Gay Stories:
A Survivor’s Account of An Unbelievable Hell Called Home


Nathan MFromdwoodontowleanske and Marquise Lee are halfway though a 3 month trip around the United States collecting stories for their I'm From Driftwood site. We're finally ready to start catching up with some of the stories collected over the first half of the trip along with some of the insight into what they're seeing now. 

You've really got to see this one, so check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

Nathan Marquiese From Nathan: "After sharing his story, Sam went on to tell me that he has a smiley face poster on the ceiling above his bed so it's the first thing he sees every day. Not to make himself feel better but because his goal in life is to make someone smile every single day.

Two weeks after our Manhattan visit, I read in the news that Kansas State passed a resolution supporting the equal rights of the LGBTQ community, being lead by none other than Samuel Brinton."

For more stories now, there's a  YouTube channel and their beautiful site at 50StateStoryTour where you can also get in touch if you want a visit. You can also just send them your stories about where you're from and growing up.



There are some great ones to come from these guys, other producers, and from you. Who are you and what's that like? Got a story about any other part of your life? Someone else's? Consider writing, recording, or shooting it in claymation. (or regular video) and sharing it with Towleroad users and the world.

Towleroad is currently the No. 1 most-visited gay news or content site, so a great place for your story, cautionary or inspirational tale or even "how to" video. What we're looking for:

– Any stage of life — conception to death, though not likely your own in either case; 

– So-called "news" to what's news to you;

– The mundane and spectacular.

– "This American Gay Life" to "America's Funniest Gay Home Videos"

Use the contact page or send to stories@towleroad dot com (Send us a private link for video or a note asking how to get it to us.)

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