1. DougChgo says

    My God. There’s a reason we used to call him Terry BrainDead back when he was governor before. He was one of those “accidental” governors: he happened to be Bob Ray’s last lt. gov, so he became governor kind of by default. And then for some reason he just stayed and stayed and stayed. My God — I thought he was dead by now. (In other news: What does the Catholic Bible teach about hair plugs and using Just For Men?)

  2. wimsy says

    Wonder if Brandstad ever head the phrase “government of laws, not of men.” Wonder how Branstad would stand on a vote to deny civil rights to Muslims. Or if he’d like to have a popular vote on Brown v. Bd. of Education? Or overturn the Dred Scott decision? Maybe we ought to throw Marbury v. Madison in the trash, and decide every issue by popular vote.

    If Branstad decides law based on his Catholicism, then he ought to outlaw divorce in Iowa, and take condoms out of drug stores.

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