Michigan AG Hopeful David Leyton Would Fire Andrew Shirvell

David Leyton: Shirvell’s ‘leave’ not enough; he must be fired immediately
Bill Schuette continues to side with Cox and Shirvell

LANSING — Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox should fire his disgraced assistant Andrew Shirvell immediately, instead of allowing him to go on a personal leave, attorney general candidate David Leyton said today.

“If I’m elected Michigan’s next attorney general, Andrew Shirvell and any other hatemonger in the attorney general’s office will be out the door the moment I take office,” said Leyton, who currently serves as Genesee County prosecutor. “Michigan taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay the salaries of bullies like Andrew Shirvell, and they won’t under my watch.”

Earlier this week, Leyton called on his opponent in the attorney general’s race, Bill Schuette, to join him in demanding Cox fire Shirvell. Schuette refused, saying, “when you're not on the government job, you ought to be able to express your opinion,” according to the MIRS newsletter.

“Mike Cox doesn’t have the guts to do what’s right and fire Andrew Shirvell, and Bill Schuette is proving that he would provide the same weak excuse for leadership as our current attorney general,” Leyton said. “Michigan needs a watchdog attorney general who will stand up to bullies — not lapdogs like Bill Schuette, who is content to let bullies and stalkers continue collecting a government paycheck.”

Shirvell, an assistant attorney general, runs a website dedicated solely to attacking UM student Chris Armstrong, the elected student body president, just because he’s an openly gay man. Shirvell’s hate-filled website calls Armstrong “Satan’s representative on the student assembly” and a “privileged pervert.” Shirvell has even gone as a far as protesting outside Armstrong’s home.


  1. Marty says

    That’s exactly it, too. Cox is a weak excuse for leadership. He cannot see that his own prejudice and bias are so in synch with those of Shirvell that he fails to see what the problem is. Cox admitted he had not even read the blog in question until YESTERDAY! A weak excuse for leadership, indeed – likely what the voters here sensed when he didn’t win the primary for Governor, too.

  2. Tone says

    A laudable intention. Unfortunate as Shirvell’s conduct has been he does have right to due process, and the employer has obligations to law and best practice. They no doubt have a process to review inappropriate conduct which is why he’s been put on administrative leave. Termination for cause takes time and must be done correctly. When and if the decision comes to terminate employment it will be made with confidence that both his rights and the employer’s obligations have been met. If they do this correctly he will have no recourse under Michigan’s labour laws.

  3. TANK says

    Tone, you don’t know what you’re talking about. First, he’s not being put on “administrative leave,”–he took a VOLUNTARY LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Secondly, he isn’t entitled to due process in this case. He can be fired immediately with no verbal or written justification–just the termination of his employment contract. I can’t believe how…utterly a lot of you are completely missing the ball on this one.

  4. FunMe says

    Go to his BLOG and report him under “Hate or Violence”

    Per GOOGLE: Is hateful material permitted on Blogger?

    Blogger strongly believes in freedom of speech. We believe that having a variety of perspectives is an important part of what makes blogs such an exciting and diverse medium. With that said, there are certain types of content that are not allowed on Blogger. While Blogger values and safeguards political and social commentary, material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity is not allowed on Blogger.
    For more information on Blogger’s policies, please refer to the Blogger Content Policy.


  5. Zlick says

    Pardon me, Tank, but what do you know about Michigan Civil Service laws? He’s not privately employed.

  6. TANK says

    Please explain to me how he has a right to due process if he were fired, even in michigan? What right would be violated were he fired? Certainly not any of hs constitutionally protected rights, as he’s not being forced to take down his blog or stop his hate speech or stalking, pending potential litigation on this matters for stalking and defamation. Are you suggesting that according to michigan civil service laws, employees have rights to employment (even after a protection order has been filed–and when or if it’s granted, still maintain that right)? That’s quite unique, and I’m confident it doesn’t exist. No one has a right to a job (constitutionally or otherwise)…and according to the SCOTUS, government employees are given wide lattitude in running own offices.

    Now, he’s more than free to file a wrongful termination suit, but he’d need to demonstrate that his rights are being infringed upon or that he’s being illegally discriminated against, and short of proving that he’s got a constitutional right to a job, or even a right to employment according to michigan law, he will fail…as his free speech rights would simply not be violated by such recourse.

  7. Zlick says

    Wow, Tank, you are one ignorant mutherfucka, as you constantly demonstrate. Civil Servants are not At-Will employees. If you’d stop talking out of your ass so much, maybe someone will have an opportunity to put a dick in there again.

  8. TANK says

    Once again, explain to me how Shirvell has a right to a job given the scotus ruling. How does the inclusion of the words “not at will” prevent Cox from running his office as he sees fit and firing this stalker? Are you capable of doing that? Of focusing?

  9. TANK says

    How does shirvell have a right to due process if none of his rights would be violated if he were fired?

  10. says

    I assume a candidate for Attorney General is familiar enough with employer obligations to know that firing this psychopathic stalker and hate-monger is within the realm of common sense.

    He shows a lot more responsibility than Cox, who went about defending crazy-ass’s rights while not defending an innocent citizen’s right to go about his life without harassment from government employees. Now, Cox is changing his tune (can anyone say political pressure), using the fake and flimsy excuse that he hadn’t really bothered to look into the matter before making a media statement about it.

    Anyone who has looked into Andrew’s behaviors for more than 5 minutes should know that he is unfit for government employment, and perhaps employment of any kind.

  11. gr8guyca says

    Shirvell is delusional, irrational, emotionally unstable, and possibly suffers from some psychiatric disorder. In short, he may qualify as a perfect civil servant.

    (With apologies to those dedicated and efficient civil servants.
    I apologize to both of you.)

  12. J. Thebeau says

    I sent a letter to Cox asking,”Can you really afford this kind of media attention?” Cox needs to take his “bulldog” off the payroll. By not reprimanding him, he’s giving him permission. It’s that simple. Cox really is stupid for letting this grow to this proportion. The university that Shirvell went to has banned him from it. Hello, I’m a big red flag in your face, don’t you fucking see me? lol ^_^

  13. says

    David Leyton is not the one that should be talking about Firring any one in this matter. I do not agree with the actions of This assistant Ag Prosecutor how Ever Mike Cox has a Labor Process to go threw just to fire someone. The Freedom of Speech has a Wide umbrella and scope to consider.

    Yet David Leyton will avoid any thing to get a vote playing on the People and what they want. Trust Me He lets murders go in Flint all the Time. When his office was asked to File a Complaint against the Local PD for Obstruction of Justice they say it is not there Job. HE IS TOP COP IN FLINT. the AG page says the local Prosecutor has Control over all law enforcement in the county. Democrats in Flint have gone to Bill Schutte wot tell our stories of the Murders of our Family members that David Leyton has Refused to take off the streets. We Know who they are we have the Paper work showing he knows who they are and he has Plenty to put them in Prison yet if he may not get a Conviction then you will have a Lower conviction Rate. this is Wrong. it should go to the Jury no matter what. he has blocked the people from asking Questions and he refuses to make any appointments to talk to families of Murder Victims. Closed Door to the public. but let the press come in and his door opens wide. Dont let this man Fool you I supported him till my brother was Killed. and to this Day his crack head Murders are Free. he is not for the people he is for good numbers for him self… You want to see the paper work I can back every bit of this as well many that are in our group. Google Brenda Simpson, Google Adam Mcintosh. two cases David still says he helped with and yet the AG of Michigan Mike Cox had to go after the Murders of Brenda Simpsons son. and they are in prison today Bill Schutte is going to do the Mcintosh case when he is Attorney General due to Leyton Recorded in a Plea Deal Refused to honor the deal he made with the family RECORDED IN COURT RECORDS and to this Day the killers are Free. Flint is at a Record year of homicides fires and Robberies this year. 2010 and we will be number one when the census show we are under 100k

    The Support Group in Flint called (Families of Murdered Children) is not for Leyton. they are sick of not getting justice. and when he says he will come talk to the group and sets a Date he never shows. that is David Leyton

  14. says

    Are we Forgetting Mike Cox has to do it right. this Assistant is an Attorney also. So he will cost the state Plenty fighting them on the Freedom of Speech Issue. and Leyton Know that. he is just getting Press for Votes.