1. crispy says

    He looks in-shape and healthy to me (horrible lighting though). But in a country where 72.5 million people are obese, I can see why certain people might think that frame looks unhealthy.

  2. Zlick says

    Sorry folks, but that is what a slim person looks like when they take care of themselves.

    Some people (ok, such as myself) are not beefy and are small-framed. And that’s what we happen to look like if we’ve got muscles and we don’t pack a lot of really unhealthy fat.

    Hey it’s ok if it’s not what you find attractive. But it’s ultra-healthy, so the heroin-chic jokes and cheeseburger recommendations are a little off base.

    Hey, but enjoy that cheeseburger, Mr. Average Fat American, whomever you are. 😉

  3. Vlad says

    I don’t know much about Jared Leto but I do know that when I’ve worked out a lot I wound up looking kind of like this despite eating like a pig. I wouldn’t be able to put on huge amounts of muscle no matter how much I lifted if I did it naturally. Stop being so judgmental about different body types and automatically accusing someone who is really lean of drug abuse or anorexia. Same goes for condemning everyone who is heavier as lazy, etc. There is a lot of genetic variety out there. Gays especially should know that.

  4. crispy says

    I have that physique too… and I eat puh-lenty of cheeseburgers (well, lean ones anyhow). But I can also run a marathon in under 4 hours, and most of you fatties can’t make it a mile without your arteries seizing up.

  5. MammaBear says

    Yes, he is definitely not packing a lot of unhealthy fat. Or healthy fat. In fact, no fat.

    Thanks Crispy, you’re right. That’s how everybody should look. And anybody who disagrees is fat.

  6. Zlick says

    Yeah, except for getting a little poofy around the middle, I can’t get fat or alas very beefy no matter how much pizza, red meat, and carbs I pound down.

    It’s called a blessing. I mean, sure, I’d prefer if I could get a little beefier – but, especially at my age, I’m glad my body is really resistant to converting food to bulk.

  7. Tonic says

    I usually think he’s hot, but man his body in that photo looks too emaciated and vascular. Ugh. Obesity is not pretty, but obsession on the other end of the scale is gross as well.

  8. jj says

    I dont get the heroin or skinny comments. He looks incredible. Not into obsession with the scale either, but if someone can get there naturally more power to them. I see strong, lean muscle mass and a very low bodyfat. Very similar to Ryan Reynolds but he has a smaller frame so it looks bit different. Into big guys too but not that steroid queen look…

  9. TANK says

    I can gain weight passing by a bakery, thinking about baked goods…lucky, I guess…good genes…diabetes and heart disease…it’s a blessing. Working out is for people who can’t buy love.

  10. jj says

    also, there seems to be a lot of critics here … i think if you went home with a guy who looked like this after he took his shirt off, you would be very intimidated!

  11. B-rod says

    I don’t understand the negative comments. If any of us could look that good with a snap of the fingers, it would sound like a rolling thunderclap across the nation with so many snapping their fingers.

    Personally, I’m in awe of someone who packed on 50 lbs to play the killer of John Lennon, and THEN can get back into that sort of shape. Amazing.

    And whoever said “39 and tattoos, I’ll pass”…trust me, someone who looks that good wouldn’t look at you anyway.

  12. TANK says

    you’re right, b-rod, but I’d be too busy with my strawberry milkshake to care. I mean, after thirty, and especially 35…you shouldn’t allow yourself to get out of shape, and do the proper maintaining, if you care about “health” or just not looking sloppy or having carb face (which is disgusting)…but who gives a fuck? Maybe other olds, but nobody cares what people who don’t matter think.

  13. js says

    I agree with Crispy. Most would consider me to be too thin, but I am healthy for my size. Unfortunately living in the US I have to either buy my clothes in the kids department as the adult sizes don’t go down to my size or I have to pay more and buy european clothing which fits. Tired of hearing people always say to me that I need to eat. Come over for dinner and watch me eat and you’ll see I eat plenty.

  14. Nanette says

    I can’t help but find him sexy and gorgeous, but he also looks kind of druggie to me.
    Lots of people claim he is super healthy because he is vegan, but you can be vegan and work out and still be one hell of cokehead!
    This guy is definitely not super healthy.
    And what a douchey narcissist to take pics like that and post them on twitter.

  15. Grant says

    Gay men should be the most non-judgemental people on the planet, it’s a shame that the opposite is true.
    And as someone who is also super lean, I think he looks hot, and if he wants a friggin tattoo then more power to him!

  16. crispy says

    @js: I wear mostly European clothing because American clothes are cut for porkers. Try H&M if you haven’t shopped there before… European fits and cheap!

  17. ratbastard says

    He is a skinny guy [not thin…skinny] with a small frame who has managed to build muscle, with almost no fat. And the lighting is very harsh. Either way, the dude has an amazing metabolism, especially for 40, middle age. He’s burning up a hell of a lot of calories, eating very little maybe 1500 lean calories a day, not drinking any beer or booze, or a combination of all the above.

    It could also be the result of drugs, illegal and legally prescribed.

    He could use more meat on his bones IMO.

  18. Woot! says

    It is attractive and beyond that, but yes…probably some of you who doesn’t even look at the mirror, doesn’t stop to judging the others. Loosers!
    He is not methy, anorexic or whateva was been written here. First of all he is tiny, maybe a little bit slim, ’cause he didn’t stop to work this last year, but still in shape and second he is a better person, than many of you who came here to write such a lame comments!
    Provehito in altum! ₪ ø lll ·o.

  19. ratbastard says

    Europeans don’t all look like concentration camp victims in 2010! After WW2 there was a food shortage, hence many skinny people. And WTF is ‘European’ cut clothing? In mens tailored suits there’s English cut, French cut, Italian cut, athletic, etc., British and Europeans come in all shapes and sizes, just like Americans, Brazilians or Chinese.

  20. Paul R says

    He looks amazing to me. And even if he were a cokehead, that doesn’t make you skinny unless you’re doing it 24/7, which most people can’t tolerate as a long-running lifestyle. Several other drugs are more likely to make you not eat (meth, heroin, ecstasy).

    But yeah, it’s not a skirt when you have pants underneath.

  21. crispy says

    Suits? Who’s talking about suits? The only people who wear suits anymore are Wall Street douchebags and Barney Stinson.

    I was talking about casual clothes. And European clothing is cut slimmer than American clothes. That’s pretty common knowledge.

  22. Auroa says

    There are so many different “Europeans” that it’s stupid to generalize! Most countries have probably a smaller percentage of obese people than the states, but as far as I know UK, Germany etc are pretty up there.
    Anyway, Jared is definitely doing SOMETHING. Whether it is working out obsessively or being on a constant diet or doing lots of drugs. No one looks like that just like that! No matter how naturally small framed he is or how fast his metabolism is. Besides, dude is almost 40, so your metabolism is way slower than at 20.
    I think he is horribly vain, self obsessed and I’m sure he is still doing coke or meth.

  23. js says

    i actually do wear a suit every day to work and i work at a travel agency. that beside the point, both in formal attire and casual wear european clothing is slimmer and more fitted. but they also tend to carry lower waist sizes in their stores, whereas here in the states most stores will only carry one or two of the smaller sized and then they still don’t really fit right on a leaner body. (and i do like H&M crispy their pants don’t always work for me but their shirts do quite nicely)

  24. Tonic says

    @Auroa Well-expressed comment. You simply CAN’T get a body like that naturally. While I never looked like this photo of Leto, I used to work out obsessively – but it got boring, the guys I was around who were doing it were boring, and the sex with someone who is constantly checking their muscles out in the mirror was bad. Don’t get me wrong, I love and want a fit partner, but to me, obsession is ugly whether it’s for donuts or dumbbells.

  25. ratbastard says

    Some posters are talking a lot of outdated BS and are guilty of gross generalizations. And the clothes that MOST Americans and Europeans buy in 2010 comes from the same place, CHINA, and the same factories. I’m not talking high couture which 99% of Europeans or Americans don’t wear.

  26. ratbastard says

    Several sites claim Leto is 5′-9″, 140lbs which sounds pretty accurate. His BMI is around 20. I’m 6′-0″, 175lbs, and far from fat with a 32″ waist and 44″ chest. My BMI is around 23. When I was in my early-mid 20’s I was 145-150lbs. I was skinny. My BMI then was around 19. I think BMI indexes are BS.

  27. Debbie says

    Jared seems like a messed up person. He has been working out, that’s obvious, but his lifestlye is definitely not healthy. From what I hear he has sleeping problems and other health issues. And he behaves like a total jerk to boot. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was back on drugs.

  28. crispy says

    “MOST Americans and Europeans buy in 2010 comes from the same place, CHINA”

    Oh good grief, you could not be anymore stupid. Yes, some clothes are manufactured in China. They’re still designed and developed in their native country though.

  29. kb says

    wow you guys are strange. america needs to stop eating so many burgers to start with. this is what happens when you’re obviously fit and to be fit you DO eat the right things to keep those tight toned muscles. google anorexia or anything similar and he’s nothing like that.

  30. ratbastardh says

    I have lived outside of North America. I have lived and traveled around western Europe and the UK. For an adult man, especially a now middle aged adult man, Jared Leto would be considered SKINNY everywhere I have been. To suggest the average European adult male, especially a 40 year old, typically has a thin / skinny but pumped body like Leto is a complete lie. Total, utter bullshit.

    Nice try.

  31. Paul R says

    @KB: You’re exactly right, and this wouldn’t have been a strange image for an American man even 35 years ago. It’s just that people have gotten so f’ing fat that they think it’s bizarre for someone not to be.

    Thin is not anorexic and is not a reason to eat more burgers. People on drugs don’t have pecs or a well-developed upper body. And a year ago this guy weighed 80 pounds more for a role (difficult as a vegan), and obviously has been working with a trainer to lose the weight in a healthy way.

  32. TANK says

    The only reason the pedophile priests in the u.s. are so prolific is because american children are too fat and out of shape to run away. That is bad. But processed food is profitable and corn syrup is the american way. Commies.

  33. GOD says

    Beautiful? This? What planet do you guys live on? And this is coming from someone who runs away at the slightest hint of fat on a guy (sorry, superficial I know) but this is just the other extreme…

  34. noteasilyoffended says

    Me thinks everyone protest (jealously) too much. The bad lighting doesn’t help the picture quality, but his physique is not emaciated. His body is one of a person who eats a low fat diet and works out. His muscle tone says that. His vasculature says that. The guy’s 5’9″ and someone who is that height should optimally weigh 150. Looks about right to me. That said, I’d like his to loose the skirt (and the pants).

  35. Gabe R L says

    Oh, and God, the jealousy and ignorance in a lot of these comments! If Jared, who is 38, has managed to keep his weight down and look as beautiful as a young boy, more power to him. Get off your butts and do what it takes to make yourself happy.

  36. TonyC says

    isn’t he a vegetarian?..I got into his band,never knew who was in it..and I love the music..but this thin,even in the models on the runway, TO ME, just does not look right to my eyeballz!


  37. Amanda says

    Please remember that Jared Leto did not have a tiny frame on My So Called Life. His thinness seemed to develop after Requiem. Looking at the picture, I notice his deltoids are undeveloped. All this makes me suspect anorexia.

  38. Michael says

    The comments in here are beyond ridiculous. Jared looks amazing, and there is nothing emaciated, anorexic about his body. Americans are now so fucking fat and gross, that anyone without lovehandles is suspected of drug use, and being unhealthy.

    Jared is 39 years old, and obviously takes great care of himself, and it shows. As someone stated earlier, drug use does not give you this body, nor does anorexia.

    And for the record, american clothing sizes are bigger than european sizes, and that’s because americans are FATTER. FACT.

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