1. peterparker says

    I think what Elton said was actually “…she’s so busy, and I’m so busy licking Rush Limbaugh’s ass and performing at his wedding reception, we can never get together.”

  2. Eric says

    I think that Gaga and Cyndi Lauper should do a duet! That would be freaking amazing! Can you imagine the girl who just want to have fun and Gaga singing together? Oh…what a dream!

  3. Francis Scott Off-Key says

    The whole “born this way” meme sounds like an apology/excuse to me, as in “Boo hoo, I can’t help it, I was born this way. Please don’t hate me so much.”

    I’ll keep “I don’t give half a shit what you think” as my anthem.

  4. Sgt.Sausagepants says

    I would totally sing for Rush Limbaugh if he asked. And then donate the money to gay charities.

  5. Jesus says

    I already have my anthems: Sylvester’s You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) and the Screeching Weasels’ I Wanna Be a Homosexual. And what about that Proud sound from the QAF soundtrack? That one was pretty rad too.

  6. says

    The “Born This Way” acapella was already dropped into a thumping big room number. I just featured it in my Diva Series starring none other than Lady GaGa.

  7. Jesus says

    @Ian: How could I forgot that?! So many great ones. Ms. Germanotta should stop trying to reinvent the wheel… Kids these days!

  8. Chris says

    Love GaGa…But

    “Born This Way” is already a Gay anthem performed by Carl Bean back in the day….

    Choose a new title GaGa!

  9. kristian says

    i think bad romance is already a gay anthem, theres no gay guy that doesnt like that song, but i guess born this way is more attached to the gayness, but i still think if i could turn back time is the greatest gay anthem of all times, weather people consider it or not…

  10. SKOC211 says

    Gaga’s “Boys Boys Boys” is my gay anthem – a spectacularly fun song that could have been a massive hit if it had been released as a single.

  11. Paul R says

    I get really tired of the line “god doesn’t make mistakes,” because so many people are clearly huge mistakes. Oh, and there’s no god.

    Who trusts Elton’s opinion on anything? He was dying to work with Eminem, too. He wants to work with Gaga because he knows it would make him even more money. She probably knows better than to work with his tired ass, since most of her fans would be saying, Elton who? Has he put out a song in 10 years that anyone can name? The last thing I remember from that gasbag is Candle in the Wind.

  12. Grammar Police says

    Thanks for this sneak peak. However, please fix the following basic grammar problem in line with Towleroad’s high standard of writing.

    At the end of the first paragraph, it should read:
    “[…] John had this to say about the album and *its* title track.” There is never an apostrophe in the possessive “its”; “it’s” only means “it is”.



  13. jason says

    I personally do not like being treated as one of “the gays” by anybody. I don’t like being told what my new “anthem” is going to be. Elton, your brain has deteriorated since the days you made good songs, such as that one you did with Kiki Dee. One wonders if Alzheimer’s has set in.

    As for Lady Gaga, she’s simply appealing to “the gays” to make money. She’s buying her mansions. You’re all contributing to it. Her so-called “bisexuality” was a marketing ploy designed to get the attention of sleazy straight guys and their female enablers.

    At heart, Ms Gaga is basically a pretentious female art student.

  14. TJ says

    Who gets to decide what is the anthem for a group of people? Lady Ga-garbage while I applaud her for her efforts regarding equality, she is not the representative for the “gay community (there really isn’t one)”.
    Someone above made reference that every gay male likes one of her songs…whomever you are, you are incorrect. I do not know any of her songs and she is not played on any stations I listen to. So, fellas and/or ladies please do not generalize…

  15. sal says

    gosh you bitter queens,snip snip snip snip cooolllldddddd,gay scene needs a chill pill and this diva attitude has us giving EVERYONE a side eye,just look at gay clubs catty catty catty

  16. PaulG says

    Everyone needs to seriously layoff Lady Gaga she never said that “born this way” was going to be a gay anthem it was Elton John. As for the the person who said Gaga is just useing gay people to gain fame and money thats simply not true. She has been very supportive of the gay community since she first started off a few years ago and does not seem to be putting aside her gay fanbase. Lets take into account that she brought discharged soldiers under DADT to the VMAS last month in what really was her night but she didnt mind sharing her spotlight to bring attention to an important issue. What about the video she put up on youtube encouraging people to call their senator to repeal DADT? The speech she gave in Maine? Thats not even mentioning the fact that her whole tour is really based on acceptance, liberation, and at heart is really a gayfest. Honestly people stop being so critical. I know some of you hate that she is so linked to the gay community but shes only being supportive and trying to help. Stop being so judgemental towards her because shes not of us.

  17. Ian says

    RE: SKOC211
    Actually Boys, Boys, Boys is going to be Gaga’s next single as well as video. Check out her website, the news is there.

  18. DaveNJ says

    I’ve found that when someone says “It’s the New…..” it almost never lives up to the hype. Why not try to just create something new instead of comparing and trying to be “the next” whatever.

  19. Jeremy says

    What most people seem not to know is that Lady Gaga is not making tons of money. Sure, she brings in lots of it, but her tour is so expensive to produce that she barely operates in the black even selling out every single venue she visits.

  20. kb says

    ugh, why put god in there? that ruins it for me.

    bad romance seemed like a gay anthem to me. for half a year it was blasting out all the bars and clubs and the drunk gays walking down the street would be singing it lol.