whose philosophy, Objectivism, advocates the. Official Website of Dr. Rand Paul for US Senate from Kentucky. A Lifelong Republican running for the Senate seat being vacated by Jim Bunning.

    Little more than an hour after the polls closed in Kentucky, Republican Rand Paul became the first candidate to arise out of the anti-big government tea party. Ayn Rand was not only a schlock novelist, she was also the progenitor of a sweeping moral philosophy that justifies the privilege of the wealthy and demonizes. “”An exciting and need call to change for all Americans”” ( Sarah Palin ) “”Senator Paul has given us a blueprint for limited government that would make Jefferson.

    The philosophy that Rand laid out in her novels and essays was a frightful concoction of hyper-egotism, power-worship and anarcho-capitalism.Rand Paul The President Of The United States Has Been Co-opted By The Tea Party! January 30, 2011 by Trevor Lyman. Ben Jealous addressed the NAACP convention in Kansas City with harsh criticisms of the Tea Party moment and its two biggest figures, Sarah Palin and Rand Paul.In a move that should be getting more notice this week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has thrown down the gauntlet over the renewal of the Patriot Act, provisions of which. Oct 26, 2010 A young woman thurst into the national spotlight after she was filmed getting her head stomped by a Rand Paul supporter before Monday’s Senatorial.”